Automobile museum in Curitiba!

And to close out this nostalgic trip to lovely Curitiba, State of Paranà in Brazil, let me tell about some surprise find I did while living there a few years back.

One of my collegue asked to go to Barigui park to meet as he was there with his family: this is a huge park. And behold while there I saw a sign saying museu do automovel so yes it is an auto museum right in the park. Therefore, let me tell you a bit more on the automobile museum of Curitiba.

As said, it is in Parque Barigui that the Curitiba Automobile Museum is located, a must-see museum for car fans passing through Curitiba. The Museum was founded in 1969 and has been housed in Parque Barigui since 1973.


The museum has more than 70 vehicles on display. In fact, the museum has a collection of 150 vehicles that alternate from time to time in the 70 spaces available. The vehicles belong to the members of CAAMP, the Automobile and Mechanical Antiques Club of Paraná, who are precisely the founders of the Museum.

The Museum has 2 pavilions showrooms.

The first of which is the Hall of Champions, where various objects such as trophies, helmets, photos and overalls of various car drivers are displayed, as well as some cars. Of course, the biggest highlight of the Hall of Champions is the cars on display, including the Aurora 122, a completely Brazilian car (there are only 2 in Brazil); a Formula Indi car, by driver Mauricio Gugelmim run in 2000 race by team PacWest; and a Formula 1 McLaren M23, Manta used by Emerson Fittipaldi to win the 1974 World Cup.

The second salon has several old vehicles and people who like this type of car almost have one to see here. There are dozens of beautiful vehicles in excellent condition.


The Museum is located at Av. Cândido Hartmann, 2300 in the middle of Parque Barigui with its own parking.

Parque Barigui in addition has fitness equipment, country headquarters, barbecue grills, restaurant, sports courts, kiosks, Maria Fumaça Station, exhibition park, amusement park and bicicross track. The Park also houses the headquarters of the Municipal Secretariat for the Environment. There is also a helipad in the park, where you can rent a helicopter and tour various tourist spots in Curitiba. I have already given you a post on the parks of Curitiba.

The official museum webpage in Portuguese is here: Museu automovél of Curitiba

For ease of language, and as said I do speak Portuguese, let me give some info from the museum page above.

The opening hours are Tuesday to Friday: 13h30 to 16h45.  Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays: 10h to 12h and from 13h30 to 17h45.  In addition to the info  above  some other worthy of mention are the FORD T Sport Runabout 1926, FIAT 520 – 1928, HUPMOBILE Sport Roadster 1930, classics such as the 1929 CORD – L-29 Brougham and a 1930 Cabriolet, CORD 1937 – 812 Superchager Phaeton and Custom Beverly, LINCOLN – Zephyr 1937, CHEVROLET Style Line Station 1950, CADILLAC Presidential 1952, also stand out, a 1910 French Rotschil carriage, a 1942 amphibious Jeep, bicycles, motorcycles and various mechanical curiosities.



The Vintage vehicules with photos from the museum can be seen as such: Museum vintage vehicules photos

The National vehicules with photos from the museum can be seen as such: Museum National vehicules photos

The Racing vehicules with photos from the museum can be seen as such: Racing vehicules photos from the museum

Hope you enjoy it on your next visit, I will certaintly stop by when in the area again. Enjoy the automobiles and the museum in Curitiba

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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