The Rue Jeanne d’Arc of Orléans !

I just found another picture not in my blog yet from my vault lol ! It is a street we walked several times each time in Orléans, Therefore, let me tell you with new text and older pictures on the Rue Jeanne d’Arc of Orléans ! Hope you enjoy it as I.

The opening of the rue Royale in 1756 having attracted traffic and commerce, it was immediately thought to open a new avenue in the axis of the facade of the Bourbon cathedral then under construction, to replace the old “decumanus maximus” or rue de Bourgogne, which had become too narrow. The French revolution postponed the execution of the project, and after a detailed study carried out in 1811, the opening of the rue de Bourbon was declared of public utility on September 16, 1825. The work, was given to be done and work on was from 1836 to 1841. The Rue Jeanne d’Arc, thus named in 1840, was finally completed in 1846. After the destruction of 1940 (WWII) , an extension of 55 meters beyond Rue Royale , will be produced from 1941. It led to the destruction of six streets, three squares and many buildings. The ostentatious will of the architects is clearly visible: the façade of the Anatole Bailly College, formerly the Royal College, bears witness to this in particular. The street was extended after WWII to the Place du General de Gaulle, created simultaneously.


The Rue Jeanne d’Arc is lined with houses almost all built at the same time, following a municipal ordinance which fixed the general layout and the main dimensions. The cornices reign everywhere at the same height and the headbands of the floors are placed at the same level. The architecture is different on each facade, but everywhere on the same scale. This ordinance was intended to enhance the cathedral, The Tram TAO passes on Rue Jeanne d’Arc in front of the cathedral

Orleans rue jeanne d arc Pedro et Remi behind us aout07

The Orléans metropole tourist office on its presentation:

The Loiret dept 45 tourist office on the Rue Jeanne d’Arc :

There you go folks, a dandy town of Joan! This is Orléans and we love the city, ; this is one of its emblematic streets. Hope you enjoy the brief tour of the Rue Jeanne d’Arc ,and see my other posts on Orléans. It is worth your detour ,me think

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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