Château de Brézé!

And on my wandering road warrior trips of my belle France I heard about this castle and decided to give it a run; very impressive. This is in what is normally call the Loire or valley of the kings but since France restructured its regions (for lack of history) there are now two parts of the Loire. This one is in the region of Pays de la Loire and the department 49 of Maine et Loire! I will be telling you a bit about the Château de Brézé!

First, there is the little town of Brézé that became on January 1, 2019 a town delegate of the new town of Bellevigne-les-Châteaux. The Castle of Brézé is a monument of which a vast underground gallery was recently discovered a castle under the castle. It also has the deepest dry moat in Europe with their 18 meters. And this is about what is in town really but worth alone the trip.

This is the city page on its heritage: City of Brézé on its heritage in French

There is plenty of free parking outside and you walk in with grandeur to the ticket office with the old stables on your left and the pigeon house right next door before you face on the beautiful castle of Brézé!




The château de Brézé, is a 16C castle located in the town of the same name 10 km south of Saumur. The particularity of the Château de Brézé lies in its troglodyte network located under the castle and in the ditches, comprising both parts of daily life (bakery, stables, silkworm) and military (drawbridge, walkway). The castle of Breze is a private property belonging to Jean de Colbert, son of the late Count Bernard de Colbert and the late Marquise Charlotte de Dreux-Breze. However, it is open to the public.


Its dry moats are the deepest in Europe at 18 meters. The stone of the construction was taken from the moat digging. It has a drawbridge and an underground network of the 12C, a troglodyte part. Renaissance style, it includes a large gallery, a Renaissance home and a clock tower. The cylindrical dovecote dating from the beginning of the 16C, of 3,700 balls (holes that serve as a nest for pigeons), is capped with a lantern dome. The orangery also has a lantern.



In 1448, Gilles de Maillé-Breze obtained from King René permission to strengthen the castle and dig ditches. The renaissance Italian-style castle and outbuildings were rebuilt in the early 16C by Arthur de Maillé. Urbain de Maillé Breze will be the first marquis after Louis XIII erected the estate in marquise in 1615. He marries Nicole du Plessis, sister of Richelieu and they will have two children Armand, grand admiral of France, who dies in Tuscany at the 27 years of age without posterity, and Claire-Clémence who married Louis II of Bourbon-Condé, the Grand Condé and he transmits this heritage in 1650. The Grand Condé takes the head of the Fronde, thus opposes the regency during the minority of the young Louis XIV and, in 1653, the castle is occupied by royal troops. In 1682, Condé will exchange the castle of Breze against La Galissonniere in Bere (Châteaubriant), owned by Thomas de Dreux. In 1685, Thomas de Dreux, advisor to the Parliament of Paris, was confirmed the title of Marquis de Breze by King Louis XIV. Following the marriage of Charlotte de Dreux-Breze with Count Bernard de Colbert in 1959, the property passed to the hands of the Colbert family who still lives there.

The Château de Brézé hosts the time of a weekend a tournament. This medieval joust brings visitors back to the days of armored knight battles. The show is livened up by multiple animations and workshops in the park of the castle, transformed for the occasion into a medieval village. The Château de Brézé is mentioned by Marcel Proust in the second part of “Du Côté de Guermantes”. In the novel, the castle is presented as having been the property of the late wife of the Baron de Charlus, who would then have made a gift to his sister, Madame de Saint-Loup. “Brézé, it’s royal!” says Charlus. This assertion of one of the characters of La Recherche and which appears as a Proustian fiction, is not entirely unfounded if one considers that Breze belonged a time to the Grand Condé who, by their relationship with Louis XIV (they were his cousins ​​first cousins) were what were called “princes of the blood” (of royal blood). Proust’s novel thus presents the castle of Breze as a Royal residence likely to be worth millions.


Official Chateau de Breze in English

Some remarkable photos you will see here are the ones on Louis XVII the son of king Louis XVI ,that was assassinated by the revolutionaries as well as that of Henri V to be, the late Count of Chambord! There are also of Louis XVI and Louis XVIII in the Grand Galerie!


King Louis XVII assassinated son of Louis XVI


Count of Chambord could have been king Henri V

In all it was a nice visit especially walking underground on what it is a castle under a castle with living quarters and even a space for a mini farm all dark lit up but very medieval indeed, worth the trip. There is wine tasting of the property and take home too lol!!




Hope you enjoy the trip on the wonderful Loire ,these places are about less than 3 hrs from my home and should come often even if I do , there is so much to see and castles to spend a lifetime visiting them and maybe not enough time lol! This one is a dandy and really off the beaten path for most, do see the Château de Brézé.

And of course at the end of the day between Fontevraud and coming to Brézé we were hungry on the road not many choices so we settle for the familiar La Boucherie steakhouse chain right at Bd Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny on the beltway D347 outside Saumur for our lunch of burgers, tagliatelles, mince meats with fries, red Saumur wine and expresso coffee for less than 14€ per person!! More on the resto here: La Boucherie at Saumur

And now ready to head back home! another dandy day in the beautiful Loire valley and there is more to come while we still driving around my belle France! Remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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