A re visit to wonderful Chinon !!!

I am on my road warrior mode again, and again in the beautiful Centre Val de Loire region with many visits. These are all firsts amazing abundance of marvelous places to see in my belle France. We needed it a break so got me a nice small picturesque hotel near City center Chinon a marvelous spot for a rest ! I have written plenty on the town before so this is just a passing road warrior trip and another nice experience in lovely Chinon, Indre et Loire dept 37 of the Centre Val de Loire region . Hope you enjoy the posts as I.

We arrived on the road D8 from known territory and previous stayed of Île Bouchard right into our hotel. A bit refresher on Chinon as it is  47 km from Tours, 30 km from Saumur, 80 km from Angers, 85 km from Poitiers, and 305 km from Paris, Also about 314 km (about 195 miles) from my house. On our way out we took the road D749 along the mighty Loire river !

Chinon Loire river D749 road warrior nov22

We stayed at the Hôtel Belle Epoque, 14 Avenue Gambetta just across from the train station or gare and about less than 1 km from City center which we walked easily. We took double rooms as came with 5 and our dog Rex. One room 310 double room and room 311 with 3 small twins beds. Nice welcome on a French Holiday  Celebrating France’s fallen heroes by a couple owners. Internet and nice breakfast was great. And free inside parking. The only minus was the 2nd floor stairs hard on my Dad which we carry up and down! And a straight walk of 12 minutes to city center and the Hôtel de Ville.

Chinon belle epoque hotel front nov22

Chinon belle epoque hotel parking to entr inside nov22

Chinon belle epoque hotel breakfast area nov22

The Hôtel de Ville had a pizzeria nearby which we pick up for our hotel 4 Pizzas Espagnole or Spanish with chorizos and 4 fromages or four cheeses. One of the best pizzas I have eaten in France! This is to be mark and return Les Saveurs d’Italie at the 19 Place du Général de Gaulle a resto and grocery store as well for all things Italian. Friendly service and with soft drinks 13 euros per person,nice indeed.

Chinon les saveurs d'Italie pizzeria take out great 19 Pl. du Général de Gaulle nov22

The official Hôtel Belle Epoquehttps://www.hotelbelle-epoque.com/

The official Les Saveurs d’Italiehttps://lessaveursditalie.fyre.one/about

As we walked a bit, we passed by the beautiful statue of Joan of Arc on the current Place Jeanne d’Arc. The Maid is represented in the saddle, holding her sword in her right hand and in her left brandishing her standard. Her horse passes over the bodies of two English soldiers lying on the ground. A historical monument of France.  Jeanne D’Arc, indeed, arrived in Chinon on February 23, 1429 after 470 km covered in 11 days on her horse. There were two interviews in Chinon, the first in the bedroom of King Charles VII, two days after Joan of Arc’s arrival in Chinon. It was subsequently housed in the keep of Coudray. After an assembly of women chaired by the Queen of Sicily verified the virginity of the Maid of Orleans. She is sent to Poitiers by the King so that specialists can judge her good faith. Once the procedure is over, King Charles VII receives her again at the Royal Fortress of Chinon (see post). It is within this that Joan of Arc made the promise to lead the king to the coronation, and victory!

Chinon Jeanne d'Arc statue Pl. Jeanne d'Arc nov22

On Place du Général de Gaulle you have the Hôtel de Ville and the market spot as well. In the 19-20C, Chinon experienced many urban transformations: creation of quays on the site of the fortifications, construction of public buildings such as the City/Town hall. As we were staying across from it I took day and night shots of the train station, but never use it myself. The official SNCF site on gare de Chinon: https://www.garesetconnexions.sncf/fr/gares-services/chinon

Chinon Hôtel de Ville Pl. du Général de Gaulle nov22

Chinon train station gare night nov22

Chinon train station gare daytime nov22

And why not the wonderful fortress of Chinon as seenn over the Pont d’Aquitaine and the road D749 arriving into town, Always magical me think.

The City of Chinon on its heritage: https://www.ville-chinon.com/loisirs/tourisme-et-patrimoine/decouvrir-ma-ville/patrimoine-a-decouvrir

The local Azay Chinon tourist office on Chinon: https://www.azay-chinon-valdeloire.com/en/guided-tours/guided-tours-of-chinon/

There you go folks, this was another nice visit to beautiful Chinon. There is so much to see here and so much architecture and history, I need to return for more. And of course, not to mention the wines of Chinon oh oh oh! (see post). Hope you enjoy it as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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