Graulhet and leather!

And again in the region, very well known criss cross it for years, this village we have cousins on the outskirt on the road D964 towards Gaillac passing the wine cooperative of Tecou! Of course, this is in the Tarn dept 81 in the region of Occitanie and bien sûr I am speaking of Graulhet!

Let me tell you a bit more on Graulhet the leather town of France!  A big of history I like

There have been archaeological discoveries, dated from about 500 to 100 B.C.  The Roman presence is manifested among other things by the presence of a Gallo-Roman oppidum.   The castrum of Graulhet, first mentioned in 961, in a testament of Raymond I, Count of Rouergue. In 1166, Graulhet, then a lordship, passed under the control of the Counts of Toulouse. In the 16C, faithful to the Catholic Church of Rome, although in Cathar country, the city suffered relatively little damage during the crusade against the Albigeois and during the wars of religion, partly thanks to the policy of Louis Amboise of Aubijoux , Lord and Earl of Graulhet, who is also lieutenant-general. In the 17C, the grandson of Louis Amboise of Aubijoux, François-Jacques Amboise was the friend and protector of Molière from 1647 to his death, as the artist began his career and just fled his Parisian creditors. Its Chateau de Crins hosts at the same time troubadours like Chapelle and Cachaumont, on the edge of the Dadou river.

More on the history from the city hall of Graulhet in French here: City of Graulhet on its history

Some of the things to see here are the Château de Lezignac (17C), the old bridge, built in 1244 allowing communication between the old village and the new Saint-Jean neighborhood where tanneries were gradually settled on the right bank of the Dadou river.  The Medieval district of Panessac with rue Panessac  a typical medieval style alley, narrow, lined with wooden-framed buildings and corbelled from the 16C and 17C . The Hostellerie du Lyon d’Or, a superb medieval building; Henri de Navarre, future king Henri IV, made a gourmet stopover here. Note the crosses of St. Andrew, typical of the 15C, on its beautiful facade and the marks of assembly in Roman numerals on the wooden sections. The Notre-Dame-du-Val-d’Amour Church, at the foot of which is the funerary slab of Louis Amboise of Aubijoux. Home of the leather trades: visit of an ancient Mégisserie, the different stages of the transformation of leather, from skin to objects made of leather. True local culture for centuries, the work of leather has made Graulhet the capital of sheepskin, leather mainly used for the lining of shoes. Today it remains the largest French megisserie center: the tanning of small skins.

More on the leather trade on the following webpages:

Graulhet leather for contacts and a private tour; Graulhet leather association contact

The tourist office of the area Bastides Vineyards in English on Leather businesses: Tourist office Bastides and Vineyards on Graulhet leather businesses

The house of leather in Graulhet sort of like a museum but actual work can be seen in English: Tourist office of Bastides Vineyards on Graulhet leather house

Needless to tell you the leather business is big here and for centuries one of the best in France, Europe you name it. If you want leather come here, they can even taylor made one for you, inquire at the house of leather.We with local folks come for shopping even in the market and this is what we love the most and my dear late wife Martine die for it.

Of course, for a quaint one stop shopping the French way , the market is it. And did I said we love them, yes we do, one of the best shopping experiences in all of France. Graulhet is no exception and the small town ambiance makes it even more superbe! I recommend you to come and visit the markets of Graulhet.

Graulhet needs to be reach by car as there is no train station, and even this it is a bit off the A68 road (autoroute de pastels) connecting Toulouse to Albi and really link to Gaillac by the D964 road . Naturally, we come here by car always.

The main market here is on Sundays morning from 8h to 13h at Place de la République over to Place du Jourdain. More info on markets in English here; Tourist office Bastides Vineyards on Graulhet markets


Then, there is  one on Thursdays from 8h to 13 at Place du Jourdain . More info in English here: Tourist office Bastides Vineyards on Thursday market in Graulhet


And still a smaller market at place du Bosquet with more info in English here: Tourist office Bastides Vineyards on small market in Graulhet

We really love to come, the choices in the country are tops even in France…. And really we came here with the fam for shopping so as said need more time as a visitor because as locals we go for food! Lol!


My Martine really loved these markets here Graulhet pl du jourdain

And there you go a real deep country off the beaten path town of my Tarn 81 in architecturally and historically stunning Occitanie in my belle France, this is Graulhet come and discover it, you will be delighted as we are

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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