And we have Gaillac!

And I stay in the Tarn dep 81 of my Occitanie region in my belle France. I need to tell you a bit more on another town which is dear to me ,written briefly before ,and not enough photos! yikes! I even get my wines from here !!! Red Gaillac need to find them they are good…and I know a bit about wines.

My dear late wife Martine had uncles here and now cousins still there just outside of town, see my previous posts. Gaillac was our base and we love it especially by the wine cooperative of Técou we grab them by the case lol!! ok ok but the charm of the town always fascinated me for its quaint architecture and history I like.

Gaillac, this is a wonderful laidback country town but the center of one of the best wines in France. One of the red grapes Duras is one of the oldest in the world, and the Mauzac for whites is typical of the area. The coop Técou is now call Vinovalie and you can find it here in French: coop Técou now vinovalie Gaillac wines

The wines of Gaillac are not advertise as much and not well known but they are here since Romans time and are wonderful indeed especially the reds;the whites are supple nice dry and sparklers as well very good value. The wines of Gaillac webpage is here and I tell you our good ones too. The wines of Gaillac wineries

Ok look thru the webpage above and our favorites recommended by our family in the area and we have drank it since 1991! in our house. These are Château Clément Termes, caves Técou and Rabastens, Château Lastours, Domaine du Moulin , Domaine d’Escausses, Domaine Lamothe, and Château de Saurs. You won’t go wrong with any of them. Read my blog.

The best way to reach it and the other towns is by car of course, the D988 or old N88 link Toulouse with it which links with the N20/A20 from Paris or the autoroute A68 from Toulouse. The D112 from Toulouse thru Lavaur and the D631 to Graulhet, the D12 /D87 to Giroussens etc etc. Parking is always very easy to find as these are smaller town with nice squares. There is a train station with buses but never taken them.

What is there to see in Gaillac, other than the wineries, and the wine center at the historical Abbaye Saint Michel , by place St Michel and behind it the river Tarn flowing freely ;it is also the tourist office. Built in 972 and rebuilt in 1221,it is very nice to visit for the architecture alone. Here is the Maison des Vins de Gaillac  on the above Gaillac vins webpage. Many battles between the royal forces and the cathars were held in the town, one of the principal reminder is the rue de l’Anquillé very quaint old medieval and site of hand to hand combats, headquarters of the order of Chevaliers of St Jean de Jerusalem.  The place d’Hautpoul where the hotel de ville is located is big and wonderful square. As well as the picturesque and nice plaza the place du Griffoul with a nice fountain typical of the area which we love to stroll when in town. Do take a walk on the Place du Griffoul and see the house at 10 place du Griffoul next to the arcades market hall in brick done in 1842. See the wonderful tower and it has a nice small enclosed garden. All on top has a terrace with a cover of tiles held by beams; the windows takes you to the main building , all in gothic style of the 13-15C. In the middle a nice fountain of Griffoul. 17-18C.



Some webpages to help you plan your trip here and its worth the detour are

The city of Gaillac 2000 years + of history in French: City of Gaillac on its history

The tourist office of Bastides and Vineyards on abbey St Michel in English: Tourist office bastides vineyards on abbey St Michel of Gaillac

The tourist office of Bastides and VIneyards on oldest vineyards in France Gaillac! in English: Tourist office of Bastides and Vineyards on oldest vineyards in France

There come into the countryside of my beautiful Tarn and see more marvels of my belle France. Gaillac is one nice gem off the beaten path really to see, recommended indeed.Hope you enjoy the post on my Gaillac.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. I’ve been here! You’re correct, the wine is very good.

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