The streets of Luxembourg city!

Well of course there are too many and some nice looking ones, but in my post they are all honor; the streets of Luxembourg city. One of my favorite country/city to have visited  and lucky it has been several times over the years since even when visiting France stop over there too.

I have some photos of those memorable trips and why not showcase them in my blog and tell you a bit more on the streets of Luxembourg city. Hope you enjoy it

The famous shopping district of Luxembourg is divided into two parts: Understadt (Ville-Basse/Lower town) and Oberstadt (Ville-Haute/Upper town). Understadt is located near the central train station, you will be there if you stay on Avenue de la Gare, for example. The Grand-Rue is probably the most famous shopping street in Oberstadt. Again, many designer and jewelry stores, but it is also the famous Luxembourg chocolates, better known under the name of “Knippercher“! Visit one of the many pastry shops and indulge in one of the best delicacies in the city! The Grand-Rue is also a paradise for shopping, with its perfumeries, its exclusive leather goods and its many shoe stores. The Grand rue is a big shopping open air street with plenty of choices in Luxembourg city. The street extends from the boulevard Royal to the Côte d’Eich where there is a nice singing statue. There are so many stores here it can easily beat any shopping mall in choices and brands. Including our favorite the Galeries Lafayette at 103, Grande Rue



One of our favorite , where we have stayed is the Place d’Armes; the historic trading district of Luxembourg, located near the Grand-Rue, which will allow you to kill two birds with one stone. Visit a prestigious art gallery like the Galerie Schortgen and the Gallery Edition 88: in addition to finding amazing paintings or photographs, you will see works on metal or decorated porcelain plates! A bit of advice near Place d’Armes: go to Zakka, the unique boutique offering accessories available exclusively in Luxembourg. The Place d’Armes flea market to find little treasures! Every Saturday, open during the summer months, this market offers a large selection of objects, something to please everyone! There is , also a wondeful music kiosk with many presentations especially in Summer. Indeed superbe.



The picturesque lovely Rue de la Reine is a pedestrian walkway in the center of the Ville Haute ,

which is the historical  center or old town of Luxembourg City.  It leads from the Place Guillaume II  square

to the Grand Ducal Palace in the background. Very nice walk indeed.


And last but not least, a nice architecturally building that still needs a takeover and a nice walk indeed by here too. It is the Hotel des Postes (post office)  at rue Aldringen corner with ave Monterey and rue de la Poste. As of 1869, the post office of the Upper Town was located in the former barracks of the Prussian garrison “beim Piquet”. Given the rapid development of the post, an extension of the office quickly became essential. From 1908 to 1910, this building in the Renaissance style was constructed. However, since modernizations have regularly taken place until 2018, the year the post office left for bigger quarters. The new one is temporally last I heard at the Mercier building on rue de Reims opposite the train station.


There you go nice walks in lovely Luxembourg city , plenty of good shopping, food and my other favorites architecture and history. Hope you enjoy the streets of Luxembourg.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip as usual by me are

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Tourist office of Luxembourg city: Tourist office of Luxembourg city

There you go now you are all set for a wonderful time in Luxembourg and its capital city. Hope you enjoy the ride and thanks for reading me!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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