Flowers’ market at Versailles!

So here I am again back to my beloved Versailles, Yvelines 78, Ïle de France region. A city set apart as Royal and Grand of my belle France. I can’t help it to tell you , I lived here for almost 10 years and has left a big imprint ,re visited many times indeed; Versailles is worth a kingdom or a republic!

I have written so many posts on it hard to come up with a new one, but surprise!!! I left a rather nice one we went to get our flowers rather than a florist. The Flowers’ market of Versailles is unique.

The marché des fleurs  or Flowers Market is open Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays from 8h to 19h and Sundays mornings, all year round. It is located at the corner of the Avenue Saint Cloud and Avenue de l’Europe right on the sidewalks. It ,also, spills in the back side to the rue Georges Clemenceau. Very short walking distance from the palace/museum.


The atmosphere of the market place has a unique character perpetuated since 1561, when Martial de Loménie, adviser to the King, becoming lord of Versailles obtained authorization to establish four annual fairs and a market every Thursday. Now several markets flourished in my beloved Versailles. Been that I have already written on the food/flea market of Notre Dame my quartier, let me bring you the flowers’ market we went to and the most famous in town.

This is the address you need to know, whether you want to offer a bouquet, bloom your living room, your terrace, for unbeatable prices, or just stroll among roses and camellias. There are a few cut flowers and bouquets, and mostly potted plants, indoor or planting, as well as shrubs. At Christmas, the fir trees set you in the magic of the Holidays , in the spring the pollen tickles your nose as each season has its botanical favorite! Choose a color, know a flowering period, the merchants will advise you what you need without  hesitation! And then, even without buying, a walk here will be widely a good feeling.


Here is a bit more from the Tourist office of Versailles: Tourist office of Versailles on the flowers market

And if you are in town and bypass it , a pity but here are a list of florists in Versailles. The florists along rue de la Paroisse were frequented once in a while too. Florists in Versailles in French

And there you go , could not missed telling you about the wonderful Marché aux fleurs of Versailles, indeed worth a stop by any day. Hope you enjoy the post and the flowers!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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