Parc aux étoiles !

Ok a French name title for a change , its about time !!! Another one from my vault and family memories of our time in the Yvelines dept 78 of the ïle de France region. This is in the hilly quaint town of Triel-sur-Seine and it is an astronomical museum , really.

Triel sur Seine is a buckle land ends surrounded by the curveture of the Seine river as it moves towards Normandy just above Poissy not far from the A13 autoroute de Normandie. We took the D186/N186 by the Le Petit Marly up to Poissy crossed the Seine river and towards Triel sur Seine. You can take the A13 from Paris direction Rouen and get off exit/sortie 7 Orgeval take D154 road which becomes the D1 all direction Triel sur Seine.  It is only 35 km from Paris.  and 31 km from Versailles. Triel-sur-Seine most of it is spread over the hillsides of Hautil which dominate at 175 meters.

There is train service but never taken it here. It is on the SNCF Paris-Mantes line, it also benefits from the RER A service very close to Conflans-St Honorine (Cergy) and Poissy, SNCF Mantes – Saint Lazare line via Conflans Sainte-Honorine.  For reference this is the train line to take line J TransilienTransilien trains line J

The main thing to see here and worth the detour is the Parc aux étoiles . A wonderful exhibition on astronomy and space exploration. It is located in the park of the Château de la Tour. The Parc aux Etoiles has in particular the largest telescope in France (310 mm) open to public observation. Dioramas, three-dimensional models, give the illusion of movement and reality with 22,000 stars in color and three dimensions, and around thirty windows in black light. The dioramas present a fairly complete picture of space exploration and research, from the Big-Bang to future explorations of the universe.Very interesting place came here with my boys and was very nice for children and curious like me.

Triel sur Seine

The webpages for more info on getting here and more are

The official parc aux étoiles in French webpage: Parc aux Etoiles

The city of Triel sur Seine on the parc aux étoiles in French: City of Triel sur Seine on the parc aux etoiles

And there you go surprise? not really this is my beloved Yvelines 78 in my belle France. Always something to see and this is off the beaten path site but worth the detour me think. Hope you enjoy the briefs on the Stars park ….or parc aux étoiles of Triel-sur-Seine!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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