Curiosities of Dieppe !!!

The wonderful memorable city of Dieppe is in the département 76 of Seine-Maritime in the region of Normandie. It has been called the city of the four harbors in the Caux country ,about 170 km from Paris,in the deep valley of the Arques. We have come here often, more when living in Versailles; but still nice memories of Dieppe. I found some older personal pictures not in my blog and feel they should as this is my life’s history, Dieppe is in the Côte d’Albâtre or Alabaster coast stretches 130 km from the Seine bay to the Somme bay., Let me tell you some curiosities of Dieppe !!!

The Grand Casino de Dieppe is actually the fifth in time in Dieppe. The first casino was established in 1822 thanks to the Count of Brancas, sub-prefect of the city. In 1857, a new casino with vaults and glass roofs was done, On June 15, 1886, the Moorish casino gave Dieppe its brand image. outdated, it was modified to make way for an Art Deco-style casino. This was destroyed during WWII. After the war, from 1946 to 1961, temporary wooden casinos or Villa Rachel on the seafront served as a replacement casino. In 1961, Villa Rachel was demolished to make way for the current casino. The Casino, has a four star Hotel, bistronomic restaurant, shows and concerts, reception rooms, offers you an entertainment complex conducive to relaxation and well-being to satisfy all your needs 93 slot machines state-of-the-art slot including 9 Video Poker. 3D slots, bonus rounds, moving seats… Bring the Bank to its knees on our Blackjack and Ultimate Poker tables. To vary the pleasures, have fun guessing which number will come out in English Roulette. Bet at your fingertips, in privacy, on our 20 electronic terminals. Play English Roulette on two reels and switch to BlackJack. The casino is located at 3 Boulevard de Verdun facing the sea, Webpage :

dieppe casino PF sep07

The lighthouse – west pier with a concrete tower with dwelling done in1990, The west pier is longer than the east pier facing it. It was indeed extended to better protect the outer harbor during the installation of the ferry terminal there. On the cliff is the military semaphore. It is operational 24/7. He is in charge of monitoring boats off Dieppe. A meteorological station sends the day’s weather data to Météo France, The current marina is located in the basin which before 1994 welcomed car ferries. This Jehan Ango basin is a tidal basin: the water level changes with the tides. Today fitted out for yachting, it also accommodates service boats (tug, lifeboat, pilot boat, etc.) as well as a few fishing boats along the Quai du Carénage. The advantage of the Dieppe marina is to be accessible at all times, both at high tide and at low tide. webpage:

Dieppe kids at pont end quai henri IV jul09

Dieppe port plaisance the boys sep07

Lasting 4 hours to connect England and France, the crossing can be made with or without a vehicle with up to 18 ferry crossings per week , Built in 2005 and 2006, sister ships Côte d’Albâtre and Seven Sisters operate on the Dieppe-Newhaven line. Both vessels operate under the Transmanche Ferries brand. Onboard facilities include a lounge with a stunning bay window with panoramic sea views, a bar, a restaurant, a boutique and a children’s play area. You’ll also find tranquil lounges on board where you can relax and sleep, as well as expansive outdoor decks and 50 en-suite cabins. webpage:

Dieppe pedro at ferry to newhaven uk sep07

The Porte de Dieppe gate, also known as the west port gate or the Tourelles or turrets, was built at the end of the 15C. The so-called Tourelles gate consists of a vaulted passage, flanked by two circular towers crowned by two conical roofs. This gate is the only remaining of the seven old town gates, five of which overlooked the sea. Together with the castle and the rampart wall near the old Tour aux crabes,or Crab tower, it constitutes one of the last vestiges of the town’s fortifications. These were probably built as early as the 11C, and then regularly rebuilt to finally be destroyed in the 19C. Over the centuries, the Tourelles bore several names including Porte du Port d’Ouest and served as a prison, probably from the end of the Middle Ages until 1825, when the prisoners were transferred to the new prison built in Pollet, on the site of the Capuchin convent. The building was sold to a private individual in the middle of the 19C and remained private for a century. La Porte des Tourelles or Dieppe now houses the headquarters of the association responsible for the international kite festival which is held in Dieppe every two years. since 1980. webpage:

Dieppe porte de dieppe kids sep07

Several more webpages to help you plan your trip to wonderful Dieppe; hope it helps

The City of Dieppe :

The Dieppe tourist office :

The Seine Maritime dept 76 tourist office on Dieppe:

The Normandie region tourist board on Dieppe:

There you go folks, a wonderful visit to a nice town of Dieppe, Hope you enjoy the curiosities of Dieppe as I, Dieppe is worth the detour indeed.  And remember, happy travels , good Health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this info. Brings back our time in Dieppe. Such an amazing place we explored. Thanks Anita

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