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March 20, 2023

The Real Café Bernabeu of Madrid !!!

Ok so you come to Madrid to see its wonderful monuments/museums etc , Do yourselves a favor and stop by the Santiago Bernabeu stadium and indulge for a lunch or dinner at the Real Café Bernabeu, the temple. Of course, this is a must for me when in town and many memorable moments with the family and invited friends over the years , Hope you enjoy the post on the Real Café Bernabeu as I


Well if you have been following my blog, you know I am a lifelong Madridista fan of the Real Madrid CF, the greatest of all time!!!! and of course have written several posts on it in my blog. The Real Café Bernabeu restaurant is located on the premises of the Santiago Bernabeu stadium itself and has 1,200 square meters of living space with stunning views from inside to the stadium!


Many times here without reservation on my fast City track even with my sons, No problems just show my id card and quickly move in upstairs, my boys were impressed but that is the Real Madrid, more than a club, a family, We were up in prime view of the stadium !

The Real Café Bernabeu sits overlooking the most famous football/soccer fields on earth, this trendy cocktail bar will appeal to those who live and breathe football or those who simply enjoy mixing with the beautiful people. Views of the stadium are exceptional, although it closes two hours before a game and doesn’t open until an hour after. The entrance is on gate no 30 on Avenida Concha Espina, Bear in mind huge construction is going on and the cafe is temporaly closed.



The restaurant, surrounded by an immense glass and tapas bar, where you can enjoy a lighter meal. In a unique space for all kinds of events because it has several rooms and stunning views of the field/pitch. In it you will find a bar area, located on the ground floor , with capacity to accommodate 150 people. In it you can have a drink or a soda while listening to good music and enjoy a modern and exclusive atmosphere. And on the first floor (2nd fl US), it has an impressive glass of 80 meters that allows you to see the stands and the field/pitch, where diners can enjoy this privileged view, while having a cocktail, a snack or enjoying a delicious meal. The Real Café Bernabeu offers a carefully renovated traditional cuisine accompanied by an extensive wine list.   In summer the terrace opens from 10h and is one of the best options for a drink in Madrid. There is a valet service.

madrid Real Cafe Bernabeu street entr apr17

The official Real Café Bernabeu :

The official Real Madrid on the Real Café Bernabeu :

The official Madrid tourist office on the Real Cafe Bernabeu :

There you go folks, a dandy memorable ultimate fun within the Santiago Bernabeu stadium of my Real Madrid CF , The Real Café Bernabeu is a must for all fans and those looking into history of the best footaball/Soccer club of all time, Again, hope you enjoy the post as I,

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

March 20, 2023

The Real Madrid CF, simply the best !!!

This is something would like to write more, but for some reason  let it lagged behind.   My passion for football/soccer/calcio  is huge.  I am the one who yelled screamed and sing/dance even in bars when the games of my beloved team is on. Therefore, on a nostalgic day in my Morbihan Breton, let me tell you more about one of my passions. I have written before several blog posts on the sport and my team, and competitions, so this time will be short and to the point. I have included some older pictures not yet on my blog.  This is more like there is never enough; hope you enjoy the post on the Real Madrid CF as I.


Of course, this is a club known for its football/soccer (sp. futbol) and basketball/(sp. baloncesto) but it also has several lower level farm teams such as the Cadete B, also, the Juvenil A . The Real Madrid C . The Alevin A ,the Benjamin B , and the Alevin B, the Cadete A , the Benjamín A. The Juvenil B  and the Infantiles A , and B. The team just below the main team is call Real Madrid Castilla . All these teams are collectively known as the Fàbrica or factory teams. And there is nego to start next year a Real Madrid C team, There is a Real Madrid women’s team in first division or La Liga F ,who are already in their 3rd season in 2nd place.


This year 2023 the Real Madrid CF is the only Spanish club in the Champions and already in quarter finals next opponent Chelsea of England 12 (home) and 18 (away) April, We are also, so far, in 2nd place in the Liga in Spain with our next game Sunday March 19 in Barcelona who are currently in first place this year. We won FIFA Best Club of the 20C and the IFHHS European Best club of the 20C as well !!!  And we are en route to name again the Greatest Club of the 21C having won more league and champions title than any.

Madrid 1 Bernabeu 24jan10 vs Malaga

Madrid 2 bernabeu 24jan10 vs Malaga

I have written plenty on the history and awards but just for a reminder to some these are the major ones. 14 Champions 1955-56  1956-57  1957-58  1958-59  1959-60  1965-66  1997-981999-00  2001-02  2013-14  2015-16  2016-17  2017-18  2021-22.

8 World cups of clubs 1960  1998  2002  2014  2016  2017  2018  2022. And 5 Supercups of Europe  2002  2014 2016  2017  2022.

And 35 Spanish league titles 1931-32  1932-33  1953-54  1954-55  1956-57  1957-58  1960-61  1961-62  1962-63  1963-64  1964-65  1966-67  1967-68  1968-69 1971-72  1974-75  1975-76  1977-78  1978-79  1979-80  1985-86 1986-87  1987-88  1988-89  1989-90  1994-95  1996-97  2000-01 2002-03  2006-07  2007-08  2011-12  2016-17  2019-20  2021-22.

if you want to be part of the family, and the best, then become a Madridista fan:

if you want to shop online ,and I know they deliver to many countries check Boutique

For on site stores there is of course, the stadium store on Avenida Concha Espina or the one we like as well on Calle Carmen 3 near Sol in city center, metro Sol.


The official Real Madrid CF

The official Madrid tourist office on the Santiago Bernabeu stadium:

There you go folks, a dandy memorable ultimate fun within the Santiago Bernabeu stadium of my Real Madrid CF , A visit or tour to the stadium will make your life better for sure, and if into football/soccer  is a must for all fans and those looking into history of the best footaball/Soccer club of all time, Again, hope you enjoy the post as I,

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

December 7, 2022

Christmas in Spain !!!

This is the season to be merrier we are told. I am hanging in there with the best face forward. Remembering all those family gathering all over the Americas and Europe over the years; some still with us and some dearly missed. I could not be away from telling you about my Christmas or Navidad in my dear Spain. Let me tell you some of my best Christmas experiences in Spain. Hope you enjoy it as I. And Feliz Navidad y mejores deseos para todos!!!

The time has come to talk about the best destinations to travel at Christmas in my dear Spain, OF course, these are just my favorites, there are many more nice ones, a taste for everyone.

I could not and will not leave out my dear Madrid, when Christmas is the best time, something we can agree is that Madrid and the month of December have a special connection that makes it one of the best destinations to visit Spain during Christmas. The chestnuts in Callao, a walk along the fully illuminated Gran Vía, the Christmas carousels in different parts of the city, the ice rinks of Plaza de España or Plaza de Colón, the route of the best nativity scenes through the center of the city, the Enlightened Nature of the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid, the Plaza Mayor market and the traditional churros of San Ginés (Pasadizo de San Ginés, 5) or the -almost recent arrivals churros of Manosanta (calle de Hermosilla, 97 ).Sublime !!! It’s official, the lighting will begin on Thursday, November 24 at 19h (7 pm), coinciding with the Black Friday weekend, which marks the start of the Christmas campaign from a commercial point of view. 21 districts will be kit entirely in ‘LED’ type high energy efficiency, that will promote commerce, hotels, restaurants and tourism in the city. In total, more than 230 locations will be illuminated, distributing 6,700 chains throughout the capital, 115 cherry trees and 13 large luminous fir trees, among which the giant natural fir tree in Plaza de España will stand out. The traditional figurative nativity scenes will also be maintained, the large ball located at the confluence of Calle Alcalá with Gran Vía or the large luminous menina, elements to which something new will be added. In addition to repeating the installation of the fir tree in Plaza de España, this will also be the place chosen for turning on the Christmas lights of the city on November 24 at 19h (7 p.m.), Among the new locations, several areas of the Retiro district. Such is the case of Calle Narváez , Avenida Menéndez Pelayo , Puerta de Alcalá and Plaza de la Lealtad. Meanwhile, in Centro, the Apolo fountain in the Paseo del Prado ; and the streets of Barquillo, Belén, Refueros, Santa Teresa and Campamor , among others, will also open their lights. And finally, a giant Nativity scene in front of the Torre de Madrid tower, in the corner with Calle Princesa. The Madrid tourist office on Christmas :

Torrejón de Ardoz in the Comunidad de Madrid is one of the destinations where Christmas rises to its highest expression. This town offers us the largest Christmas theme park in Spain. Spectacular illumination, a large Nativity Scene in the City Museum, the Guachis, which are children’s characters to maintain the Illusion of children, the largest Christmas walk in Spain, a Christmas village and the spectacular Magic Door are the cards of presentation that make Torrejón de Ardoz a true Christmas must-see. The City of Torrejon de Ardoz and Christmas :

In Sepúlveda, province of Segovia a beautiful town characterized by having a great Christmas tradition. This town full of history, which already existed before Roman times, offers Christmas among hillsides, Romanesque buildings and hanging houses. In addition, in its Church of Bartolomé every year a large Bethlehem is set up with a lot of tradition that attracts all kinds of visitors, Newspaper Segovia al dia on Christmas :

