The Church of Saint-Pierre-aux-Liens of Monts !

I am on my road warrior mode again, and again in the beautiful Centre Val de Loire region with many visits. These are all firsts amazing abundance of marvelous places to see in my belle France. I took early into Monts to see the Château de Candé, (see post) . Not to be outdone by arriving late and closed I continue into centre ville or town center/downtown and came upon a nice monument indeed.  The Church of Saint Pierre aux Liens is worth the detour once in town indeed. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Monts ch Saint Pierre aux Liens belltower clock nov22

The Church of Saint-Pierre-aux-Liens dates from the 12C, but only the chevet and a chapel remain from this period. In 1877, the first stone of a new church which integrates the most solid parts of the old one posed The most remarkable element of the new church is its monumental bell tower, which faces south on Place Jacques-Drake; this bell tower was however fragile and required repairs from 1892, work which continued until the 1970s in several stages.

Monts ch Saint Pierre aux Liens nave to altar nov22

Monts ch Saint Pierre aux Liens altar nov22

You can see a representation of Christ in glory framed by the evangelists, painting of the 12C under the vault of the choir an anonymous painting from the end 18C or early 19C depicting the apostle Peter being delivered from Mamertine prison a painting by Léonce Ricau, a 19C copy of a painting by Dominicino depicting Saint Cecilia a portrait of Saint Lawrence by Jules-Claude Ziegler in the second quarter of the 19C. The chapel of Candé, to the west of the park, was built by Santiago Drake del Castillo in 1854-55, at the same time as a girls’ school which forms a wing in return on the side of this chapel while a symmetrical wing houses a hospice. After the school served for a time as accommodation for the director of the Ripault powder factory, all of these buildings were abandoned. The funeral chapel of the Drake del Castillo family houses the graves of several members of this family. Among them are Santiago Drake del Castillo who had the chapel built and whose town supports the perpetual concession as well as his son Jacques, whose terracotta bust is placed inside the chapel.

Monts ch Saint Pierre aux Liens chapel st pierre et child joan of arc nov22

Monts ch Saint Pierre aux Liens chapel virgin et child nov22

Monts ch Saint Pierre aux Liens back wall nov22

The local Loire valley tourist office on the church :

The town of Monts and its heritage:

There you go folks,another dandy visit and a new town in my travel world map and growing, there is no ending in my belle France. The Church of Saint Pierre aux liens is worth the detour me think. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!


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