Dak Lak of Vietnam !!

his time came by air from HCMC to a new area of Vietnam . I had this mix up with another older post but felled needs to have a post of its own, Therefore, here is my take on wonderful Dak Lak, and the province of the same name in Vietnam. Hope you enjoy the post as I

Đắk Lắk is located in the Central Highlands region of Vietnam. Its capital is the city of Buôn Ma Thuột (see post). It is 60 km from the province capital city of Buon Ma Thuat, It is ,also, 1410 km from Hanoi and 320 from Ho Chi Minh city, The name is from “Lak” to a legendary man named “Lak Lieng” of the M’Nong ethnic group.

The province in general might be one of the most famous destinations in Vietnam and the place where you can find the best coffee in Vietnam or even South East Asia, The province of Đắk Lắk is delimited around the plateau of Đắk Lắk, 600 meters above sea level. It is an ethnically very diverse province, in which the dominant Việt ethnicity acts as a newcomer, with waves of mass immigration and forced assimilation triggered in large part after the Vietnam War, the Montagnards of the province having been much courted by the Americans.

The Tourists who come to this province can go hiking in the primitive forests of Chu Yang Sin, and Yok Don National Park. You can also observe historical remains such as Bao Dai Palace, Yang Prong Tower, Buon Ma Thuot Prison, or Dak Tua Cave. At the lake, the village of the Jun M’nong ethnic group still retains traditional values and customs. The ride on the back of the elephant is the best way to admire the beautiful landscapes of the mountainous region of Tay Nguyen. Every year on the 4th day of the lunar month, Lak Lake hosts elephant and canoe races. Also, it is in Dak Lak that comes from the origins of the famous gong sound, now listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. With up to more than 2,000 gong sets and 554 groups of traditional gong players, Dak Lak regularly holds fungals and other performances of popular musical instruments.



There is a wonderful Lak Lake with much potential for walks, bikes, fishing, and water activities. On the shore of the lake there is Jun M’nong Village, where people live in thatched-roof houses on stilts. On the lake there are breathtaking views and the lake is like a sea huge with depth in rainy season as of as much as 50 meters (165 feet). The best time to visit is November to February.

dak lak lake sturgeons fish view dec18

dak lak sturgeons lake dec18

The Vietnam tourist office on Dak Lak : https://vietnam.travel/things-to-do/7-reasons-explore-dak-lak

A private Vietnam online tourist site useful on Dak Lak :https://www.vietnamonline.com/destination/dak-lak.html

The Dak Lak local government site on tourismhttps://daklak.gov.vn/web/english/tourist-destinations

There you go folks, just a layback ambiance in country with some nice folks made it all worthwhile and another spot of the world I can say was there. The visit to Dak Lak with locals was wonderful a great experience, and even if far always looking forward to be back, Again, hope you enjoy this post on exotic Dak Lak as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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