How to get into it, and around in Chantilly !!

Indeed one of favorite castles in France, and friends of the castle as well since 2010. We love it, and been coming here since 1990 and then almost every year! This is Chantilly , a lot more than the castle/cream lol ! I have written before on it in my blog, however ,need to tell you how to get into it and around in Chantilly city !!

Hope you enjoy the post, and thanks for reading  me over the years !!! Chantilly is in the département 60 of the Oise, in the region of Hauts-de-France at the center of the forest of Chantilly, in the valley of the Nonette.Chantilly is located about 38 km north of Paris.

Very good roads in and out on the crossroads of France to the north of Europe. The old N16 or old royal route from Pierrefitte-sur-Seine to Dunkerque passing by Amiens, cuts the city south to north ; now it is the D1116. The D924A allows you to joint the old N17 or route de Flandres at La Chapelle-en-Serval, and the D924 connects you to the town of Senlis. From here you can join the autoroute A1 south to Paris. Many times done and love it !!  The parking in Chantilly is based especially for the visitor into the Orange Zone which allows longer-term parking for local residents, residential subscribers, professionals from Cannes and visitors. Parking is limited to 7 days, in accordance with the Highway Code, unless there is a specific order prohibiting parking. With the possibility of parking for 30 minutes free once a day and per vehicle. The Yellow Zone allows long-term parking (rue d’Aumale and boulevard de la Liberation) for local residents, residential subscribers, professionals from Cannes and visitors. With the possibility of parking for 30 minutes free once a day and per vehicle. You have questions feel free to contact the parking authority of EFFIA reception office, place de la Gare, 1 bis rue Roger Herlin from 7h to 13h Mondays to Fridays, Tel: + 33 (0) 3 44 54 95 77 or by email:

However, the novelty here is the train station.  The Gare or train station of Chantilly-Gouvieux has three tracks, named A, M and B, and two platforms accessible by two underground passages. The station is open from 6h to 21h on weekdays and from 6h45 to 21h45 on Sundays and public holidays. The counters are open from 6h to 21h on weekdays and from 7h to 21h45 on Sundays and public holidays. It is equipped with two automatic “Grandes Lignes” ticket offices in the hall and a TER ticket office on platform A. There are five car parks around the station, all paying. The station is equipped with food distributors and a Relay, open from 6h to 13h30 and from 15h45 to 19h15 , on weekdays and Saturday from 7h to 12h30. The train station of or Gare de Chantilly – Gouvieux, opened in 1859 on the line Paris – Lille, service by the SNCF and the network TER Hauts de France ; these are lines Paris-Nord – Compiègne – Saint-Quentin – Busigny, line Paris-Nord – Creil – Amiens, and line Paris-Nord – Creil . Chantilly is located about 30 km from Roissy-CDG airport and about 54 km from Beauvais Tillé.low cost fly airport.


The SNCF stations and connection on Chantilly Gouvieux

The TER Hauts de France on the station at Chantilly-Gouvieux

There is a local bus network , the Duc or Dessert Urbaine Cantilienne is the bus to get around the city of Chantilly The DUC is in service from 6h to 20h45 on weekdays and from 7h to 20h on Saturdays. It does not operate on public holidays. Stops useful to visitors at the Living Horse Museum, Notre Dame Church and Castle. The Oise mobilité network:

The Navette mini bus reach the most beautiful tourist sites of Chantilly, free every Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. The Keolis network on the navette

You have further the Chantilly-Senlis tourist office  on Chantilly

And the Chantilly city tourist office on its heritage

There you go folks, easy in and out and a wonderful town , castle, and museum to enjoy with the whole family for a good day or more. Hope you enjoy this post on getting into it and around Chantilly as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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