The Grand Théâtre d’Angers !

In my road warrior tour of the region and on our way back home, decided to stop by Angers again. This is  Angers , a wonderful city in the dept 49 of Maine et Loire and in the Pays de la Loire region of my belle France. I had this buried in another post and feel deserves a post of its own. Therefore here it is the Grand Theater of Angers!


The Grand Théâtre d’Angers is a performance hall built in the 19C located in the city center on Place du Ralliement. The 723 seats of this Italian theater host both music, theater and opera.  The body of the building is made up of three sections, the two side sections being slightly set back from the main section. Initially, the ground floor is marked by a vestibule hall and two fluted columns with Ionic capitals. Masks representing tragedy and comedy since antiquity make the transition between the ground floor and the first floor. The latter is characterized by fluted columns with Corinthian capitals and large windows between which we find, in niches , statues of muses representing from left to right: lyric poetry, comedy, tragedy and music. The top of the building is marked by a semicircular pediment decorated with the arms of the city of Angers, under which, on each side of a window reminiscent of the ancient baths, there are new allegories: cherubs representing fame on the right, eloquence and history and on the left, satire, music and drama. Inside there are several parts: an auditorium, a large foyer and a backstage area.

Angers Grand theatre pl du Ralliement feb22

A bit of history I like

A theater has been present in Angers since Gallo-Roman times. A municipal theater was built there in 1794 in the former Grandes Écoles on Place du Ralliement, and opened in September 1795 ,On the night of December 4 to 5, 1865, a fire destroyed the theater. The city decides on its reconstruction, which begins in 1867, The new theater is inaugurated in 1871. It consists of a vestibule, a theater and a stage, and boxes behind The following year the work of the two cafes that frame it, thus forming a whole, During the second half of the 20C, the theater underwent several works, notably in 1957, 1981 and 1993. The renovation work carried out between November 1992 and July 1994 made it possible to create an exhibition hall, In 2003, when it was created, the Angers-Nantes Opéra training was in residence at the theater , If the theater hosts music and theater, it also hosts exhibitions and other events.

The city of Angers on the Grand Théâtre :

The Angers tourist office on visiting the Grand Théâtre

There you go folks, another gem of Angers and not far from me. Hope you enjoy the post on the Grand Théâtre of Angers as I

And remember, happy travel, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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