The Ayala Triangle Park of Manila !!

I found me a couple pictures of my adventures in the Philippines and just need to have them in my blog, In my eagerness to know the town or district where I was lodge in Makati I took a long walk and came across the wonderful Ayala Triangle Park. It was one of the hightlights of my stay as came back several times, Let me tell you a bit on it ok, Hope you enjoy it as I.

The Ayala Triangle Gardens is a 2-hectare (4.9-acre) landscaped urban park in MakatiMetro ManilaPhilippines. It is a triangular public garden and courtyard in the center of the Makati Central Business District. It opened to the public in November 19, 2009 , inspired b Hyde Park in London, the park, which is dotted with palms, acacia trees, and tropical foliage, is considered one of the few green areas in Makati.

manila ayala triangle park ent jan16

I had several times good lunches at the Banaapple resto, and for the great local dish Lechon or pork dish at Simple Lang  in the wonderful park. Unfortunately, Simple Lang will have to be for the memories as it has closed down. Nevertheless, Ayala Triangle Park is a wonderful place to spent your time in Manila. The Ayala Triangle on Banaapple resto:

manila banaapple resto makati jan16

The buildings on the Ayala Triangle Park include the old Makati Stock Exchange Center and Ayala Tower One (home of the Philippine Stock Exchange) along the Ayala Avenue side, the old Nielson Tower, and Ayala Triangle Tower One and Ayala Triangle Tower Two ;home of The Shops at Triangle Gardens, and Ayala Mall (see post), at the intersection of Makati Avenue and Paseo de Roxas. Ayala Triangle Gardens Attractions: Filipinas Heritage Library, Gabriela Silang Monument, Ninoy Aquino MonumentSultan Kudarat Monument, Ayala Triangle Gardens Public Art:Homage to Antoni Tapies, Homage to Eusebio Sempere, Homage to Fernando Zobel, Homage to Luis Feito.

manila ayala triangle park restos jan16

The land of the present-day Ayala Triangle Gardens was once the 42-hectare (100-acre) Nielson Field, Manila’s pre-WWII airport, located in the vast Hacienda de San Pedro de Macati of the Zóbel de Ayala family. When the airport was decommissioned in 1948 and transferred its present site in Nichols Field, the site was returned to the Ayalas and redeveloped as a commercial district The runways were converted into roads which now form the Triangle’s boundaries:Ayala Avenue, Paseo de Roxas and Makati Avenue. Only the airport’s control tower was preserved,now the Nielson towers,which was converted into the Filipinas Heritage Library, and later as the Blackbird fine dining restaurant.  By 1971, the Ayala Corporation moved to its new headquarters in the Triangle at the Makati Stock Exchange Center building , The rest of the Triangle was then transformed into the football field known as Ugarte Field, named after the Filipino football legend of the 1930s, In the 1980s, Ugarte Field was the site of regular protests against the Marcos dictatorship.

The Ayala Triangle Gardens hosts the annual Festival of Lights, a lights and sound display from November to January of the following year for the Christmas season. It premiered on November 20, 2009 as the symphony of lights. The show runs every 30 minutes from local time 18h until 22h, More info webpage :

The official Ayala Triangle park:

The National Philippines tourist office on Manila

There you go folks, a dandy park in a nice district of Manila. This is a nice place to spend some time in the city, Ayala Triangle Park of Makati. Glad to have it in my blog and hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. WE really loved visiting the Philippines a few years ago . So much to see and do. Anita

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