Curiosities of Camaret sur Mer !!!

Let me take you to the Altantic ocean point and the wonderful cliff that hold the continent of Europe by France,, This is in Finistére dept 29 in my lovely Bretagne, and my belle France. This was an adventure to find the confines of Brittany on the road warrior that we are. So welcome to Camaret-sur-Mer, an idyllic place just do nothing but admire the natural beauty of the place; away from it all in peace. Poetic thoughts but endurables. I am creating this new post from older pictures found in my vault but new to the blog, Hope you enjoy my curiosities of Camaret sur Mer post as I.

Camaret-sur-Mer is located 80 km from Brest and 65 km from Quimper and is located in the far west of the peninsula of CrozonIt is 169 km from my house! Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, more precisely the Iroise Sea, at the entrance to the Gully of Brest. Just marvelous countryside or should say oceanside !

Advancing towards the Pointe de Pen-Hir and the Tas des Pois, we encounter a succession of cliffs all as impressive as each other by their huge chunks of rocks that fall in peak into the ocean.  You can reach the edge on not windy days as easily can be push over to the ocean, We survive to tell you lol !! This is very impressive indeed, pure nature and the power of the ocean beckons you,

camaret s m pointe de pen hir over ocean cliffs nov12

The Memorial Museum to the Battle of the Atlantic is entirely housed in a blockhouse.This museum has been installed in the bunkers of the Kerbonn battery in Pointe de Penhir. These old bunkers on the Atlantic Wall were built on the ruins of a Third Republic-style fort, itself constructed on fortifications built by Vauban. Geographically this place was made for fortresses! The museum is the only one in continental Europe dedicated to the Battle of the Atlantic. If it had been won by the Germany navy, the United Kingdom could not have been used as a base that served to help liberate western Europe. It also pays tribute to all the sailors, whose average age was 20, lost at sea.Maps allow visitors to track the losses incurred by the merchant navy and German submarines geographically and chronologically.

camaret s m bunker pointe de pen hir atlantic wall nov12

camaret s m pointe d pen hir atlantic wall nov12

camaret s m pointe d pen hir bunker atlantic wall nov12

Another wonderful area and very well known in Brittany are the megalithic alignment of Lagatjar  They were restored in 1928 and include 65 menhirs. The alignment of Lagatjar is made up of three rows of menhirs. The set draws a line oriented N -E and S-W, from where, at right angles, two parallel lines are left. This orientation suggests an astronomical character. The first description of the site is due in 1799 to Admiral Thévenard who describes 84 “large shapeless masses of rocks” arranged in several rows,

camaret s m megaliths lagatjar crozon peninsula nov12

The Finistére dept 29 tourist office on Camaret sur Mer::

The Bretagne region tourist office on Camaret sur Mer

The Vauban’s sites on Camaret sur Mer:,776

There you go folks, another dandy in my lovely Bretagne, You should go to the end of the world in Finistére and see Camaret sur Mer; great area full of life and the sea ,good for the soul anytime. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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