Christmas in Spain !!!

This is the season to be merrier we are told. I am hanging in there with the best face forward. Remembering all those family gathering all over the Americas and Europe over the years; some still with us and some dearly missed. I could not be away from telling you about my Christmas or Navidad in my dear Spain. Let me tell you some of my best Christmas experiences in Spain. Hope you enjoy it as I. And Feliz Navidad y mejores deseos para todos!!!

The time has come to talk about the best destinations to travel at Christmas in my dear Spain, OF course, these are just my favorites, there are many more nice ones, a taste for everyone.

I could not and will not leave out my dear Madrid, when Christmas is the best time, something we can agree is that Madrid and the month of December have a special connection that makes it one of the best destinations to visit Spain during Christmas. The chestnuts in Callao, a walk along the fully illuminated Gran Vía, the Christmas carousels in different parts of the city, the ice rinks of Plaza de España or Plaza de Colón, the route of the best nativity scenes through the center of the city, the Enlightened Nature of the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid, the Plaza Mayor market and the traditional churros of San Ginés (Pasadizo de San Ginés, 5) or the -almost recent arrivals churros of Manosanta (calle de Hermosilla, 97 ).Sublime !!! It’s official, the lighting will begin on Thursday, November 24 at 19h (7 pm), coinciding with the Black Friday weekend, which marks the start of the Christmas campaign from a commercial point of view. 21 districts will be kit entirely in ‘LED’ type high energy efficiency, that will promote commerce, hotels, restaurants and tourism in the city. In total, more than 230 locations will be illuminated, distributing 6,700 chains throughout the capital, 115 cherry trees and 13 large luminous fir trees, among which the giant natural fir tree in Plaza de España will stand out. The traditional figurative nativity scenes will also be maintained, the large ball located at the confluence of Calle Alcalá with Gran Vía or the large luminous menina, elements to which something new will be added. In addition to repeating the installation of the fir tree in Plaza de España, this will also be the place chosen for turning on the Christmas lights of the city on November 24 at 19h (7 p.m.), Among the new locations, several areas of the Retiro district. Such is the case of Calle Narváez , Avenida Menéndez Pelayo , Puerta de Alcalá and Plaza de la Lealtad. Meanwhile, in Centro, the Apolo fountain in the Paseo del Prado ; and the streets of Barquillo, Belén, Refueros, Santa Teresa and Campamor , among others, will also open their lights. And finally, a giant Nativity scene in front of the Torre de Madrid tower, in the corner with Calle Princesa. The Madrid tourist office on Christmas :

Torrejón de Ardoz in the Comunidad de Madrid is one of the destinations where Christmas rises to its highest expression. This town offers us the largest Christmas theme park in Spain. Spectacular illumination, a large Nativity Scene in the City Museum, the Guachis, which are children’s characters to maintain the Illusion of children, the largest Christmas walk in Spain, a Christmas village and the spectacular Magic Door are the cards of presentation that make Torrejón de Ardoz a true Christmas must-see. The City of Torrejon de Ardoz and Christmas :

In Sepúlveda, province of Segovia a beautiful town characterized by having a great Christmas tradition. This town full of history, which already existed before Roman times, offers Christmas among hillsides, Romanesque buildings and hanging houses. In addition, in its Church of Bartolomé every year a large Bethlehem is set up with a lot of tradition that attracts all kinds of visitors, Newspaper Segovia al dia on Christmas :

Every year there are wonderful Christmas markets, so we couldn’t miss the one in Covarrubias,province of Burgos, the town for Christmas lovers. A very peculiar market is held there, organized by the association of artists and artisans of Covarrubias “Cáscara de Nuez”, which mixes the family tradition of the old workshops with the new bets of young artisans. Everything you will find is handmade. The town of Covarrubias on festivities :

Christmas in the town of Ledesma, province of Salamanca is synonymous with the Fiesta de las Calendas. This festivity announces the arrival of Christmas, and begins on the night of December 23, starting at 2 in the morning, when the bells of the Church of Santa María la Mayor ring, offering a time for reflection. and the silence. When this happens, those present in the main square of this beautiful walled town taste sweet wine, brandy or mantecados. This night, which has been celebrated since ancient times, can be a perfect plan to start the holidays with joy, Ledesma tourist office :

The town of Briones, in La Rioja has until January 6, free of charge, you can see the exhibition of a beautiful Bethlehem in the parish church; the work has even more value because it has been created by its own neighbors. With attention you will be able to see on a small scale the most symbolic buildings of Briones. In the so-called “Briones curve” you can see a spectacular meander of the Ebro river and many other beautiful winter landscapes. There are more reasons to visit it: the town offers a great gastronomy based on pintxos, vineyards and a historic center full of stately palaces, among many other charms.The town of Briones on festivities :

The medieval town of Alquézar, in the province of Huesca, is a dream destination to spend the Christmas holidays, whatever the plan you are looking for. For those who are looking for more active tourism, they can do the route of the Alquézar catwalks, a circular route, adapted for all types of hikers, which will reveal beautiful winter landscapes full of colors, nature, catwalks, steps and spaces of water. Alquézar tourism :

There you go folks, a wonderful period of the year indeed. We love it in joy and pain but wonderful anyway. Again, the above are some of the remarkable ones over the years, there are many others nice ones indeed. These have nice memories behind them of great family times. Hope you enjoy them and the season to be merrier as I. Again, Feliz Navidad y mejores deseos para todos!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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