Every year there are wonderful Christmas markets, so we couldn’t miss the one in Covarrubias,province of Burgos, the town for Christmas lovers. A very peculiar market is held there, organized by the association of artists and artisans of Covarrubias “Cáscara de Nuez”, which mixes the family tradition of the old workshops with the new bets of young artisans. Everything you will find is handmade. The town of Covarrubias on festivities :

Christmas in the town of Ledesma, province of Salamanca is synonymous with the Fiesta de las Calendas. This festivity announces the arrival of Christmas, and begins on the night of December 23, starting at 2 in the morning, when the bells of the Church of Santa María la Mayor ring, offering a time for reflection. and the silence. When this happens, those present in the main square of this beautiful walled town taste sweet wine, brandy or mantecados. This night, which has been celebrated since ancient times, can be a perfect plan to start the holidays with joy, Ledesma tourist office :

The town of Briones, in La Rioja has until January 6, free of charge, you can see the exhibition of a beautiful Bethlehem in the parish church; the work has even more value because it has been created by its own neighbors. With attention you will be able to see on a small scale the most symbolic buildings of Briones. In the so-called “Briones curve” you can see a spectacular meander of the Ebro river and many other beautiful winter landscapes. There are more reasons to visit it: the town offers a great gastronomy based on pintxos, vineyards and a historic center full of stately palaces, among many other charms.The town of Briones on festivities :

The medieval town of Alquézar, in the province of Huesca, is a dream destination to spend the Christmas holidays, whatever the plan you are looking for. For those who are looking for more active tourism, they can do the route of the Alquézar catwalks, a circular route, adapted for all types of hikers, which will reveal beautiful winter landscapes full of colors, nature, catwalks, steps and spaces of water. Alquézar tourism :

There you go folks, a wonderful period of the year indeed. We love it in joy and pain but wonderful anyway. Again, the above are some of the remarkable ones over the years, there are many others nice ones indeed. These have nice memories behind them of great family times. Hope you enjoy them and the season to be merrier as I. Again, Feliz Navidad y mejores deseos para todos!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

November 27, 2022

Some news from Spain, CXXXVII

This is yours truly with another episode of some news from Spain !!! thanks to you all. There is lots of things going on in my beloved Spain, and Fall is on the half way point ! I am eagerly looking forward to be back to Spain too!! Let me tell you the latest tidbits of news chosen by yours truly, By the way CXXXVII is old Roman for 137, Enjoy it as Spain is everything under the Sun!

Orfeo’: the dazzling adaptation of Monteverdi’s opera shocks the Teatro Real, see it to believe it. webpage:

Visits to the Valle de los Caidos or Valley of the Fallen plummeted 60% after Franco’s exhumation, popular interest in what was renamed Valle de Cuelgamuros had been trading downward for some time. In 2018 and 2019, in the midst of the socialist government’s campaign to exhume the dictator, the figures shot up to unprecedented levels. In the two years, the barrier of 300,000 visitors per year was exceeded, a figure well above the average, the day Franco left the basilica, on October 22, 2019, more than 80 journalists were accredited. the projection is that visitors to the Cuelgamuros Valley will once again fall below 200,000. I guess Franco was it there ! Despite everything, it remains in third place among the most popular monuments in Spain managed by Heritage Foundation, behind the Royal Palace and the Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial. Webpage:

Metro of Madrid and Real Madrid will transform the Santiago Bernabéu station in 2023. The subway line 10 station, which will be more modern and accessible, will be themed and its new image will be related to the Madrid club and the history of the stadium. architectural finishes and infrastructures and the space will be equipped with technology, with new entrance turnstiles and state-of-the-art transport ticket vending machines. The works are also included in the 2021/28 Accessibility and Inclusion Plan and will allow the installation of new lifts and complementary measures to facilitate transport for all travelers. In total, 4 escalators and 12 elevators. The corridors will be removed and replaced by a large hall, in the style of other more modern Metro stations. Thus, an access with four stairs will be created that will lead from the north zone, which is the part facing the stadium, to this area. From this point you can go down eight escalators to the intermediate level walkway. And from another six to the station platforms, which will have greater capacity. The current access on the sidewalk of the pairs in front of the Santiago Bernabéu will disappear, since the future access will be even closer to the coliseum. This will be built with a temple. Real Madrid webpage:

Spain has 7,661 kms of coastline distributed between the coast of the Peninsula and the archipelagos of the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, as well as the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla. Surely, your first thought was to assume that it is the popular Kilometer 0 of Madrid, one of the most photographed and popular points for tourists. However, although many think that it is the center of the capital, the truth is that this point measures the distances of the six national highways. And it is not even the geographical center of the peninsula since it has been located about 10 km to the south, on Cerro de los Ángeles, in the municipality of Getafe. We will tell you that the inhabitants who have to travel the most kilometers to reach the sea are those of a small municipality in the province of Toledo, whose name is Nombela. The closest beach to this town is Malvarrosa, in the city of Valencia, and it is 441 kms away, that is, about 4 and a half hours away with a toll. In the case of making the journey without paying, this would last up to 5 hours. and it is located at the confluence of the provinces of Toledo, Madrid and Ávila, the three provinces whose capitals are the furthest from the sea in the entire national territory. Its origin dates back to the beginning of the 12C although it did not obtain the title of town until the second half of the 17C. Among its historical complex, it has several monuments of interest such as the Hermitage of Santo Cristo de la Nava or the Parish Church of the Assumption of Our Lady. Town of Nombela webpage:

During the plenary meeting held yesterday, the Museo Reina Sofía Foundation approved the acquisition of 74 works by 25 artists and groups, which will become part of the Museo Reina Sofía Collection and are valued at more than two million and half a euro This year, Susana and Ricardo Steinbruch donated a work by Mira Schendel; Marga Sánchez has donated a seminal video by Bruce Nauman, while Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza has done the same with works by Naufus Ramírez Figueroa, Andreas Siekman, Wael Shawky and Teresa Solar; Silvia Gold and Hugo Sigman, with a collography by Belkis Ayón, and José Antonio Llorente with a work by Mercedes Azpilicueta For his part, Victor Levy has donated a painting by Jordan Kerwick; Gabriel Calparsoro, a performance by Jorge Luis Marrero; Julia Borja and Mario Cader-Frech, in unison, a portfolio of aquatints also by Naufus Martínez Figueroa; Juan Carlos Verme, a work by Amelia Toledo, while Diana López de Sifontes and Herman Sifontes have contributed 2 photographs and 3 photobooks by Fina Gómez. In turn, the Museo Reina Sofía Foundation (USA) received a donation of 7 works by Öyvind Fahlström. Donations from other individuals not members of the Foundation have also been accepted, such as a set of 5 drawings by Julie Mehretu and several works by Brazilian artists such as Lucas Arruda, Sonia Gomes, Antonio Obá or Rosana Paulino. Likewise, works donated by their own authors have been received, such as the artists Olga Dueñas, Cybèle Varela or the photographer Pedro Valtierra. For her part, the artist Eva Lootz has offered works as a donation and/or as a testamentary bequest. Three works by Mary Help of Christians have been approved for acquisition, two works by Rubem Valentim and Heitor dos Prazeres; 3 pieces from the same series by Guilherme Almeida, a set of 5 2019 flags of the Escola de Samba Estaçao Primeira de Mangueira, a woodcut by Mestre Noza, Inocêncio da Costa Nick, as well as a photobook and a set of photographs by Pedro de Moraes and Walter Firmo. To all this we must add 13 illustrations and 2 figurines by Manuela Ballester, a set of materials from the stridentista movement (publications, posters, magazines, proofs) by Ramón Alva de la Canal and other artists; two pieces from the late 50s by Max Aub and 4 arpilleras by various anonymous Chilean artists and the Vicaría de la Solidaridad Workshop. Eleven unique and vintage photographs by Leo Matiz, a film by Alejandra Riera and an acrylic by Sheroanawe Hakihiiwe have also been approved. Museum webpage:

The Galeria Canalejas , where luxury, glamor and the best cuisine come together. It is the new golden mile of the city. Located a few meters from Puerta del Sol, delimited by Plaza de Canalejas, Carrera de San Jerónimo and the Madrid streets of Alcalá and Sevilla. inside it houses an exclusive selection of fashion boutiques, perfumery, luxury accessories and high jewelry from the most prestigious brands in the world, such as the emblematic Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Aquazzura, Cartier, Saint Laurent, Valentino, Rolex, Omega, Zegna or Jimmy Choo, among others. In addition, it has the Beauty Gallery by Isolée space, designed for those who want to be up-to-date with the latest beauty trends. In its 4,000-square-meter Food hall, 13 Centro Canalejas Madrid restaurants meet, with which the heritage of the seven buildings on which it stands and which have witnessed the financial life of our country have been restored and recovered. The Banco Hispanoamericano (1902), Banco Español de Crédito (1920) and Banco Zaragozano (1940) were headquartered there.Webpage:

The city of San Sebastián would not be the same without him. The emblematic María Cristina hotel turns 110 in a great moment. The Film Festival has turned it into the ‘home’ of the great actors, it offers an unbeatable breakfast and its Dry Bar is a must. Stately, elegant and an icon of San Sebastián, it was the undisputed protagonist of the belle époque since it opened its doors in 1912. One hundred and ten years later it continues to be a benchmark for luxury, home to the actors who parade for each edition of the Film Festival that is held in September in the city and an open history book that begins with the Queen Regent María Cristina, the first person to set foot in the hotel and for whom it bears her name. Located at the mouth of the Urumea River, between the beaches of La Concha and Zurriola, little by little it conquered the aristocracy of those years, who made the destination fashionable. Webpage:

