A castle in Curitiba, Brazil!

And now take you to another gem a castle in Curitiba, State of Paranà, Brazil!! The city I lived and have great souvenirs of. This is in the south of Brazil and I lived not far from the castle, walking distance maybe less than 300 meters in fact the reddish building you see in the background was my home!!

Let me tell you briefly on the Castle of Batel in Curitiba, Brazil.

The Castelo do Batel is a palace located in the Batel neighborhood, (my home while living in the city) in the city. Built in 1924 by the coffee grower and honorary consul of Holland Luiz Guimarães, it was bought by Moysés Lupion, former governor of Paraná, in 1947. As of 1973, Castelo do Batel started to house the headquarters of TV Paranaense, at the time, called only Canal 12. The broadcaster operated in the building until mid-August 2003, when the broadcaster moved to a new building in the neighborhood das Mercês.


In between it had other uses until it was appointed as a suitable venue for an event center in 2003. The Castelo do Batel has eight meeting rooms with capacity for up to 60 people, a 650 m² hall, business center, Internet access in all rooms through the wireless system and 1,500 m² of internal parking space.

The Castelo do Batel follows the eclectic style, and is a replica of the castles of the Loire Valley, in France. The mansion features a cylindrical tapered turret, full-arch portals and mansards on the roof; the roof, with a sloping fountain, appears from a distance to be made of slate. The gray external walls are made of bricks. Pediments in interrupted arch and triangular on the plateau, columns leading to the main entrance, carved wooden paneled doors, stained glass, marble floors in the courtyard, are the most expressive finishing details. With large garages, a tennis court, it stands out for its extensive forestation and gardens, inter mingled through magnificent wrought iron gates and railings, the castle was for many years the main architectural reference of the city and the setting for receptions and parties of great repercussions in the wealthy Curitiba communities.

The official Castle of Batel  webpage in Portuguese is here: Official Castelo do Batel Curitiba

I have found another nice youtube video from the events place that gives you a brilliant idea of how pretty this castle is and so lucky to have seen it and passed by it every day for almost a year.

Hope you enjoy the Castle of Batel in Curitiba, Brazil. Another spot away from the usual goodies of the country, a lot more to see.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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