The Château de Brissac !!

Hi there, its me back with castles!!! I love castles seen so many in my belle France but each new ones is just more beautiful lol except one…hehehe you know if you read my blog.  I was with the boys on our road warrior trip in the Pays de la Loire, Maine-et-Loire dept 49 and visited on the way home the old town of Brissac-Quincé; this is since 2016 a new town call Brissac Loire Aubance . Of course, there is a beautiful gorgeous castle here.

Brissac-Quincé is an old town located in the department of Maine-et-Loire, Pays de la Loire region. The town was born in 1964 from the grouping of two old neighboring towns of Brissac and Quincé. It is then consolidated in 2016 in the new town of Brissac Loire Aubance. Brissac-Quincé as the best known name still is located on the D 748 road, 16 km south of Angers, 29 km from Saumur, 46 km from Cholet, 85 km from Nantes and 266 km from Paris.

The new town heritage info is here: City of Brissac Loire Aubance on heritage

However, the main here is the Castle of course and our wonderful stop for lunch in town!

The Château de Brissac  is located in new town of Brissac Loire Aubance. With seven floors and more than two hundred rooms, this castle is one of the highest in France (it claims to be the highest). Cradle of the family of Cossé-Brissac since 1502 that still live in it as private property open to the public. Its medieval towers, remains of its fortress of origin of the 15C, shelter perfectly the main facade. It is in this castle that in 1620, took place the reconciliation of Louis XIII with his mother, Marie de Medici, widow of Henry IV. Many plantations adorn the park with beeches, tulip trees, maples, willows, cedars, as well as liquidambars trees as well as a nice farm with donkeys!!!. Its architecture makes it so they tell me the highest castle in France, it has seven floors in total, as well as two hundred rooms, and its facade reflects the baroque influences of the time. Home of the dukes of Brissac, the castle raises its monumental facades from its large landscaped park. Since the beginning of the 16C, it is the property and residence of the dukes of Brissac.



A bit of history I like

It was originally a castle built by Foulques Nerra, Count of Anjou,(who built so the story about 35 castles in the region)  in the 11C. After the defeat of the English by Philippe Auguste, this one yields it to Guillaume des Roches. The castle was acquired in 1435 and rebuilt in 1455 by Pierre de Breze, a rich minister of Charles VII. At the death of the latter, occurred at the Battle of Montlhéry saving the king, it is his son, Jacques, who inherits and moved to the castle. He settled there with his wife Charlotte de Valois (daughter of Charles VII and Agnès Sorel). When Jacques discovers that his wife has an affair with his friend Pierre de Lavergne, he pierces her with his sword in 1462; today a legend claims that it appears in the form of a white lady on stormy nights. During the reign of Francis I, the property was bought in 1502 by René de Cossé whom the king named governor of Maine and Anjou. The castle thus enters the family of Cossé which then adopts the name of Brissac.


The Cossé-Brissac retain the castle until 1792. During the French revolution, it is requisitioned and turned into quartering for the Bleus (republican revolutionaries) of   Vendée. Sacked by the revolutionaries, it remains in this state until 1844, where a program of restoration is undertaken and pursued by the Cossé-Brissac, to whom the castle is restored after the revolution, and whose members are there since. In 1890 is inaugurated its theater, created on two floors by its owner, Jeanne-Marie Say granddaughter of the famous sugar refiner Louis Say, widow in first wedding of Roland de Cossé, marquess of Brissac in 1871, then viscountess of Trédern .



The theater of the Marquise de Brissac , born Jeanne-Marie Say heritage of the sugar Say empire, had a passion for the opera and singing. As her status won’t allow showing in public she decided to built a theater in the castle so she could play to a select public. The theater open in 1890 and until her death in 1916 she organized events here. She created the festival in September called Les Séries d’Automme du Château de Brissac. She plays with her performing friends works of Wagner, Gounoc, Massenet, Saint Saëns, Donizetti, and Offenbach. The theater was abandoned for more than a century until reopen in 1983 thanks to a volunteer association of the Friends of the castle of Brissac.


The Duke of Brissac proposed his castle to house works of art, it received in 1939-1940 during WWII such as the furniture of Versailles ! kept on site until 1946 by the wife of Gaston Brière, it former curator, and works of museums Gustave Moreau, Nissim de Camondo, Decorative Arts, Châlons sur-Marne, the Elysée and Senate palaces, the Comédie Française, the Swiss legation, the embassies of Argentina and Great Britain and among 65 private collections such as the ones of André Lhote, Maurice Denis, Paul Valery and the treasure of the cathedral of Angers. In 1950, Jean Morin, then prefect of the department, had the idea of ​​organizing a theatrical performance at the castle. This spectacular open to the public, the castle is home to a Christmas market, an Easter egg hunt and the Fashion Flower Festival. It also regularly hosts events related to hot air balloons, as departures of the Championship of France and   inaugurates what will become the Festival d’ Anjou.




It is a wonderful beautiful castle with as said so many rooms difficult to post in one time but will hopefully give you the flavor of what to expect, photos are allowed! Again beautiful castle worth the visit.

Some webpages to help you plan your must trip here are

Official Chateau de Brissac in English

Tourist office of Loire layon aubance on the castle

And on the way back we had our lunch/dinner here in city center Brissac and voilà another gem of the wonderful French gastronomy.  So good hard to missed one.  The restaurant for the late lunch/dinner was the L’Ardoise-Brissac with apértifs or apéros entries of 200g terrine de godet(canard), assorted cold cuts and ham terrine platter chicken with curry paste, goat cheese with nuts moelleux au chocolat with strawberry ice scoop, dame blanche , 3 scoops of ice cream and a bottle of red La Source du Ruault Saumur Champigny 2016 all for less than 21€ per person Divine we went to the shop purchase more for home ! the staff very attentive and friendly welcome and service, only families and found out dogs allowed for our next trip over lol!!! Lovely recommended at Place Clemenceau Brissac Quincé tel +33 (0) 2 41 66 54 22 More on web here: Restaurant salon de thé bar à vins L’Ardoise-Brissac

Brissac quince

Brissac quince

There you won’t go wrong at Brissac-Quincé and its castle and wonderful eateries, a lovely trip indeed, more to come of course I am just half way on my vacation time in my belle France! In the meantime , enjoy the Château de Brissac!

And remember, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. Great images and I particularly like the one with the twin lights coming from the windows: they look like ghostly apparitions! 👻. We visited a few years ago, but only the gardens, which are lovely too, and the spooky cellar. 👻👻👻

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