More favorite restaurants of my Madrid !!!

This is a daunting task as there is so much good choices. However, as in Madrid will love to share my more recent culinary adventures with you all. This is a revision of older posts condense for ease of searching and reference, Hope you enjoy it as I.

The first time I ran into the El Anciano Rey de los Vinos was back in 1972! I was a poor young teen then but was taken by an older gentlemen of a group of friends who was trying to impress us with his knowledge and purchasing power. He did! I was fascinated by it and promise one day to come back here. Well it took me a while until 1990 on a visit that came here for tapas and a glass of wine. Afterward and on my married life came here several times usually for a quick drink and tapas. Until this year , when came with my young men sons on a nostalgic trip this time without our dear mom and wife MartineEl Anciano Rey de los Vinos, which is very close to the Almudena Cathedral and a few steps from the Royal Palace on Calle de Bailén. It is one of those bars full of grandparents and people from the neighborhood, and it has been there since 1909. webpage:

And while in my beloved Madrid and a game of Real Madrid was on, needed a quick place to see with good ambiance. Nothing better than to ask the locals at the bar as well as the BB apartment we were staying. 100 Montaditos and LAPEPA. ! And the verdict was go to La Fiebre ! Ok so not been there before but did not want to take a long trek to my usual places near the stadium so we went for it  La Fiebre it was! And what a great time we had !!! I wanted to see the game of Real Madrid vs Valladolid that was on that night! Right away the staff came over us and a nice looking lady and very kind took me and my sons to the back , the VIP room lol!! TV on all walls nice low level seats small tables slighlty lit we were in heavens!!!  La Fiebre (the fever) is at Calle del Principe just before Plaza de Santa Ana Webpage:

It is more than possible that you had a caña at the Cervecería de San Andrés in the Plaza de San Andrés, 4 without even knowing its name. We stay on the terrace in front of the Church of San Andrés (see post). We were walking as we did all over Madrid with hunger in our minds we saw this quant bar cerveceria brasserie /brewery and say enough walking we stop here.  Well the restaurant is divided into two floors, small room upstairs and bathrooms downstairs, but we stay in the sunny terrace with parasol umbrellas. no webpage but reviews at RestaurantGuru:


I like to mention here my sweet former neighborhood resto bar Docamar at Calle de Alcalá, 337. Metro: Quintana, line 5, just at the foot of my piso/apartment when lived in Madrid in the early 1970’s and my pilgrimage visit every year to Madrid, as brings back wonderful memories of my dear late mother Gladys. If you want to try some of the best ‘patatas bravas’ in town (since 1963) , you’ll have to head out here, beyond the M-30 ring road.  Upstairs, a well-appointed room, spacious and bright, with many windows and decorated with photos of people from the neighborhood: communions, football, workers, gangs, old and modern images, of people who went to breakfast, take a caña, and others who each afternoon came by it; this is their bar. A tribute to the faithful neighborhood, where, it is normal to share! webpage:

Cerveceria Cruz Blanca  redefines the concept of a brewery and recreates the old classical and chaste taverns that originated in the early 20C.  My favorite is the Calle Dr Esquerdo  157 (near Conde de Casal) with a great terrace with two parts: one next to the semi-covered premises that has water sprinklers in summer and heating in winter and tables on the street in summer. The place is on the side of Dr Esquerdo where the sun shines in the afternoon so the best option is always with sprinklers in summer. There is another I have visited at Calle Menendez Pelayo ,47 (across from Retiro park) .both can be reach with metro line 6 at Sanz de Baranda stop. webpage:

Named after its owner Esteban González, this restaurant is the result of a lifetime’s effort to fulfill a dream. The El Rincón de Esteban offers classic cuisine with seasonal products and it is not uncommon to find famous personalities from the world of politics on their tables. It’s worth eating here every day. But coming in the themed days of hunting (season), in the codfish, and in the time of San Isidro will allow you to try special menus very top! In the Calle Santa Catalina, in front of the Congress of Deputies (gov of Spain); this restaurant invites, before and after, to be able to walk through the pictorial and historic streets of the Barrio de Letras, as well as savor the capital Castiso pure local tradition. Without a doubt, El Rincón de Esteban, is one of those classics that three generations that transit Madrid know perfectly; as well as the culinary temple that every tourist must visit to understand the Spanish gastronomic culture. webpage:

The Heladeria Los Alpes (ice cream parlor the Alps) was founded in 1950. The founders were a marriage of Italian and Spanish and today, their grandchildren continue to run the business and follow the original Italian recipe of their grandfather improved by the second generation of the family. They make more than 80 different flavors and select the raw material from those places where it is best: lemons, from Murcia. the hazelnut, from Reus, the pistachio, from Sicily. Everything is fresh and without preservatives.  Their address at Calle Arcipreste de Hita,6 almost behind the Calle de la Princesa before reaching Faro de Moncloa. metro Moncloa (the closest) and Arguelles takes you here. We were up in the area and I wanted to take my sons here so we walk from Plaza de España up Calle de la Princesa to just before you see the Faro de Moncloa turn right into Calle de Fernando el Catolico and then left into Calle Arciprete de Hita to the store on your right hand side. If you take the metro line 3 to Moncloa come out and go away from Faro de Moncloa on your left hand side is the Calle Fernando el Catolico take left and then left into Arciprete de Hita. Webpage:

The origin of Horchata, comes from the city of Alboraya, in the Comunidad de Valencia. It is a typical sweet drink that is usually accompanied by fartons that regulars like to eat by soaking them before in the horchata. It is the tigernut or chufa as we call it in Spain, very popular and we love it each time there. Very refreshing in Summers. The best is Horchatería Alboraya. Two addresses in Madrid: Calle de Alcalá, 125 (where we tasted right off metro Principe de Vergara metro lines 2 and 9) and Avenida Felipe II, 26 (where we saw it too). The tradition of this place begins with the grandparents, who cultivated their first tigernut in Alboraya in 1960. Then, the next generation founded the first Alboraya tiger nut milk factory in Madrid This is great just where I grew up not far really, not far from Retiro Park on the famous Calle de Alcalà (mine!) and a family tradition at its best. Webpage:

The 100 Montaditos ,the term refers to an ancient Spanish culinary habit of filling one or two small slices of bread with various ingredients such as cold cuts, meat, fish, vegetables, cheeses or various types of sauces.100 Montaditos has thus decided to take inspiration from this tradition by giving life to a list of a hundred different proposals.  In its service formula a form is filled out with the order that is delivered at the counter and, once prepared, customers are notified through electronic gadget for direct pickup. For snacks or a varied lunch, opt for the low-cost 100 Montaditos of this Madrid chain. Euromania almost all items on the menu for one euro! And Jarramania two pints of tinto de verano cold wine and side of strip potatoes for 3 euros in Summer otherwise the pint is 1,50! Tried it all over Madrid ,we have visited with the family the locations at Calle de la Princesa; 22,  Calle Mayor; 18 ,  Plaza de las Cortes; 3 , and T2 international airport Adolfo Suarez of Madrid ,Webpage:

We first notice and then on another day came back to try it. It was a pleasant surprise even if the prices are for the tourist incline in my opinion, the quality and the service is tops. The La Rollerie chain is something I would try again! And their latest address at Carrera San Jéronimo is super! The La Rollerie of the Barrio de las Letras holds a surprise, a greenhouse in which you can breathe peace and in which you can choose your favorite corner under its vines, in the greenhouse, in front of the fountain or on its rocker. Our place the property at Carrera de San Jeronimo, 26, their newest property! Our visit took place in what was the classic store of the Spanish Musical Union, it is a large place on the corner with stained glass windows, lamps and ceiling lamps of 1925 that remain exactly the same now that the instruments have left room for the pastries, the workshop and the kitchen of this new restaurant and cafe. The second floor, converted into a Provencal garden and courtyard, into a botanical garden, with a roof of vines and transformed corners flower kiosks. webpage:

This is Faborit a chain of minimalist and warm premises that integrate the latest technology to provide a good service: giant screens present a menu that varies according to the time of day. You have here exotic teas from all corners of the planet, coffees selected and prepared with care by a cappuccino specialist, the ‘coffee leader’, and a selection of flavored mineral waters (lime-lemon, apple-strawberry, kiwi and strawberry) from England, star in the amazing drinks menu.  We try the one at Plaza de las Cortes across from the Westin Palace Hotel. Webpage:

The Dunkin Coffee (Donuts) we went to is at Calle de la Victoria 2 corner with Carrera de San Jeronimo as is the one passing between Puerta del Sol and Plaza de las Cortes.  This store is closed but here for the memories as they have others in Madrid. Webpage:

Madrid Faborit cafe front pl de las cortes aug19

There you go folks, just passing and stopping, Madrid has more per sq km than any other city in Europe.  Hope you try them and see for yourselves, the good life of Madrid. Buen provecho, vale. Enjoy it.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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