New winds blow between the gorges of the Júcar and Huécar rivers. Cuenca has been elected Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2023. Between heaven and earth, between the avant-garde and the Middle Ages. Cuenca, which has always given travelers more than they receive, has been chosen this week as the next Gastronomic Capital of Spain. The La Tirolina Las Hoces is the dream come true of Cristian Fernández, who has been pursuing this project for four years with the desire for a record: the cable promises to be, in addition to the longest double urban zip line in Europe, a spectacular way to briefly contemplate Cuenca in full view as a bird. Cristian has done his numbers well: They are 445 meters long, 120 meters high, and 90 kilometers per hour, just below the height of the Heart of Jesus, at the top top of Cerro del Socorro… We are talking about gastronomic dinners in places like the Puente San Pablo bridge, outdoor meals between the gorges or at the top of the MUPA, the Paleontological Museum, with fantastic views of the city. Tastings have even been organized in the Cathedral, and all mixed with music and art festivals in the streets that anticipate what will happen in the city during 2023. Another novelty is the recovery of an icon such as the Casas Colgadas or Hanging Houses, which had been closed for nine years. It has become the new adventure of chef Jesús Segura, winner of a Michelin star in his last Trivio restaurant. The new neighbor of the Museo de Arte Abstracto Español (they are wall to wall) has created two restaurants in one. In Cuenca it is impossible not to be inspired by the Museo de Arte Abstracto Español, created by Fernando Zóbel in the 1960s. These days it is semi-closed for some works that will last until the beginning of next year. Even more reason to visit the equally essential Espacio Torner and explore Cuenca’s renowned contemporary streak. This is the case of the old Gothic temple of the convent of San Pablo that houses the work of the artist Gustavo Torner from Cuenca. Not a museum to use but a space for reflection, where painting, sculpture and architecture dialogue and unite with each other. Where container and contents have the same importance. Art lovers will continue up to the Antonio Pérez Foundation in the former convent of the Discalced Carmelites, from the 17C. And those of the books, the other way around, will head towards the beautiful Plaza de la Merced. There stands the Science Museum, but also the Seminary Hostel, with modern rooms and jewels such as the chapel and a highly valuable library of 100,000 volumes. They are discovered on a walk through the Plaza Mayor where the Cathedral stands, which by the way, offers nocturnal visits to its most emblematic spaces. A few meters away, the Posada de San José, former palace of the family of Juan Bautista Martínez del Mazo, the disciple and son-in-law of Velázquez, offers accommodation and all the typical flavors (and with great views). Cuenca tourism webpage:

There you go folks, another dandy tour of my beloved Spain ! We have reach the mid point of Fall season and the leaves change , the clouds darkern and the weather cooler, and will be colder early December ; just enough to be cozy and homey again.Time to enjoy my dear Spain once again, and we are gear up for it! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember ,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

August 19, 2022

The Palacio de Congresos de Madrid !

One of my icons of my dear Madrid and found me a picture ! Enough reason to have a post in my blog, This is part of my youth in the city and brings back many memories, read on, Ahh this is the Palacio de Congresos de Madrid ! Happy to have it in my blog, another spot in my life’s history and Madrid is big on that !

The Palace of Congresses is at Paseo de la Castellana 99 in the block formed by Avenida General Perón , Calle del Poeta Joan Maragall and Plaza Manolete.  It has a total area of ​​almost 40,000 m² and is intended for holding a wide variety of events. It was inaugurated on June 1, 1970 by the Prince of Spain, Juan Carlos de Borbón y Borbón (later king Juan Carlos I). The façade on Avenida General Perón has a large tile mural, the work of ceramist Llorens Artigas, according to an original design by Joan Miró, which was placed in 1980.

It has an Auditorium with stalls for up to 995 seats, and an amphitheater for 914. It also has several rooms: Sala Unesco Salas Goya, Salas Europa, Sala 9 and Sala 9 bis Six offices with 11 rooms, On November 25, 1972 it hosted the first OTI Festival. (where I sneak in to see it lol !!), OTI = The OTI Song Festival created by the Ibero-American Television Organization. During the 1982 World Cup in Spain, it was a press center. For this purpose, a walkway was built that connected the Palace over the Paseo de la Castellana to connect it with the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. This walkway was dismantled after the World Cup and a part was installed as a pedestrian bridge on the A-3 in Madrid linking Moratalaz with Villa de Vallecas and another part on the road to Colmenar Viejo (M-607) between the Ramón y Cajal Hospital. and the neighborhood of La Paz.

Madrid palacio de congresos aug05

The Real Madrid, together with IFEMA,(org of fairs and events) is interested in incorporating the Palacio de Congresos, which has been closed to the public since 2012, into the new Bernabéu. To the Santiago Bernabéu, with its new works, commerce, leisure and even the organization of events or congresses will be added, in which this building would play a very important role. The collaboration between Real Madrid and IFEMA would guarantee the organization of events in said building. Also, Real Madrid is interested in the palace car park, which would be added to the club’s two car parks near the stadium.In another extra news , almost at the time that the workers will consider the work of the new football stadium finished, it will be when the works of the Palacio de Congresos will start, which will house the new headquarters of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to be finish by from 2024, To be continue….

The Madrid tourist office on the Palacio de Congresos

There you go folks, to me it will remain an icon building of my Madrid, the one of my wonderful youthful times in the city and great anecdote of my famous family story sneaking into it to see the OTI event ! This is part of what Madrid is for me, Looking forward to its new configuration as above and a visit on my next time in the city, eventually, Hope you enjoy the trivia and do walk by it at least ,it is in a prime location.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

May 28, 2022

Some news from Spain CXXIIII

And back at you with my series of some news from Spain !!! thanks to you all. There is lots of things going on in my beloved Spain, and it seems we will have a wonderful summer season. I am eagerly looking forward to that!! Let me tell you the latest tidbits of news chosen by yours truly, Enjoy it as Spain is everything under the Sun!

And tonight is the Champions league final , in Stade de France, near Paris, My Real Madrid vs Liverpool, two great teams and a grand finale. If in Madrid, where to see it ,these new finds will do, Of course, you have to be a Real Madrid fan ! Real Madrid fans know this well, a team that Saturday May 28th will play its 17th Champions League final, Of them, it has lost three and won 13 ! See it at Bareto with its opening at the end of 2021, it was possible to recover the mythical Cervecería Correos (where the Generation of 27 was conceived) with a proposal of cañi tavern, bar, cold beer and tapas very Madrid. My memorable Calle de Alcalà, 55.webpage :

And why not with entertainment at ZIELOU Madrid, A cooking concept that adds spicy touches and mixes from around the world accompanied by live music and cocktails wrapped in red Nike Air. The party can also continue in the LAB room, also in the Chamartín penthouse facilities. Chamartín Station, s/n, Attic Floor. Webpage :

The La Feria del Libro de Madrid ,81st edition, kicks off with the hope of sustaining the growth in sales of the Retiro Park booths, which will remain open until June 12, 2022. The 378 book sales booths will be acting up as usual, In addition to the stalls at the Cervantes y Compañía, Remo, Desnivel and Polifemo bookstores, one has been added at Graduados, a Parla book store that makes its debut at this edition of the fair. The tour around should include the different pavilions, the Portugal booth, which celebrates the centenary of José Saramago, and the meeting with the Greek writer Theodor Kallifatides, who dedicated his novel Timandra to him at the publishing house and bookstore Desnivel, which maintains the oldest book store in Madrid in Plaza de Matute, they had prepared Cuerdas rebels, a volume on women climbers, by Arantza López Marugán, and she also picked up Yoga and Climbing, by Elieen Jubes, The figures of the book sector in Spain they continue to rise in this 2022. According to data from the GFK consultancy, sales have risen 5.7% so far this year compared to the same period in 2021, with especially marked increases in comics, graphic novels and manga (22%) and children and youth (9%). While in the book fair to protect yourselves from the sun and take your time, and highlights the activities that, beyond the 3,223 signatures of authors scheduled will dot the calendar with tributes, talks and debates. Without a public address system or printed maps, a mobile application and orange-clad fair staff will offer information, but perhaps this is a good opportunity to get lost among the books and booths. Indeed, a wonderful event in my Retiro Park, webpage :

