The Axe Majeur of Cergy Saint Christophe !!

Let me take you once again out of Paris, and update this older post for me and you, This is not far just over the Val d’Oise dept 95 in the Île de France region west of Paris. I have come by here on my routine road warrior trips with the family and found gems off the beaten path sites ! One of them is the reason of this post, the Axe Majeur ! Hope you enjoy it as I

A true international reference for Urban Art and the “signature” of Cergy-Saint Christophe, the Axe Majeur or Major Axis is an architectural route of more than 3 km. The site reveals the landscape from the Axe Majeur district to the Ham crossroads by offering 12 landscape sequences materialized by symbolic elements. It is an essential walk, a landscape sculpted between mineral and vegetal. Without forgetting the pleasure of the eyes offered by the immense point of view that one discovers from the Twelve Columns before plunging by hundreds of steps towards the Oise river which one crosses by the red footbridge leading to the Leisure center and its ponds. An enchantment… Going down to the left of the Human Rights Gardens, an arboretum is designed as a botanical garden made up of different listed species , about 110 trees of 80 species. Neat visitor paths are drawn to follow either the trail of the bees or a discovery circuit where the trees are classified geographically. About fifty are equipped with explanatory terminals.


This is the creation of artist sculptor Dani Karavan. You have several architectural points here,first is the Tour Belvédere, 36 meters high ( 119 ft) inside there is a stair to the top for magnificent views towards Paris main attractions. Then, you have the Place des Colonnes Hubert Renaud, its circular rounded plaza at 360° angle ,and you go here by passing apartment buildings done by architect Ricardo Bofil.  Follow this with Le Verger, parcs des Impressionists de Camille Pissaro, the painters place, with gardens and fruit trees that in the summer are just delicious to even look. You reach the Esplanade de Paris, the place for gathering and people watching, the stones on the floor are from the Cours Napoléon in the Louvre! ,and the 12 columns are a link to the companies that sponsor this and the Arche du Carrousel by the Louvre. You come to the Terrace, you come to see the Valley of the Seine, and the natural beauty of the area from above with Paris and La Defense just ahead.  Next, the jardins des  Droits de l’Homme Pierre-Mendès-France  or the Human Rights garden, it has trees including an olive tree from Italy representing peace. My Dad right of pic below !!!


Next ,the Amphithéatre Gérard Philipe or amphitheater for events that brings the locals and visitors together. Then comes the Bassin,86 meters wide and 1.20 meters deep link directly to the Oise river, allowed to hold water events in conjunction with the amphitheater.  Now you are in the Passarelle now 251 meters long, that link the amphitheater with the ile Astronomique or astronomic isle and eventually reaching the base de loisirs Cergy-Pontoise (a popular playground park with swim,horse,team sport complexes).  Now you see the ile Astronomique, site of an old sand dunes now itself with scuptures from the world.  The Pyramide, done so that the wind and sun plays a part in its lights, you can only go by boat and navigate inside of it! And you have reach the extreme point in the Carrefour de Ham; about 1,5 km from the Ile Astronomique, The twelfth station guarantees the unity of the Axis by overlooking it throughout its route. The rayon laser vert or green laser beam has a range of 3.2 km and is emitted from the Belvedere Tower, the first station of the Axis, will allow you to see the work and the laser lights ending in a crossroad of routes coming into the City of Cergy-Pointoise.


You don’t even need a car to come here, and its wonderful to view, if you like architectural wonders and natural views this is it for you. The Axe Majeur, is about 30 km from Paris on the A15 road out of porte de Clichy. You can get here from gare Saint Lazare train station direction Cergy-Pontoise and stop at Cergy-St Christophe. Out of station turn left and follow rue de l’abondance for about one km to the Axe Majeur with signs. The Axe Majeur is in the quartier or neightborhood of Saint-Christophe not far from my first job in France, On its upper levels the Place Hubert-Renaud is close to Cergy-Saint-Christophe train station, which is also served by many road public transport lines. Closer to the square and the Esplanade de Paris, several STIVO network bus stops also serve the Axis such as Mondétour on line 40, Rond-Point du Tilleul on lines 40 and 36, Martelet on lines 45 and 3639. A VélO2 self-service bike station, named Axe Majeur, is located on the side of the Esplanade de Paris. The Axis is crossed by rue de Vauréal at the bottom of the stairs, at the end of the Passerelle. However, there is no parking lot nearby. Rue de Vauréal is taken by STIVO bus line 38; no stop serves the Axis directly but the Gency stop is located a little further east. The Passerelle makes it possible in particular to reach a cycle and pedestrian path which runs along the loop of the Oise river on its left bank.Mind you check before coming as above is information only I always come here by car

The official Axe Majeur ;

The city of Cergy its heritage and the Axe Majeur:

The Cergy-Pontoise tourist office on the Axe Majeur :

There you go folks, something different off the beaten path to see outside but near Paris, The Axe Majeur is unique and worth a detour, me think. And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all !!!

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