Château Vaux le Vicomte, and the king !!!

This is awesome, another reason to visit my belle France, in all its splendeurs! A must to visit indeed.  Another wonderful memory of my dear late wife Martine, and I traveling in her native department the beauty is amazing. We came here the second year after marriage in 1992 and have been coming here regularly in our visits from the USA, and ,then, while living in France. This is a wonderful story and a beautiful castle still in private hands ! Do see my other posts on the castle in my blog, as this will be short and sassy with new pictures ,even if some repeated text.This is all from our latest visit this week. A reminder, the Château Vaux le Vicomte is in the village of Maincy, Seine et Marne dept 77 of the Île de France region, of my belle France.  Hope you enjoy again the sublime Château Vaux le Vicomte and the king as I.

The king’s bedroom showing for the first time the style and decoration that would be later in Versailles and all of Europe. The ceiling by Le Brun « Le Temps enlevant au ciel la Vérité »,or Time taking away the Truth from the sky,and on the corners four gods Mars or courage, Jupiter or power, Mercury or vigilance, and vertue or abundance, and further the corners monochromes of Diana, Leda, and the Swan, Parks spinning destiny, and knights combat,all represented in 8 octagonal medallions, above the doors tell the story of Io , The alcove has a grand bed Régence with tapestries representing the story of psyche with commodes on each side the same as those made in 1705 for Louis XIV in Trianon ,Versailles. Facing the chimney a great tapestry of Mois or Maisons Royales representing the Château de Versailles, a big bust of Louis XIV in carrera marble, The tapestry of the Savonnerie and one of the 93 carpets done for the Grande Galerie du Louvre.It is the most richly decorated room in the castle ! King Louis XIV never slept here !

Vaux le Vicomte castle chambre du roi may23

Vaux le Vicomte castle chambre du roi ceiling may23

The King’s Antechamber (current library) is unfinished; It is marked by the alternation of paintings and bas-reliefs: The central oval of the ceiling includes an 18C painting, because the project of Brown, unknown, has not been realized. In the center of the covings are 4 paintings: Diane stripping after the hunt, love and lightning, Achilles imploring Venus to return to him the shield that love stole from her, love and a Vine. The Mahogany library body dates back to the 18C. The angles of the covings include the figure of Fouquet.  Each box receives a table; with four, enrolled in rectangular compartments and represent Apollo (fire), Diane (air), Flora or Ceres (the Earth) and Tritons and Naiads (water). In the octagonal compartments of the ceiling is each of the seasons. In the center of the ceiling is peace bringing back the abundance of Charles le Brun, referring to the peace of the Pyrenees (1659 France and Spain borders still today), The arcade overlooking the buffet includes trophies of war and peace. The balcony does not date from Fouquet. 

Vaux le Vicomte castle antechambre du roi 2 may23

Vaux le Vicomte castle antechambre du roi may23

You have the cabinet Louis XV a small room on the former bedroom of Mme Fouquet, it had the toilet, bathtub, bidet, and wc, ,then the bedroom Louis XV it was probably one of the room for guests of marshal and duchess of Villars with comfort and fantasies, Decorated with nice flowers and colors and a large canopy bed.  The bedroom Louis XVI, the apartment created by Praslin 18 years before the French revolution, Done in the Louis XV style and wooden forms done locally, An alcove bed, a long chair lounge type, small furniture and trinkets ; all done on wallpaper,

Vaux le Vicomte castle cabinet du roi 1 may23

Vaux le Vicomte castle cabinet du roi 2 may23

Vaux le Vicomte castle cabinet du roi ceiling may23

The chambre Praslin was Madame Fouquet’s former antechamber was divided around 1780 by the Choiseul-Praslin family in order to obtain a complete apartment made up of smaller, comfortable and easy-to-heat rooms. It was decorated with wood paneling from 1767 by the Duke of Praslin to accommodate his guests. The initial volume made it possible to create a bedroom, a bathroom, an antechamber, a service room and a wardrobe. The furniture is from the Louis XVI period, with an alcove bed in carved painted wood, a broken wooden chaise longue. Portrait of the Duke of Praslin, Minister of Foreign Affairs, by Roslin.

Vaux le Vicomte castle chambre Praslin may23

The official Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte:

The town of Maincy on its heritage/castle:

The Seine et Marne dept 77 tourist office on the castle

There you go folks, another dandy road warrior trip this time only with my 3 young men and dog Rex , less but nevertheless, a wonderfully trip down memory lane in Seine et Marne, dept 77. The Château Vaux le Vicomte have written plenty on it in my blog but , never enough on this marvel of our belle France ; of course I am friend of the castle since 2004 and have come more times that I write about it as many in our official visits pictures are not allowed, You must come here to the Château de Vaux le Vicomte and enjoy the wonders of my Seine et Marne, The gardens are just gorgeous and merit philosophical time on them forever,,,Again, hope you enjoy the post on the Château Vaux Le Vicomte, and the king as I

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all !!!

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