At 270 years old, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando is committed to the renovation of its spaces and a new museography of its impressive collections of more than 1,400 paintings, 1,300 sculptures, 22,000 architectural drawings and plans, 40,000 prints and around 9,000 engraving plates, which will be carried out progressively,and has allowed it to double the exhibition space dedicated to Goya, which now occupies the two main rooms on the first floor of the Academy museum. The first is articulated around the commissions received by Goya with official portraits such as those of Godoy, ‘Fernando VII on horseback’ and ‘La Tirana’. In addition, they hang his ‘Self-portrait at the easel’, which has a new frame; the ‘View of Calle de Alcalá’, by Antonio Joli, and a gallery of sculptural busts of characters portrayed by the artist. The second room brings together five splendid small-format panels, considered cabinet paintings (‘House of Fools’, ‘Bullfight’, ‘Inquisition Scene’, ‘Procession of Disciplinants’ and ‘The Burial of the Sardine’), portraits of his friends (Moratín, Juan de Villanueva and José Luis Munárriz), a bust self-portrait, as well as a copy of the portrait made by Vicente López, signed by Rosario Weiss. The room is completed with his mausoleum in Bordeaux, painted by Antonio de Brugada, and what, according to Federico de Madrazo, was the last palette of the painter from Fuendetodos. The world of Goya, in the house of Goya. This museographic renovation is included in the first phase of an ambitious restoration and conservation plan for the Academy’s collections, Webpage :

The Hotel Wellington ,the emblematic five-star Madrid hotel has 70 years of bullfighting vocation. Nobody knows better the liturgies, superstitions and moments of waiting for the matador before heading towards the square. 90% of the great figures of Las Ventas dress here !. In times of pandemic, some things have changed at No 8 Calle Velázquez. The former Gabana nightclub has been converted into a glamorous spa. The reception has been completely remodeled, the Bar Inglés or English bar is the only space that continues exactly as it was conceived in 1952. Some of the great names of bullfighters such as Curro Romero, who lived in the hotel in the 1950s as a promising novillero, is a good example. Along with him, bullfighting icons from before and now such as Paco Camino, Jaime Ostos, Rafael de Paula, El Niño de la Capea, Ortega Cano, El Cordobés, Manuel Caballero, Finito de Córdoba, Fran Rivera, Diego Urdiales, Sebastián Castella, and Alexander Talavant have stayed here. The renovations covers the Hall good for a ‘Photo call’ for tourists, liturgy for bullfighters, Bar Inglés, Wood, dark leather… the mythical bar has remained the same as when this hotel was opened, by the way, with the quality seal of Preferred Hotels & Resorts. The roofstop top floor hides the only urban vineyard in Madrid. The Spa Suites attached rooms feature a private terrace and pool access. The Art , well see ,Verónica the cow, bullfighting queen of Calle Velázquez, designed by Pilar Oñate, the XXL-sized sculpture at the hotel door attracts all eyes, Webpage :

Campo de Criptana , is the destination of the Tren de los Molinos, which connects Madrid with the town of La Mancha, in the middle of the land of the wine mills, The proposed new tourist train will ride the next few days June 11 and 18, September 10 and 24 and 8 and October 22, 2022. An hour and a half journey enlivened by a group of actors who will give life, among others, to Miguel de Cervantes himself, who will explain to travelers the magic of the destination that inspired him to write chapter VIII of his universal novel. Castilla-La Mancha is home to the largest area of ​​vineyards in the world. For this reason, at mid-morning, a stop is made at the Castiblanque winery for a wine tasting accompanied by bites of traditional La Mancha cuisine. From there it is possible to see the Pozo de Nieve, an example of popular architecture from the 18C that was used to store and preserve ice for distribution and sale. Up to 190 tons of ice and frost, obtained from the snow that fell on this plateau, were housed in this construction in order to better preserve food. The Sanctuary of the Christ of Villajos, patron saint of Campo de Criptana, La Sierra de los Molinos is the third stage of the trip plan. It is the image that puts this La Mancha town on the world map, because this is where the ingenious hidalgo fought against the giants. The Interpretation Center of the Manchego Mill, where the traveler can learn about its history, the different types that exist, the machinery used to grind the grain, its elements, the importance they had for the economy of La Mancha and its link with Don Quixote, The town of Campo de Criptana on the train :

Spain leads the world ranking in number of sandbanks with the blue flag in the world with 621, six more than last year and 18 that premiere the seal. We must add the 103 marinas in which the Blue Flag will also wave this summer (seven more than 2021) and five in the case of tourist boats (three more than last year). The Valencian Community is the region that has the most blue flags: 139, two more than last year , follow by Andalucia reaching 122, seven more than in 2021 ,Blue flags in Spain webpage :

In Spain there are nearly 10 million people who have a dog in the family and more than a thousand hotels that allow pets. The three Basque capitals ,Bilbao, San Sebastián and Vitoria-Gazteiz are among the most dog-friendly Spanish cities. In San Sebastián, for example, there are up to three urban beaches (La Concha, Ondarreta and Zurriola) open to canine pets from October 1 to May 31. Stately manor houses, leafy gardens with camellias, beaches like those of O Grove (Pontevedra), charming stone towns and cities, small villages full of charm… the Rías Baixas are another destination where you can enjoy a lot. Walking through its towns and natural landscapes with the dog is free, but there are places like the Cíes Islands where it is not allowed to go with pets. On the other hand, you can navigate the estuary and enjoy the landscape on the boats between Vigo and Moaña, as long as the animals are tied up and calm. Malaga is one of the best destinations in Andalucia to travel with dogs: there are cafes, restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions that accept pets. At Gijón (Asturias) was one of the first Spanish cities to welcome tourists with dogs with open arms . Many bars, cider houses, cafes and shops allow well-behaved pets to enter. In Oviedo, on the other hand, the possibilities are more limited, both on beaches and in establishments. Barcelona is one of the Spanish cities that has many of its parks , do not allow access (or tethering) to animals, and others prohibit them from running loose. In compensation, there are tourist places that do allow them, such as Poble Espanyol, Casa Batlló or the Fran Daurel Foundation. Dogs can travel on the metro or tram with a short leash and muzzle, and even in Rodalies (Cercanías de Catalunya) but respecting certain rules. In Spain there are 110 dog beaches, a fairly small percentage ! Of the 16 Spanish national parks, only nine can be visited with dogs (on a leash) such as Picos de Europa (in Asturias, León and Cantabria), Teide (Tenerife), Garajonay (La Gomera), Sierra Nevada (Granada and Almería) , Cabañeros (Ciudad Real and Toledo), Monfragüe (Cáceres), Sierra de Guadarrama (Segovia and Community of Madrid), and Ordesa and Monte Perdido (Huesca). I will just have the Madrid tourist office on dog friendly places :

Some beautiful gardens near the sea, some I like are : The Ciudad de Flores or city of flowers Jardines de la Marquesa and municipal park, Arucas (Gran Canaria), Here you have 8 hectares owned by the descendants of the Marquisate of Arucas. Anyone who walks at the foot of the mountain of the same name will have the retina crowded with 500 species of palm trees; botany from Southeast Asia, with the extremely rare breadfruit tree; black bamboos; Araucarias that double the height of the 1880 mansion, erected in the characteristic blue stone from Araucanía. The meandering impression, with a romantic flavor, comes off passing through the bougainvillea tunnel and photographing peacocks. Webpage :

Jardín Botánico-Histórico de La Concepción or Botanical-Historical Garden of La Concepción, Málaga (Andalusia), Tropicalist and luxuriant, with plant tradition and historical experience. This is how this forest from 170 years ago manifests itself, the fruit of the botanical desires of the Marquises of Casa Loring. It is a miracle that this 19C English romantic landscape garden has been preserved intact. And its easy access next to the A-45 highway/motorway is appreciated. From the historic garden, wisterias are preserved, which, not content with upholstering the iron gazebo (from 1860), climb through the trees to reach 25 meters in height. Nearby is the Museo Loringiano, an imposing Doric temple that served as an archaeological museum for its owners and that today houses copies of the Lex Flavia Malacitana and the mosaic of Hercules. The historic garden is embraced by the botanist, in which hyperbole prevails ; the tunnel of giant bamboos, corpulent palm trees, the largest aquatic plant in the world ,the Victoria cruziana amazónica, when not the tallest tree in the province from Malaga, a 48 meter high monkey puzzle tree. Webpage :

My beautiful natural Spain and nice seen in Cantabria, The most beautiful view that can be obtained from the promenade of Santander, the Pier, on the horizon you can clearly see the snow-capped Picos de Europa, even as far as the western massifs of Asturias, and, in the opposite direction, the seven km of beach that range from El Puntal to Somo and Loredo. from the peninsula of La Magdalena, or circumnavigate it in a boat, to find the impressive succession of beaches of El Camello, the great sandbank formed by the three beaches of Sardinero or the hidden one of Mataleñas, under a cliff, On the coastline of the Jardines de Pereda to enjoy the beautiful views of El Puntal, the Bay of Santander and the foothills of the Cantabrian Mountains. At the Los Reginas pier, you can choose from a good number of short excursions to different points in the bay, sailing between 20 minutes and two hours. the excursion that borders the Magdalena and reaches Mataleñas, beyond the Sardinero. Other options available all year round lead to El Puntal, the town of Somo or Pedreña. Santander, in the heart of the city, is home to one of the best collections of Upper Palaeolithic remains in the world at the Museum of Prehistory and Archeology of Cantabria ,Calle Hernán Cortés, 4, next to the Mercado del Este, The Santander tourist office :

