The Durigan’s of Curitiba !!!

While living in Curitiba Brazil in 2008 I enjoy the City and the people with some still in touch, One of the highlight of the stay was tasting Brazilian wines, Mind you, there are better producing wine countries around there but in Brazil the tradition goes back to the ealry immigrants to the City, This was the case in the district of Santa Felicidade and the Durigan’s winery of Curitiba, I have a couple of pictures so will do justice to their hospitality and wines to do a post, Hope you enjoy it as I

Do you know Brazil makes wine? and improving every year. I happened to lived there as an expat , and really enjoy coming to Durigan. Let me tell you a bit about them,and hope you too can taste it there. If you want to bring home some Brazilian wines with an Italian twist then head for Durigan’s winery, a real wine store, winery in one. The wines are not bad price/quality ratio and its unique as gift given or to drink as I did taken them home when I lived in the city .They cover a whole range with French grapes with the Reserva and white Chardonnay not bad at all.

Among so many stopping points in Santa Felicidade , district of Curitiba, and the Italian neighborhood about 7 km from the city center, reserve at least one hour for Durigan Wines. is on the most touristic stretch of Av. Manoel Ribas, the main artery of the neighborhood. The place is cozy, rustic and themed. Right at the entrance there are several sculptures, one of which represents Bacchus god of wine over a small waterfall.

Curitiba durigan winery store entr 2008

The Durigan family arrived in Paraná State in the 19C from Treviso, Italy. After passing through Morretes,(see post) on the coast , the immigrants took up residence on the Curitiba plateau, today called Santa Felicidade.

All those delicious snacks such as salami, cheese, antipasti, sweets and chocolates are on sale. Daily they offer free tasting of cold cuts, juices and wines. The space is also focused on Italian gastronomic culture. If you want to prepare a typical dinner, you can open your wallet: here you can find pasta, sauces, olive oils, focaccias, crostinis, jellies and delicious pastries.  Another detail that I find very cute in the Durigan house is that it is always decorated according to the time of the year: Easter, Christmas, June parties;: giving the place an always festive look.

curitiba durigan winery store santa felicidade 2008

The official Durigan’s winery (P):

For ordering, this is their Vinicola Durigan (see vinhos de mesa or table wines and vinhos finos for the finest wines) :

There you go folks, something unique and off the beaten path in lovely memorable Curitiba , as the old saying goes, to remember is to live again. Again, hope you enjoy this post on the Durigan’s wines in Santa Felicidade, Curitiba as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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