More of the Cathedral St Corentin of Quimper !!!

This is one of my favorite cities in all of Bretagne, and glad not far from me visit often, I have written several posts on it and many on the Cathedral but found me old pictures not in my blog yet and they should, So, therefore here is more of the Cathedral St Corentin of Quimper !!! Hope you enjoy it as I.

quimper cat st corentin front door feb13

Just again for reference Quimper is in dept 29 of Finistére in my lovely Bretagne, The Cathedral Saint Corentin is a jewel of a monument in beautiful celtic Quimper. We love to come here and it is always grand. This is a must to visit, much revered by all ; it is a masterpiece so much impossible for me to concentrate on every detail but I give you some more and you are welcome to come.

quimper cat st corentin back yard garden chapelle dec13

Quimper cat st corentin left side belltower dec19

I have so much on it will try to give new text information with a bit of the old text, TheSaint Corentin Cathedral was built on the site of previous worship place of the 9C and 11C, its construction was decided in 1239 by Bishop Radwan, the ducal chancellor of Pierre de Dreux, who came from Ile de France. It is the time of the radiant Gothic, where Chartres, Reims or Amiens are built. It is necessary to wait for the advent of the Duke Jean V so that at the beginning of the 15C ends the first part of the work, the choir which is covered with a cross vault of warheads and colored with painted ribs and stained glass with silver yellow. In the second quarter of the 15C only are undertaken, from the west end, first the towers and the porch, then the nave. After 1460 this is grafted onto the choir via the transept, which is surmounted by a 16 meters central steeple. The builders covered it with a stone vault, coated with ochre and traced to the imitation of a brick assemblage; They chiseled the window mullions and, in the time of Duchess and Queen Anne of Brittany/France, filled them with stained-glass windows.


quimper cat st corentin dalles funerales feb13


There is an unique chapel here call the Chapelle des Trois gouttes de sang or the Chapel of the Three Drops of Blood. The story goes that a crusader knight had entrusted his fortune to a friend. On his return, he denied the deposit. Faced with perjury, the crucifix, located at the bedside of the cathedral, let three denunciatory drops of blood flow. The blood collected on the altar cloth is kept with the head of the Romanesque Christ, decapitated by the revolutionaries. There is a stained glass depicting the scene of perjury. In the place where this chapel was erected, the miracle that gave it its name would have occurred. The miraculous blood and the head of the Crucifix are preserved in the reliquary which represents a tabernacle on the altar of this chapel.


quimper cat st Corentin courtyard chapelle dec13

The stained glass represents the prodigy. The main characters are: the perjurer, the friend who had entrusted him with his fortune for the time he would stay in the Holy Land ; the wife of the pilgrim from Palestine; the bishop who conferred the oath; the two seated figures are the lay judges who, due to the absence of witnesses, declared themselves incompetent. Above the altar: the Child Jesus, at the moment of his birth, is adored by his Mother, by the angels and by Saint Joseph who prostrates himself. Above the confessional: the Adoration of the Magi.There are wonderful stained glass windows depicting Saint-Guennolé and Saint-Ronan, Saint-Pol-Aurélien, and Saint-Yves, Sublime indeed !


The city of Quimper on the Cathedral:

The Quimper tourist office on the Cathedral

The All Starts in Finistére dept 29 tourist board on the Cathedral

The Bretagne region tourist board on Quimper:

There you go folks, another gem in my lovely Bretagne, and gorgeous Quimper. Hope you have enjoy reading this latest post on the magnificent Saint Corentin Cathedral of Quimper.  And remember, happy travels ,good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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