The mythical soul of the Camino of Santiago de Compostela. The marking history is recent, since it was devised in 1984 by a priest from O Cebreiro, Elías Valiña, who marked the entire Camino Francés or French Way with it from Roncesvalles to Santiago. And its popularity is maximum: the yellow arrow is today one of the most international symbols of the Camino de Santiago. We cannot forget that welcoming pilgrims is one of the founding characteristics of the Camino de Santiago and also a reflection of the spirit of solidarity that has traditionally prevailed in Galicia. Such great hospitality takes shape, today, in 70 centers and more than 3,000 public places that make up the 22h Public Hostel Network. And you must leave them before 8h the next day and leave the space clean and tidy. Of course, to access the hostels you will need your pilgrim credential. You must not forget your pilgrim credential, which has its origin in the document that, during the Middle Ages, was given to pilgrims as a safe-conduct. You can get it at the International Pilgrim Reception Center, the headquarters of pilgrims’ brotherhoods, shelters and parishes. It is a kind of passport that must be stamped at each stage of the route, at least twice a day in the last 100 km (for pilgrims on foot or on horseback), in the last 200 km (for cycling pilgrims) or for 100 nautical miles sailed, completing the last kilometers of the Way on foot from O Monte do Gozo. Only then can you request, at the end of your pilgrimage, the Compostela. Where? At the Pilgrim’s Office, located in the International Pilgrim Reception Center, at no 33 Calle Carretas , a few meters from Praza do Obradoiro. To get it, you do not need to have walked the Camino continuously over time, but you do need to have done it geographically. In other words, you can plan your route, for example, on weekends, but you should always return to the place where you left off, since skipping a section of the Camino would invalidate the achievement of the Camino de Santiago certificate , In Galicia. they open at 13h and close at 22h are the Jacobean routes that reach the cathedral of Santiago: coastal or inland, longer or shorter, and with different entrances to Galicia from the Peninsula. The Camino Francés or French Way enters Galicia through the Bierzo region and begins in Ocebreiro, a village of pre-Roman origin that belongs to the City Council of Pedrafita do Cebreiro and to the province of Lugo. The Camino of Fisterra and Muxia ; this Jacobean route has its origin in the city of Santiago and its goal in Cape Fisterra and the Sanctuary of the Virxe da Barca de Muxía. If you comefrom Andalusia and Extremadura, enters Galicia through the Portelas do Padornelo and A Canda ,where it begins, and passes through the northern sector of the Monterrei valley and A Limia until it reaches Ourense. This is the Camino or Via de la Plata. Very little known, this Jacobean route was followed by Icelanders and Scandinavians who made a pilgrimage to Santiago. The Camino Inglés or English Way has two alternatives in Galicia: the itinerary from A Coruña is shorter (73 km) than the one starting from Ferrol (112.5 km), The Camino Primitivo or Primitive Way, links Oviedo with Santiago de Compostela and runs largely along Roman roads. It is 166.9 km through San Xoán de Padrón and 168.1 km through A Proba de Burón ; and is UNESCO, World Heritage Site. The Camino del Norte or the Northern Way , runs along the Asturian coast and, after Castropol , the last town in Asturias ,enters Galicia by crossing the Cantabrian Sea through the beautiful Ribadeo estuary. That is why its starting point in Galician lands is Ribadeo, in the province of Lugo, Also, Unesco, World Heritage Site. The Pilgrims webpage :

There you go folks, another dandy tour of my beloved Spain ! Summer is practically even if officially is June 21st. Time to enjoy sunny Spain once again, and we are gear up for it! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember ,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

May 27, 2022

Basketball and Real Madrid !!

I have to update this older post as the team is again in Europe’s final four, the culmination of a great season that also has them ready for the Liga or league playoffs in Spain. Usually , I write more on the football/soccer team but I and my boys also follow the basketball team. Of course, I introduce them early to the Real Madrid with me a lifelong member of the greatest club in the history of the sport of football and basketball, no one else does it better in Europe. However, what I seems to missed the basketball side of Real Madrid, almost as good as the football/soccer side. Therefore, here is my side of the story on the basketball and Real Madrid !! The update is they reach the final of the Final four and lost to last year’s champion Efes, but nevertheless a wonderful season once again from the best of all time! Efes has 2 we have 10 !!

The team plays in the Liga Endesa as sponsor carries the name or the ACB, that was created in 1983. The team was born in March 22, 1931! I follow the team since the 1970’s at the time of Emiliano Rodriguez, Clifford Luyk, Wayne Brabender, and Juan Antonio Corbalàn! My favorite coaches were Raimundo Saporte,  Pedro Ferrandiz, Lolo Saenz who I kept a personal contact over the years!, and the current one Pablo Laso!

I started watching the games in the early 70’s at the Pabéllon de la Ciudad Deportiva (Sports City) that held games from 1966 to 1986.  Afterward was name the Pabellon Raimundo Soporta. Today there are four buildings towers there name Cuatro Torres business area or CTBA( four towers).For reference these are  the Espace tower at  224 meters; Cristal tower at 249 meters which has a hotel as well, the PwC tower 236 meters ,and the Cepsa tower at 250 meters (highest of Madrid and Spain). This Sportd city is where I started my training with the Real Madrid football/soccer team when lived in Madrid!

Later the team move to Palacio Vista Alegre (that was an old bullfight arena) in 2004-2010 where I came to see them many times with my dear late wife Martine! and the boysAn enthusiastic fan following us all over, And now , the palace is still use for concerts, events etc. Well at least have some older pictures for the memories such as the game derby vs Estudiantes 2009 on pic below.and after crowds before game

Madrid vista alegre Real Madrid 2009

Madrid vista alegre 2009



Finally, the current home is WiZink Center and doing so since 2011! under various names until the current one in 2016. This is at Avenida Felipe II and Plaza Salvador Dali , near metro Goya line 2 and 4 as well as O’Donnell line 6 circular line. Of course, this is a multi use center with many concerts etc but basketball is the official home.See pic in front the Dolmen by Dali !



The basketball section has won many titles over the year been on the same level as the football/soccer team; on the European level these are:

Winner of the European Champion Clubs’ Cup – Euroleague:(10) 1964, 1965, 1967, 1968, 1974, 1978, 1980, 1995, 2015, 2018, 

Winner of ULEB Cup: 2007. 

Winner of the Saporta Cup: 1984, 1989, 1992, 1997. 

Winner of the Korać Cup: 1988.

 Winner of the Intercontinental Cup: 1976, 1977, 1978, 2015. 

Winner of the World Club Championship: 1981

Winner of the Latina Cup: 1952-1953. 

Winner of Torneo Internacional ACB (European Super Clubs): 1984, 1988, 1989.

And on the national level:  Spanish Champion (35): 1957, 1958, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1979, 1980, 1982, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1993, 1994, 2000, 2005, 2007, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019

Winner of the Spanish Cup (28): Under the name Copa del Generalísimo: 1951, 1952, 1954, 1956, 1957, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, Under the name Copa del Rey, King’s Cup: 1977, 1985, 1986, 1989, 1993, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. 2020

Winner of the Spanish Supercup (8): 1985, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2018.2019,2020,2021.

The Euroleague is currently in its Final Four format and we will be playing our arch rivals in Spain that will remain nameless, This would probably be a repeat in the playoffs in the Spanish Endesa league. Well we beat the rivals in another clasico in semi finals but lost the final, overall a great season for us.

The official Real Madrid store other than the stadium our favorite is at Calle del Carmen near Puerta del Sol : webpage :

The official Real Madrid on the basketball section

For my memories and others this is the old Sports City now Four Towers business area from the Madrid tourist office

The former basketball home of the Palacio Vista Alegre , today events center:

The current basketball home of Real Madrid also for many eventsn, Wizink Center:

There you go folks, it’s wonderful to be part of this Real Madrid organisation since early teens years and forever; do come on over and see a game while in Madrid!!! Hala Madrid!!!  See my previous posts on the Real Madrid in my blog, just search! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

August 21, 2021

Some news from Spain CVIIII

And what about this nice some news from Spain posts of mine! Really enjoy them and again thanks for reading it with me since November 2010! We have still the pandemic, it will be long as government still do not tell all and the vaccines are shown quicker than any other cure in history! However, things are beginning to open up if you have the obligatory health pass to go just about everything. Let me tell you more positive news of my beloved Spain!

After 2020 in which the effects of the pandemic caused a historic fall, national trips are essential in the face of the recovery of a key sector for the Spanish economy (it represents 12.4% of the country’s GDP), For this summer , the occupancy in this type of tourism reaches a figure higher than that of the summers prior to the pandemic, five points above the 41% of the summer of 2019, although it does not reach the 55% reached in 2020. The recent data published by Enaire indicate that domestic flights in July reached 91% of those in the same month of 2019. Spain is the third country in the world with the most UNESCO World Heritage designations, including 15 cities and four natural assets.

We review the places highlighted by UNESCO after the proclamation of El Paisaje de la Luz or the Landscape of Light as a World Heritage Site in the Comunidad de Madrid. Such as the Paseo del Prado, El Retiro Park, the Royal Monastery of El Escorial and the Historic Site of Alcalà de Henares with its most illustrious neighbor Don Miguel de Cervantes and its most famous creations Don Quijote de la Mancha and Sancho Panza. And it is that the aroma that the city gives off smells of literature and its Roman past. Its Plaza Cervantes, Calle Mayor, the Colegio Mayor de San Ildefonso, the university, the cathedral and the Archbishop’s Palace ; the Cultural Landscape of Aranjuez, includes practically all the natural elements and historical attributes that make it up: crossed by the riverbeds of the Tagus and Jarama rivers and their groves, it integrates a large part of the irrigation systems and traditional hydraulic structures, all the orchards, gardens, the layout of streets and tree-lined squares, the Royal Palace and the 18C town center . And the Hayedo de Montejo located entrance at Calle Real, 64. Montejo de la Sierra is a mixed beech and fir forest of more than 250 hectares delimited by the Jarama River. All except the last shown in posts in my blog.

