The wonderful Pont de Normandie !!!

The drive over the Pont de Normandie from Honfleur towards Le Havre is sublime, I have other posts on it by boat ,however, I have crossed it by car ,and found me couple pictures to do this nostalgic post, I have one more duty to do on April 12,  2023 when will be there to deposit my father’s ashes into the ocean to join my dear late mom and wife, Always done with care by the SNSM volunteer lifeguard org that I am a proud donor, Now, let me tell you a bit more on the beautiful pont de Normandie or Normandy bridge. Hope you enjoy the post as I

Of course, this starts in Honfleur and ends up at Le Havre, that was the idea. The pont de Normandie was opened on January 20 1995 , and put in service January 26th. Needless to say is a real engineering marvel and just gorgeous to look at while going underneath it or over it.

Honfleur pont de normandie arriving

The pont de Normandie is 2141,25 meters long, 23,60 meters wide, 7 years of construction and  10 millions work hours! You pay 5,60 euros to go over it and back, The bridge rests on pylons 214 meters high and resting 50 meters deep under the bed of the Seine. 184 cables equipped with anti-vibration needles support the loads of the deck: 856 meterslong in a vacuum, it points 52 meters above the highest waters so as not to hinder the navigation of large boats. Access is via pre-stressed concrete viaducts cast on site. The cable-stayed structure and the central metal deck, designed like an inverted airplane wing, allow the Normandy bridge to withstand winds of 440 km/h (about 273 mph) !

Honfleur pont de normandie on top

You can park near the building, in the right bank car park, on the Le Havre side. Admission is free for pedestrians: yes, you can climb the Normandy Bridge on foot! It is possible to pass by boat under the bridge thanks to two Honfleur companies Jolie France and Évasion III (see posts) . Each of them offers a one-hour tour of the estuary. The objective: to pass under the Pont de Normandie in order to be able to admire the architecture and the gigantism of the bridge, Indeed !

We do come every year on our pilgrimage around May govt restrictions permitting, We talk it up with the station of the SNSM or Sauveteurs en mer or lifesavers at sea a volunteer group of marines and fisherman there, and take again another picture of the wonderful vedette boat the Notre Dame du Port or Our Lady of the Harbor.

The official pont de Normandie

The Le Havre-Etretat tourist office on the pont de Normandie

There you go folks,I hope you can take a lighter trip one day to the Pont de Normandie by boat or car ,is sublime!, and it is recommended by yours truly. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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