Bridges over the Garonne at Toulouse

And no great city is without its great river ,and Toulouse has a dandy in the Garonne river. Part of the Canal du Midi and traversing the city link to left and right banks by wonderful bridges. I have passed some by car and of course on foot and here are some of them. Hope you enjoy it

The Pont Saint-Pierre bridge passes over the Garonne river and connects the Place Saint-Pierre to the hospice de la Grave. It is a bridge with a metallic deck, entirely rebuilt in 1987. The Pont Saint-Pierre is located downstream from the Pont Neuf and upstream from the Pont des Catalans. The first Pont Saint-Pierre was built between 1849 and 1852. It was a wooden toll bridge where pedestrians and horse-drawn carriages passed. It rested on two piles of stone and bricks, and was reinforced by metal cables. Very damaged, the Saint-Pierre bridge was entrusted to the city in 1904, which removed the toll at the same time as it prohibited the passage of cars!!!. When the municipality decided to rebuild the deck, in 1927, it opted for a suspension bridge, with a metal frame, considered more aesthetic. in 1984, and three years later a new bridge was built, 240 meters long. The lampposts of the old suspension bridge have been reused on the Pont des Catalans.


The Pont-Neuf spans the Garonne river , and links the Place du Pont-Neuf to the Rue de la République . Despite its name, it is the oldest bridge in the city still standing which spans the Garonne. The bridge is still used by vehicles and pedestrians. The first stone is laid on January 8, 1544 Interrupted in 1560 by the wars of religion, the works were completed in 1632. The bridge was inaugurated by King Louis XIV in person, on October 19, 1659. It has seven irregular arches, bridge piers opened by six disguisers or gills and ridges in front of each stack. The flooding was so strong that it reached the top of the arches, but the building held up. Its piers were still reinforced between 1937 and 1948. The bridge is anchored on blocks of granite buried in the bed of the Garonne. It is located downstream from Pont Saint-Michel and upstream from Pont Saint-Pierre. Its path is part of the straight alignment of the street starting at Place Dupuy, passing through the metro Esquirol, the metro Saint-Cyprien, and metro Patte-d’Oie , to be extended by the Lardenne / Lombez avenues.


The Pont des Catalans is another bridge crossing the Garonne river . It is a bridge in arch and stone and reinforced concrete inaugurated in 1908. This bridge was initially called the bridge of the Amidonniers, of the name of the district which it connects. It is a road bridge consisting of a two-lane carriageway surrounded on both sides by a sidewalk and a cycle path. It measures 257 m long and 22 m wide. support a 22 m wide deck, in reinforced concrete, on two masonry vaults which together make a width of 6.50 m.


And there are other bridges such as!

The Pont Saint-Michel is the bridge which links the Paul Feuga alleys to the place du fer à cheval or horseshoe square was built in 1836 but was washed away by the great flood of 1875. Rebuilt 10 years later in metal, it was replaced in 1954 by a concrete structure. Today it is the busiest bridge in the Pink City.

The Pont Jumeaux built in 1770, this bridge marks the meeting point between the waters coming from the Mediterranean, by the Canal du Midi, those of the Garonne, by the Brienne Canal and ensures the junction with the Atlantic Ocean, via the Canal Lateral.

The Pont des Demoiselles built in 1971, it succeeded the Montaudran bridge, dating from 1683. The name of the current bridge could be explained by the fact that at that time, the district was very swampy, and saw abundant dragonflies, called damsels.

A general transport site on the city of ToulouseCity of Toulouse on public transports

You will do well to walk these bridges or drive on them as we do, its awesome. Enjoy the bridges of Toulouse and the super Garonne river.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. The French are lucky to have the best rivers in Europe.

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