Through Galicia, we can admire the views from the old fortified fortress of Baroña, which dates back to the Iron Age, or contemplate the sunsets at the Playa de Area Longa, in Camariñas (A Coruña), go to Asturias, discovering small treasures like the Chorrón waterfall, near Villamayor, or be amazed by the jesters of Pría, spectacular rock formations on the edge of a cliff. the Quebrada de Cantabria coast, or we take a break in the peaceful corners of the Piquio Gardens, on Santander’s Playa del Sardinero. We can witness a sunset at Orio Beach, in Guipúzcoa, or the Valvanera Monastery, in La Rioja. The vast Castilla y León offers a choice, with surprises such as the landscapes of Puebla de Sanabria, while if we look towards Aragon, we will see the monumental Monastery of Rueda. Also down south see the Las Sirenas Reef, in Cabo de Gata (Almería), or the Pinsapos Forest, within the Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park (Málaga), or getting lost in the corners and fountains of Priego de Córdoba. And what about the many attractions of the Canary Islands, among which we can highlight the spectacular Cascada de Colores in La Palma, or the quiet of Charco Manso, in El Hierro, Some ideas to get lost in Spain, everything under the sun !

And I did this road warrior tour many times, see my blog for more but this is a reminder to take this wonderful ride by car or bike ; enjoy it, You can start with royalty , in a Royal Site favorite of many kings, Aranjuez, arrived too at the Casa del Labrador continued (now in restoration) , its 18C theater, the historic and so graceful Puente Largo over the Jarama river, one of the two rivers that bathe the city, making its confluence with the Tagus a very pleasant place that the locals call “lajuntalosríos” (the joining of the rivers). Before continuing the road excursion, you go through the beautiful Royal Palace, with a strong but elegant front and an interior that starts grandly in the access staircase, with the same entrance, you can visit the Museum of Royal Barges, those ornate boats, most of the 18C, which evoke monarchical leisure activities less stormy than the current ones. At about 25 km (about 15 miles) later, you arrive at Chinchón and its National Parador which is a few meters from the Plaza Mayor. The dirt floor and the green-painted balconies are the two most notable components of this square, whose profile is very well framed by the silhouette of the two rear temples, one closed and the second not easily accessible, the rotund Church of the Asunción, which keeps a Virgin of Goya. At the opposite end of the town, and although impracticable, the Chinchón castle, or what remains of it, has a very suggestive picture, between the fortress that was and the romantic ruin that it seems today. Continue at six km (less 4 miles) away, and another destination with a beautiful square square, Colmenar de Oreja, Ulpiano Checa, with its own recommended museum, although his most powerful works are the three immense frescoes that he painted for the nearby Church of Santa María la Mayor. Checa, who died in 1916 where he lived the longest, France, but is buried in the parish cemetery of his town, is a pompier who is sometimes bombastic but with a consummate technique, which he applies to both portraiture and Andalusian prints, his forte being and what gave him world renown the great historical machines of Eastern and Greco-Roman antiquity.

And now you arrive at my memorable Villarejo de Salvanés (almost purchase a house here if my dear wife Martine was still living) ,a town that cares for its treasures from the past, among which the extraordinary castle stands out, which is actually nothing but the old keep of the fortress of the Order of Santiago to which the passage of time and anonymous imagination gave it its most original present form, with eight stone lobes added to its square plan. But Villarejo de Salvanés offers another great modern novelty, this one from a well-known father. It is about his Museum of Cinema, a private collection that Carlos Jiménez, an enthusiastic fan as well as a scholar, son and grandson of local theater owners, has been treasuring and is now showing in his old family cinema, the Paris, converted from as ingenious as it is in a cave of the wonders of the seventh art. Here is the history of cinema in all its aspects; from archeology, with its rich amount of machines and precious contraptions, predecessors of the moving image, to the mythology of film fictions and the great stars of the screen. A cinematographic museum, in short, comparable to those of Turin and Girona, being the one from Villarejo de Silvanes more valuable for its audacity and its practically one-man maintenance.Wonderful tour recommended by yours truly,

About 2,500 years ago, on the hill of San Vicente, in the center of the old city of Salamanca, stood a peculiar walled village, occupied at the beginning of the Iron Age (900-400 BC). It was presided over by a large circular adobe house where the lord of the town resided and which was surrounded, in turn, by the houses of his sons and daughters-in-law. Now, a team of archeologists has excavated this house and has found, among other materials, a surprising amulet that represents the Egyptian goddess Hathor, the deity of love, fertility, and above all, of the West. The patriarch used or received them as gifts or exchanges at his festivals. Including the goddess of love, music and the West. Keep digging there will be more in my beloved Spain!

The Prado Museum has inaugurated a permanent exhibition around the 200-year history of the institution. Among the 265 pieces on display there are more than 50 photographs, 9 models, documents, postcards, engravings, plans and objects from the daily life of the institution that will allow the visitor to get closer to the more than 200 years of the museum’s history. Among these testimonies is, for example, the appointment of Picasso as Director of the Museum, the Princess of Asturias Award granted to the Prado in 2019, an informative poster of entrance prices in the 1920s or a cabinet with tools and historic restoration tools.

The regulars of the Camino de Santiago already know that Burguete is the first existing landmark from Roncesvalles; The first stop on your pilgrimage to Compostela. Among all of them, the most outstanding accommodation for its history and appearance is the Loizu hotel, which is located at the end of the town, in the direction of Pamplona. It boasts centuries-old stones with the structure of Navarrese stately homes: timber framing seen on the façade, four bayed floors, large overhang eaves and continuous balconies in some sections. Of the 27 rooms, eight are oxygenated with a balcony open to the landscape. Just 20 km away is the Irati Forest, one of the largest beech forests in Europe. Not stayed but passed by and looks nice the article is from the Santiago route in Spanish, The Loizu hotel webpage :

And now let me show some nice attractions especially for families in my ancestral home of Tenerife ! The Siam Park, the Loro Parque and also other less obvious visits such as the Enchanted Forest of Anaga. This is a recommended tour to do with the little ones, Tenerife is one special place for them ; its temperate climate, diversity of landscapes, the striking of its volcanoes, the largest water park in Europe … There are all kinds of plans on the island, to young and old, and without spending too much money. In the south you will find some of the best beaches on the island, such as Los Cristianos (perfect if you go with children or prefer calmer waters). Also, do not forget to visit Las Américas beach (perfect for water sports). The Costa del Silencio also deserves its mention: it is a quieter bathing area and with the characteristic volcanic landscape of the island. In addition, you can go scuba diving and snorkelling. Los Gigantes cliffs. In addition to enjoying the views of the cliffs, there is a marina where you can practice many sports such as paddle-surfing or kayaking. From here you can take the opportunity to take a boat and watch whales etc. In addition, you can also visit the Guios beach. Of volcanic origin, the state of the sea is usually optimal for children to bathe without problems.

Take a tour of Vilaflor de la Chasna, a haven of peace and tranquility surrounded by pine forests and a rural landscape that is well worth a visit. It is close to the Teide National Park and it is one of the highest villages in Spain, located 1500 meters above sea level. It preserves a rich historical heritage and its economy highlights the cultivation of potatoes, vines and almonds. Perfect to include in your excursion to the Teide (ancestral god of the Guanches (originals of Tenerife people!), The Teide. Is neither north nor south, but rather in the center of the island. In any case, wherever you are, it is one of the obligatory and perfect stops to do with children. And, although there are those who dare to walk up (be careful, it is about four hours and you must go with suitable shoes), there is a cable car with which you can go up and down in a few minutes. It is not cheap (the adult ticket is almost 40 euros) and it is better to book in advance and choose the date and time, since the only way to get passes is online (the ticket office is not in operation for now). The ascent to the base of the cable car is well worth it, a unique opportunity to contemplate a spectacular lunar landscape and enjoy the views. Gorgeous Tenerife anichet !!

