The Dôme de la Chapelle Saint-Joseph de la Grave, Toulouse!

So i continue on the off the beaten path of Toulouse; well not so very well known but is not visited so kind of and we love to walk by it each visit to the pink city. Therefore, let me tell you a bit on the Dome of the Saint Joseph de la Grave Chapel and the hospital.

The hospital of La Grave is located in the Saint-Cyprien district in Toulouse, that is to say on the left bank of the city. On almost six hectares , La Grave was the second major hospital and the main maternity hospital in Toulouse during much of the 20C before the CHU de Rangueil was created. . Its name comes from the strike where it was built along the Garonne river . The hospital served during the Middle Ages to populations suffering from the plague then from 1647, as a place of great confinement of beggars, prostitutes and insane. It is cited for the first time in a charter of Raymond IV in 1197. It was built near from the Sainte-Marie de la Daurade hospital near the Garonne in the Saint-Cyprien district. Sainte-Marie de la Daurade hospital has now completely disappeared

It became hospital Saint-Sébastien in the 14C, it is then reserved for the isolation of plague victims. In the 17C, it took the name of Hôpital Général Saint-Joseph de La Grave and became the site of the great enclosure of beggars, prostitutes and destitute, as can still be seen today in the large square courtyards of the 17C and 18C.

In 1789, the city of Toulouse took over control from the hospital. In 1793, La Grave was renamed the Hospice de Bienfaisance In 1797, the Grave hospital annexed neighboring military premises which came from the former Clarisses convent of Saint-Cyprien. It becomes the largest hospital in the city with an area of 6 hectares

The Grave hospital is also known for its famous Saint-Joseph de la Grave Chapel. It is one of the most famous monuments of Toulouse because easily identifiable from the quays of the Garonne river. The first stone of the Chapel of the Grave is laid in 1758 but work is often interrupted and is not completed until 1845. Its foundations have been replaced by concrete and the dome has the distinction of being made of wood, covered with copper because with its brick finish and its metal cover, the dome weighed more than eight tons. The Saint-Joseph Chapel in La Grave can only be visited during the Heritage Days unfortunately.


Some webpage for guidance as always from me

Tourist office of Toulouse on the Chapel St Joseph de la Grave

On the site of the Hospital today there is a historical mention of La Grave in French here: CHU Hospital ot Toulouse on La Grave

There is a renovation work going on today that eventually will change all around here.  The site will experience a new life by transforming into a cultural space at the heart of a new walk on the banks of the Garonne river. All this on the  axis  Abattoirs – Raymond VI Garden – Dome of La Grave and its garden – Port Viguerie within the framework of the development of the Garonne quays led by the City of Toulouse. So stay tune…

Enjoy the walks now to have a feeling of the old before all is change… And remember ,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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