Always more of the Cathédrale Saint Etienne of Bourges !!!

These are monuments for all mankind regardless of your views, and works of art to be admire and maintained. The foundation of modern societies and a huge chunk of our history. The Cathedrals are an architectural marvel of mankind and we are lucky to have several. I have written on Bourges before, but feel another post with older new pictures not yet in my blog merits it, The Saint Stephen Cathedral or Cathédrale Saint Etienne is a must to visit me think. We were impressed by it and return again and again. Hope you enjoy this additional post on the cathedral as I.



The City of Bourges is the prefecture of the department of the Cher no.18 in the region of Centre Val de Loire, and in my belle France. It is also the historic capital of Berry, province of the Ancien Régime (monarchies) corresponding approximately to the current departments of Indre and Cher.



This huge stone Saint Stephen’s Cathedral stands out for nearly 50 km around like a beacon in the horizon of the Berry countryside with nearly 120 meters long, you absolutely must not miss the striking panorama offered by the tour du Beurre or butter tower. But be careful, it is nearly 400 steps that you will have to climb to get there. But let the less adventurous be reassured, one of the other secrets of the cathedral is offered to you under your feet, you can access the Romanesque crypt where is stored, among other things, the marble recumbent statue of Duke Jean de Berry,



Bourges, was the ancient Roman city of Avaricum, one of the first Christian communities in Gaul. The cathedral, dedicated to the first Christian martyr Saint Stephen, has occupied the site of a place of worship since the 3C. Built between the end of the 12C and the end of the 13C, admirable for its proportions and the unity of its design, it is one of the great masterpieces of Gothic art. Its tympanum, sculptures and stained glass windows are particularly remarkable. Beyond its architectural beauty, it testifies to the power of Christianity in medieval France.



The most outstanding features of the St Stephen’s Cathedral are the perspective of the side walls and the unity of the interior space. The sculptures at the north and south doors, at the tympanum of the portal of the Last Judgment (in the center of the west facade), like the sculpted remains of the rood screen, constitute exceptional examples of Gothic art. The following centuries brought their marks to the cathedral ; the stained glass windows thus constitute a veritable encyclopedia of this art for the 14-16C, The Cathédrale Saint-Étienne of Bourges was included on the UNESCO National Heritage List in 1992 under the Convention Concerning the Protection of World Natural and Cultural Heritage under the name “Cathedrale de Bourges”. Awesome indeed !


The official St Stephen Cathedral of Bourges :

The Friends of the Cathedral of Bourges :

The Friends of the grand orgue (organ) of the Cathedral :

The Bourges tourist office on the Cathedral :

The City of Bourges on the Cathedral :

There you go folks, this is a huge monument with so many details I will be lost myself trying to pick on each, rather give you a overall taste, and do come in to see , is a must in my belle France. The Cathédrale Saint Etienne or St Stephen is a work of heaven on earth words cannot describe it, you need to see it and behold. Recommended. And again ,hope you enjoy the post on this magnificent cathedral as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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