This is Cristiano Ronaldo’s hotel in Madrid and his gastronomic offer Pestana CR7 Gran Vía (Gran Vía, 29) has a gourmet pizzeria, a sports bar and a large roof terrace with different heights and spectacular views. Behind this is Cristiano Ronaldo, perhaps a hyper-famous footballer and one of the most media sportsmen in the world, he is also a hotelier in full expansion that opens hotels almost in pairs. All open with the Pestana CR7 Lifestyle Hotels banner, a company founded in 2015 by the former Real Madrid player and Pestana Hotel Group, an international chain of Portuguese origin with more than 100 hotels in 16 countries, whose president, Dionisio Pestana, shares a country spot with Ronaldo (Funchal, island of Madeira). Like the spectacular Pestana CR7 Gran Vía, with a rooftop with 360-degree views of the Madrid skyline. A building from the 20s of the last century that has been rehabilitated to offer everything that the lifestyle philosophy of the brand entails (it maintains a certain residue that recalls the golden age of that old Madrid). We start with the Pizzeria and a gourmet proposal that bears the stamp of Mauro Soggiu ,one of the ideologues of Roberta’s, the famous Brooklyn pizzeria, whose Neapolitan pizzas are among the best in New York, and Borja Veguillas, executive chef of this hotel and also from the Pestana Plaza Mayor, from the Pestana Hotel Group. We are on Floor 9 CR7, in the Sports Bar, a space designed to follow sports competitions, bent at its bar, sitting in its armchairs, in its high chairs or on its terrace from which the city is scanned. Here, the proposal revolves around tapas, beers and cocktails. And, we arrived at the Rooftop, that spectacular rooftop with various heights and 360-degree views of the city. These are different terraces connected to each other, with different environments, from a plunge pool to an area with low and high tables or another with sun loungers; with live music; mixed drinks and a menu that focuses on appetizers and tapas Cristiano Ronaldo, finally, has his hotel in Madrid and, after New York, there are new openings planned: Marrakech, Paris and Manchester. The Madrid hotel webpage :

So there you go folks, another round of my some news from Spain. A bit of news and especially many ideas to travel when possible. Spain is everything under the sun! Hope you enjoy reading as I. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

August 14, 2021

La Liga, Real Madrid, is on 2021-2022 season!!!

This is something would like to write more, but for some reason let it lagged behind. My passion for football/soccer/calcio is huge. I am the one who yelled screamed and sing/dance even in bars when the games of my beloved team is on. Therefore, on a sunny day in my Morbihan Breton, let me tell you more about one of my passions. I will do this one in my black and white series, no pictures! Plenty of them in my blog already.

I have written before several blog posts on the sport and my team, and La Liga (the league as its call in Spain).  I think you will have plenty to read on the history ,the passion, and the game as well as Madrid above. However, beyond me just remember August 13 (Friday) is the start of the new season 2021-2022 and the first game of La Liga! 

As so much written on my Real Madrid and the La Liga will be brief, sort of a special announcement!! The webpage for La Liga and schedule is here :

Our first Liga game will be against Deportivo Alavés tomorrow August 14. Away game! 22h our time. And this will start the 91st football season in Spain! The Comunidad de Madrid will have four teams this year Mine Real Madrid, the arch neighbors of Atletico de Madrid, the south town of Getafe, and my sentimental team Rayo Vallecano from the Vallecas district of Madrid.

The teams playing in the Champions league from Spain will be Real Madrid, Atletico de Madrid, Barcelona, Villareal (Vila Real)  ,and Sevilla. The second tier Europa league will have Real Sociedad (San Sebastian) and Real Betis (Sevilla).

The Real Madrid has significant changes for this year with a new coach  Carlo Ancelotti who has come back for another chance replacing Zinedine Zidane.  We are missing our great Captain Sergio Ramos gone to PSG France! Already as last year will be a very tight league with the above teams on top.

Our women team in its second historical year in the LIga Iberdrola (1St division) will be playing tomorrow as well at Cacereño but a friendly game not official competition. The first official match will be about September 4-5 vs Levante away game time not yet confirm. They will be under same coach David Aznar.

The men’s team will have the following players this season

Goalkeepers: Courtois (Belgium) and Lunin (Ukraine)

Defenders: Carvajal, Militao (Brazil), Alaba (Austria); Nacho, Marcelo (Brazil), Odriosola, Méndy (France) and Vallejo

Midfielders: Kroos (Germany), Modric (Croatia), Casemiro (Brazil) Valverde, Lucas Vazquez, Isco, Ceballos, and Odegaard (Norway)

Forwards: Hazard (Belgium), Benzema (France), Asencio, Jovic (Bosnia-Herzegovina), Bale (Wales), Vinicius (Brazil) ,Rodrygo (Brazil), and Mariano (Dominican Republic).

Many names missing I know, will be a tough year me think sort of rebuilding all due to the financial strains on clubs impose by UEFA, the Union European of Football Associations.

The official Real Madrid CF webpage:

A new stadium on the lookout; the Real Madrid CF has been playing since 1947 at the famous historical glorious Santiago Bernabéu stadium with official capacity of  81 044 persons. However, the stadium is been completely redone with even a covered retractable roof and ready to host many events other than football/soccer/calcio! You get here by metro on line 10 stop Santiago Bernabeu or by bus like the 27 or Cercanias trains at Nuevos Ministerios, or walk to it or drive underground parking! The future stadium will look like this:

And of course, you have more from the Madrid tourist office on the Bernabeu

Last info, the new Santiago Bernabeu will be ready by December 2022.  There are talks of holding the game vs Celta de Vigo on September 11-12 2021 at the new stadium as a preview. In the meantime, the Real Madrid CF will be playing its home games at the Alfredo Di Stefano stadium in the Ciudad Real Madrid in Valdebebas north of Madrid between the congress hall IFEMA and the Adolfo Suarez international airport of Madrid. Ciudad Real Madrid info here:

And more from the Madrid tourist office on the Ciudad Real Madrid city

There is a Cercanias train to the station in Valdebebas and then taxi to the Ciudad Real Madrid or by car from a point in Retiro park get out on my favorite road A3 direction Valencia but join the beltway M30 to hook up with the M11 then bear left into Avenida Alejandro de la Sota( you will see the IFEMA congress hall on your right) ,go to next street and turn right into the Avenida de las Fuerzas Armadas, and look for signs for parking.

And I ,of course, can’t wait for it to start. The highlight of the year and the talk of the house. The team this year is a question mark with a new controversial hiring coach, the lost of key players such as above, and not much hiring of importance yet. Wait and see situation,which hopefully will peak by the time Champions league begins!  Stay tune plenty of choices to watch it on many channels on many networks and plenty of different languages. Enjoy La Liga !!! and I will try my best to enjoy my Real Madrid CF!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

March 21, 2021

Real Madrid forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this a joyful post for me and lots of memories in my beloved Madrid and on the mythical stadium Santiago Bernabeu. I have done several posts on my team Real Madrid CF over the years in my blog, and I take this opportunity to update these old posts condense into one. I am having a thrill and hope you follow me along. Hala Madrid!!!

Of course, this is a club known for its football/soccer (sp. futbol) and basketball/(sp. baloncesto) but it also has several lower level farm teams such as the Cadete B, also, the Juvenil A . The Real Madrid C . The Alevin A ,the Benjamin B , and the Alevin B, the Cadete A , the Benjamín A. The Juvenil B  and the Infantiles A , and B. The team just below the main team is call Real Madrid Castilla . All these teams are collectively known as the Fàbrica or factory teams.

The French sports daily L’Equipe which was an integral part in the creation of the Champions league or as it was call before the Cup of Europe ,has just named the Real Madrid as the best team in the history of the competition. In the overall 56 editions of the Champions, Real Madrid is first ,followed by AC Milan, and Bayern Munich. The much publicize culés only arrives in fourth place. The top ten are Real Madrid 483 points, AC Milan 330, Bayern Munich 288,Barcelona 250,Liverpool 237,Manchester United 229, Ajax Amsterdam 220, Benfica 217, Juventus 215, Inter Milan 184 points. As of November 2017.  The magazine L’Equipe also created an all star selection of those that played in those Champions over the years. In this selection, there are two players that have wore the shirt of Real Madrid are Alfredo Di Stefano and Clarence Seedorf.

In another developement for the first time in 38 years the Real Madrid is wearing red shirts as second uniform or away games. Before it was in 1971 and 1973 my times of living in the city!!!!

The club is trying to improve the facilities in the training grounds at Valdebebas, now even a hotel for the players and staff is envision. This is a reality and the new Sports City is awesome, the stadium name after Alfredo Di Stefano historical in the fabolous history of the Real Madrid CF.

The next big project in union with the above is to renovate the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu  ! There since Dec 14, 1947 and already a FIFA top rated stadium as a five stars rating. One of the improvements will be the enlargement of the trophy room/museum (oh yes it will grow for sure::)) and the tour Bernabeu will be expanded inside facilities to see (already 750 000 persons paid visits per year). It will have a plaza in front of stadium on paseo de la castellana and another one by the current esquina del Bernabeu , which memorable will be demolish. A new underground parking for capacity of 1000 cars and improvement on the current one at padre Damian and concha Espina with 500 places. This is ongoing as I write and will be awesome!!!

The Liga starts, that is football for most ,soccer for some, and calcio for a few of you. This is Spain top division, commonly refere as the Liga Santander as sponsored by the big Spanish bank. The team is the glory of Spain and its history, 34 Liga championships speaks loud and clear in my book. However, a team such as this needs more , a lot more. The European Champions league is made for them, won it 13 times more than any,and its the team ultimate goal.

