Marqués de Pombal, Lisbon!

And again in my dear Europe, there has been so much travel here over the years, and Portugal dear as many interactions with this community since earlier days and a godfather of my son, but finally made it to Portugal and Lisbon was the start. What a start, my favorite city in Portugal, really (i had plenty of beaches before in my life) .

I have written on the country and city before , but like to stress an area dear to me as first stayed nearby and visit every time there, and not enough mention in my blog me think. Therefore, let me tell you a bit more on the very nice Praça do Marquës de Pombal.

The Plaça do Marquês de Pombal is a square between Avenida da Libertade and Parque Eduardo VII park. A monument to the Marquis de Pombal stands in the center of the square, inaugurated in 1934. Under the square passes the vehicules/pedestrian Marquis Tunnel


The square pays homage to Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo, marquis of Pombal, statesman, who led the country around the Enlightenment, having ruled between 1750 and 1777. He reformed the economy, agriculture, political system and administration to improve efficiency and increase the competitiveness of Portugal. His statue is at the top of the column, his hand resting on a lion, a symbol of power, his eyes turned towards the Baixa district, in the center of the city, which Pombal had reconstructed after the earthquake of 1755. Just below of the statue are relief busts of his most important collaborators. The base is decorated with groups of sculptures which represent the institutions that the Marquis reformed, such as agriculture, industry, politics and education. Debris and waves at the foot of the monument represent the devastation of the earthquake and tsunami of 1755. The inscriptions on the monument praise the achievements of the Marquis de Pombal.


It was on this Marquis de Pombal square that the decisive events that led to the proclamation of the Portuguese Republic took place on October 5, 1910. The buildings surrounding the square are those of the headquarters of the most important companies, the main Portuguese banks and the hotels of the big chains. The Marquis de Pombal square is also a symbolic place for local Lisboners ,because it is the place where supporters of Benfica Lisbon, Sporting Portugal and Seleção Nacional (National team) come to celebrate the victories and trophies won.


To the north of the square is the Eduardo VII Park where the national flag ; the largest flag in Europe is located, as well as the monument to the Carnation Revolution (Revoluçao dos Cravos ) of April 25, 1974. The one that toppled the dictatorship of Salazar in power since 1933.

There is the Metro stop of Marquês de Pombal with lines Yellow (Amarelo) and Blue(Azul). However, I walked this wonderful district always, and go from there. The most sublime walk is to start at Pombal and walk down to Comércio square! Do it. Some directions: Head south on Praça Marquês de Pombal towards Av. Duque de Loulé Turn left on Av. Da Liberdade .Continue on Praça dos Restauradores (wonderful too); Praça dos Restauradores turns slightly left and becomes Rua 1º de Dezembro and continue taking right on Rua. Áurea ,then left on Praça do Comércio and you are there! It took me longer but never time it, the google on it tells me 27 minutes walking but the sights it should be like 45 wonderful walk anyway recommended.

Some webpages to help plan your trip to wonderful Lisbon are

Tourist office of Lisbon in English: Tourist office of Lisbon

Tourist office of Portugal on Lisbon in English: Tourist office of Portugal on Lisbon

And there you go, a nice area wonderful architecture , history, shopping, and restos and going down on the walk above is sublime. Hope you enjoy the Marquis of Pombal square in Lisbon.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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7 Comments to “Marqués de Pombal, Lisbon!”

  1. Always loved my trips to Portugal.. For the climate.. The landscapes and the history..
    Also I should say how much I value visiting your blog.
    Stay well
    Regards Thom

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  2. I had flights booked to Lisbon in June. Not any more!


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