That time again by my sentimental Honfleur , SNSM, and my Dad Elio.

I come here often and sometimes no photos nor stories just drive by ,its personal for me. My mother Gladys, my wife Martine , and now my father Elio  lies in the ocean buried at sea, I put him there April 12 2023,. I guess I am next in line,,,,,,,,, life goes on. The boat SNSM is a first class rescue (vedette) star SNS 131 named Notre-Dame-du-Port or Our Lady of the harbor , the patron saint of the City, which is carry out into boats and bless at see on each Fête des Marins, (see post) in Honfleur.

Honfleur SNSM route des fascine to station apr23

The time will be cherished forever, the pain will remain, and the memories will linger my dear Mom Gladys, Wife Martine, and Dad Elio !!! RIP There were put at sea very gently, nice caring loving exchanging stories of the sea with the great organisation in France, call the SNSM or Société National de Sauvetages en Mer or something like the National Society of Rescues at Sea. A volunteer group of men and women who take their time to help those in distress at sea even lifeguard stations, and of course, the duty of taken burials at sea, I am a donor since 2008, proudly !

Honfleur SNSM station ND du Port boat cendres Pipo 12apr23

Of course, this is not the typical travel post I do but a must to have in my blog, After all as said, this is my life’s history the good the bad the happy and the sad, all of it, Thanks for reading my stories since November 26 2010, Appreciated.

As hard as these time are, I like to keep the memory of my family. If you read my blog you have come to notice we are DNA of island folks both in America and Europe, and we love the sea. I was born with the sea as my patio gave to the ocean Gulf of Mexico, and have lived near or on it all my life with the exception of the time in Madrid… Honfleur, is special for me in more ways than a tourist spot. 

We first brought my dear late mom Gladys and she love it too.! And the boat rides were a must of course. This was back in 2005, and we have come over ever since every year except the pandemic mess, A phase is turning once again ,and we are less at home, now once again duty is done, the paperwork is mostly done minor details left but easy.  I will continue in life with my wonderful 3 young men and my dear Rex, our family dog always with me. However, the memories, the souvenirs, the happy face, the energy and love will remain forever. I am very lucky to have wonderful dearing parents and a loving caring wife, they have made us strong. Yes, they tell me too ,time will ease the pain. Heck, I am human, time will not heal any pain. We are very much together, always as a family remembering those words in the 3 Muskeeteers of Alexandre Dumas (father), One for all ,and All for one! We stand together.

The SNSM station in Honfleur:

Honfleur sea tides or Marée to go out safe at Honfleur:

There you go folks, maybe sad for me but a must in my blog. Hope you too enjoy life to the fullest as it is short indeed, The SNSM ,always memorable in Honfleur, Calvados 14 in the region of Normandie of my belle France.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. It is good to share. Eases the pain.

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  2. This is a very moving post.

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