The official Real Madrid webpage on titles won in English:

Let me stop and tell you a bit about me and my Real Madrid: My first steps into the sports was while living in Madrid as a young boy of 10, there playing around the Elipa, met some young Spaniards who encourage me to try for the team.  At the Elipa played on the sport club of baseball for a club call, Real Madrid that at the time sponsored a team in the Madrid championship with 8 teams. Ins and outs of the politics of the system I end up playing in the formation training group for the Real Madrid at Casa de Campo fields. This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship (as Ricky said in Casablanca), actually it had grown stronger over the years, and now its a passion without limits. And I am glad that my sons had shown an interest in the club as well.  Leaving Madrid was of necessary for my parents, but been fortunate enough to come back often,and now living in France, my trips there are frequent. This allows to give me time to stay closer to my love,Real Madrid. It has given me the opportunity to stay closer to other fans with the same love,and to make new friends in Spain that have remain close over the years,sort like a family away from home. When lived here, I started out playing baseball for the Real Madrid at the Parque Municipal de la Elipa complex, remember taking the P13 bus (today is the 113) from Alcalà street to the Elipa. Today baseball is still played there and the seat of the Madrid baseball/softball federation. I am honorary member of five peñas or supporting group of the Real Madrid from Xove (Lugo) ,Albaicin,( Granada), and Malaga Spain with regular visits. The trips to the Santiago Bernabeu StadiumValdebebas Real Madrid Sports City,WiZink etc are annually and sometimes more; some times getting together with similar friends there in groups or individually. Nowdays, the facilities have nothing in common to those of earlier years. The moment I entered the casa de campo training site for the Real Madrid CF change my orientation of sports forever. My love for Real Madrid is huge, even my French dear late wife Martine , who was not into it , became a follower and even came with me to the Santiago Bernabeu and the old  vista alegre basketball arena for the games, it was good for both!!! It has been a wonderful journey with many friends in different parts of the world , just last year finished playing indoor soccer /fooball here in France on a Corporate league.

The city of Madrid on the Elipa

For the historical keeper this was the team in the 2012-13 season for the Real Madrid : Casillas, Adán, and  Jesús as goalies, Defenders: Pepe, Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Coentrão, Albiol, Arbeloa ,and Varane. Midfielders :Kaká, Özil, Xabi Alonso, Granero, Khedira, Lass, Callejón ,and Di María. Forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Higuaín, and Morata.

This we have won 19 times but could be more if more importance is given to the old King’s Cup or Spanish Cup . Last wonderful time was in the Spanish King’s cup, we won again beating archrivals Barcelona (second in the Liga) 1X2 with the winning goal from Welsh international Gareth Bale. It was our 19th King’s Cup in history. Season 2013-2014.  Needless to say,in both football and basketball we are the winningest club both in the Spanish League (Santander)  and European titles( Champions).

And let me tell you a bit on the history of my Real Madrid CF!  The Real Madrid CF was actually born in 1902, and given the title of Real or Royal by King Alfonso XIII in 1920. Juan Padrós was elected the first ever club President and adopted a white uniform Carlos Padrós, the brother and also future President organized a tournament for the crowning of king Alfonso XIII, sort of the first national tournament called Madrid football association tournament and received popular support that made extends the tournament and later named Copa del Rey (King’s Cup) as it is still play today!

The initial club takes over the Moderno FC who was the winner of the first regional championship in 1903 and was renamed the Madrid Moderno FC. The team wins all these regional tournaments from 1905-08 as well as the Copa del Rey or King’s Cup. The management leaders of the club participated in the creation of the first Spanish football federation in 1909. At the same time that the club won the regional championships of 1910, 1913, 1916, 1917, 1918 and 1920, as well as the Copa del Rey in 1917.  Following the initiative of the English league, a national championship appears in 1926 with the approval of the Spanish federation in 1928; the first championship is held in 1929 with the first division teams of Athletic Bilbao, FC Barcelona ,Atlético de Madrid ,and the Real Madrid.

The abolition of the monarchy and the establishement of the Second Republic in 1931 enforced the club of retiring the Royal emblems logos and lose the title of Real becoming simply the Madrid Football Club. Finally, in the 1931-1932 season the club wins the national championship and all due to the amazing goalkeeper Ricardo Zamora, recruited in 1930. Later in 1959 his name is chosen to award the best goalkeeper in the Spanish first division. In 1934 and 1936,Real Madrid wins the Copa del Presidente de la República, ( the president of the republic cup) who replaced the Copa del Rey. The year 1936 was the last year playing of Ricardo Zamora with Madrid, and also, the tragic Spanish Civil War begins.

After the defeat of the Republicans by the Nationalist of Gen Francisco Franco,the club is giving back the title of royal or Real and the crown logo on their shirts. The football championship starts again ,and the club wins the 1943 Copa del Generalísimo (the king’s cup change to the general’s cup). By 1943 entered into the club the legendary figure of our new President Santiago Bernabéu ; he was a player in 1909 and played in first division as captain until 1927 (689 games and more than 340 goals), after passing to the technical team. The club lost a lot during the Spanish Civil War comparing to the Atlético Madrid (taken over by the army air force and renamed Athletico Aviación de Madrid). Bernabéu spent several months trying to rebuilt the Real Madrid.

The march to glory begins. The Real Madrid recruits the Argentine forward Alfredo Di Stéfano and wins the Spanish championship in 1953 and Di Stéfano,finished as best goal scorer with 29 goals together with the young Francisco Gento. The Stadium is enlarged in 1954 to 125 000 persons and the team recruits another Argentine Héctor Rial, and again the championship is won with Di Stéfano scoring 25 goals. During the summer of 1955, the Real Madrid wins the Copa Latina that opposed the champions clubs of Spain, Italy, France, and Portugal beating in the final at the Paris Parc des Princes,the French club Stade de Reims.  In the 1955-1956 season was founded the first edition of the Cup of Europe, and the Real Madrid wins its first European championship beating the same Stade de Reims led by Raymond Kopa 4-3. A few weeks later the Real signs Raymond Kopa making a deadly attack with Di Stefano, Rial, and Gento. In the season 1957-1958,the Real Madrid signed the defender Uruguayan José Santamaría and in 1958 signed the Hungarian Ferenc Puskás that together with Gento, Kopa and Di Stéfano allows the club to win the European championships five times all together during this period.

In 1960, the Real Madrid wins the first Intercontinental Cup beating Peñarol of Uruguay winner of the Copa Libertadores,5×1. In 1966, Real Madrid wins its 6th European Cup!! The era of Santiago Bernabéu comes to an end on June 2,1978 with the passing of Don Santiago at age 82, just before the opening of the World Cup in Argentina . After 35 years as President of the club; the following year the club creates the Trofeo Bernabeu tournament that still is play today.  It begins a drought in European Cups with the Quinta del Buitre group from 1981-1990 with players such as Manolo Sanchís, Martín Vázquez, Míchel, Miguel Pardeza, and Emilio Butragueño (El buitre) and later the Mexicaine Hugo Sánchez blending veterans such as Juanito, Valdano ,and Santillana. The magnificent period includes two Champions of the UEFA Cup,1985-1986, five times the Liga national championship between 1986 and 1990 (a record),and one Cup of Spain in 1989. Only the European Cup escapes them.  The period 1991-2000, saw many dry hands and a period of adjustments to many coaches and presidents. Finally in 1998, under the new name of the competition from European Cup to Champions league (1992) ,and the Real Madrid wins its 7th beating Juventus 1X0 in the final ;later in December they win the Intercontinental Cup beating Vasco da Gama of Brazil.

From 2000 on the new President is Florentino Perez known for his big checks and gallactic players, such as Luís Figo, Zinédine Zidane,Ronaldo, David Beckham, Michael Owen, and Robinho. Winning again the Champions league of 2000 and 2002 as well as the Intercontinental of 2002, and the UEFA Supercup of 2002. Also, in 2006 Florentino Perez resigns first time.  The era 2006-2009 under President Ramon Calderon, on a disastrous period of not winning that caused his resignation and the retunr of Florentino Perez in June 2009. Cristiano Ronaldo is signed in 2009. Various coaches changes of not so good performances continues.  Finally, the era of Zinedine Zidane begins on January 2016. Winning the World Club championship ;also winning the Champions league three years in a row a record never before done, and hard to beat. Also, in 2017, later in August it wins the UEFA SuperCup also two times in a row!!! 6/8 titles for Zidane!!!! again in August they win the SuperCup of Spain , and later in December they win the World Club tournament to bring the total of 5 titles in 2017 out a possible 6, a record for the club.

In December 2000, the club is name by FIFA the best club of the 20C; and also received the order of merit by FIFA in 2004. Also, the IFFHS in Europe name it best club of the 20C in Europe!  Simply the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On April 1st 2017 the Real Madrid CF became the first club with 100 millions fans in their Facebook page!!! My hangout when by the Bernabeu is the Real Cafe Bernabeu restaurant where you can see the field of play sitting in a nice table. webpage:

This is the official Real Madrid CF webpage in English:

And for me since 1972 the best sports daily is AS, and now gladly keep up online and on apps, their official page having English language and versions on several countries now including the USA!

If you want to follow the Liga in Spanish try here which I have in my links below my blog: Foro del Real Madrid

The Spanish La Liga Santander first division webpage:

The RFEF or Real Federacion Española de Fùtbol federation on the first division :

Just last year we have started a women team as Real Madrid CF femenino or female and the team on its first year is doing well rank in 4th place as I write in the Liga Iberdrola, or Spain women’s first division:

Follow the renovation of the best stadium in the world Santiago Bernabeu Madrid of the Real Madrid CF of course:

There you go folks, wants to be the best, start by following the best ever in the history of football/soccer, my Real Madrid CF and join our family, its for life!!! Hala Madrid!!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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