Riec sur Belon and to taste oysters !!

When you go to the culinary spots of gastronomic France you might have heard the word Belon..if you are into seafood..if you are especially into oysters! Well the Belon flat oyster that conquered the world was from here, the original. After much desease dissimanated the ponds ,again a group of ostriculture folks came back in the 1980’s to start all over again, and they are here !!! This is the best spot to taste and see their harvesting, This is Riec sur Belon in the Finistére dept 29 of my lovely Bretagne and belle France,

I like to tell you now to taste the Belon oyster, The area is large for oysters here but for the flat oyster it is at Riec Sur Belon. A quiet town but a much better port, because it is by the Port du Belon (see post) where you find the harvesters. Therefore, have to tell past on the teaching on the history, texture and goodness of this oyster only in Brittany to the World !!!

The town of Riec sur Belon is located at 12 km west of Quimperlé, 17 km east of Concarneau, 27 km west of Lorient and 35 km east of Quimper. And 60 km (38 mi) from my house on the N165 road and D783 to belon river basin signs are posted !

The oyster aquaculture activity begins in the Belon estuary in the mid-19C by the Lord du Balay installed its first oyster park in 1857, the Solminihac family began this activity in 1864, the Cadoret family in 1872. Several renowned oyster growers are still in activity in Riec-sur-Bélon, including Thaëron House, Château de Bélon (Solminihac family) Anne de Bélon, Noblet establishments (all four in Belon) and Cadoret establishments in the Porte Neuve. We have,also, enjoy Chez Jacky where we have even take home oysters!

I like to tell you about mine and many favorite spots to taste, eat and take home places in Riec sur Belon, Bon Appétit !!

The Château de Belon was founded in 1864 on the Bélon river, the Huîtrières du Château de Bélon work with flat oysters and cupped oysters. This is a story that has lasted five generations within the Solminihac family, pioneers in oyster farming. With a breathtaking view of the mouth of the river, sit on tables and come and taste the oysters. Sublime !!! Open every day from 10h30 to 19h (except December 25 and January 1) On the same estate, they have a nice campsite about  350 meters from the port of Bélon in the heart of nature with direct access to the coastal path. Webpage: https://belon.bzh/huitrieres/



The Anne of Belon house here since 1960 three generations of families have followed one another at the port of Belon,  Riec sur Belon.  Michel, Guy, and Anne, granddaughter and niece of the previous ones, In 2005 Anne took over the family business, keeping the traditional methods which have proven themselves for generations, Anne de Belon produces cupped oysters and flat oysters, the Belon. The beds are spread all along the Belon river and in Morbihan. webpage: https://www.huitres-annedebelon.com/


The Chez Jacky ,this oyster farm overlooking the Belon river has a large restaurant which allows you to taste the local produce of course, but also the fine quality Breton shellfish and crustaceans. (wonderful !). A few simple dishes are offered to those who prefer to eat lobster or scallops cooked or hot. A small wine list rather focused on whites and a service that holds up, even in high season. The welcome is like home and the service, friendly, simple and warm. Very pleasant, the catering service and the take-out service, just to put your feet under the table at home without going through the preparation box. webpage: https://www.chez-jacky.com/#vue


The Maison Thaeron with the 4th generation democratizes the consumption of seafood in France and abroad. After a flat oyster crisis (almost complete disappearance), the Thaëron brothers decided to produce cupped oysters.  Diversification begins, followed by shellfish, mussels, crustaceans, and finally cooked products.  They are also a restaurant in Paris, Juste, 48 Rue Laffitte, 9éme.As well as Île de Ré. The Agricultural Show, held from February 26 to March 6, 2022,  the oyster company has once again returned with gold. webpage: http://thaeron.com/


The Juste restaurant webpage: https://juste-producteur.com/

The Quimperle terre oceane tourist office on main feature of the Belon oyster:https://www.quimperle-terreoceane.com/en/discover/gastronomy/the-belon-oyster/

The town of Riec sur Belon on its history :https://www.riecsurbelon.bzh/la-ville-de-riec-sur-b%C3%A9lon?lang=en

The Bretagne/Brittany region tourist office on Riec sur Belon : https://www.brittanytourism.com/destinations/the-10-destinations/quimper-cornouaille/riec-sur-belon/

There you go folks, a town to be revisited again and again by the coast, the beaches, the oysters !!! And we go chasing them often here, care for a get together ! Find me here at Riec sur Belon !! Again, hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers to all !!!

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