The Viaduc of Hennebont !

I have heard a while back about Hennebont as been a fortified city , so decided to go take a look. The town is 10 km from Lorient, 45 km from Vannes , and only 24 km from my house, and by now we have come here several times. In my new road warrior rides in my beautiful Morbihan, I like to showcase finally with its own post the wonderful Viaduc of Hennebont !! Hope the post will bring you over, worth it me think. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Hennebont viaduc entr to town oct22

The town of Hennebont is the gateway to the Blavet river! The bridge or viaduc is a semi-circular arch railway bridge on the line Nantes-Brest , It consists of five arches of 22 meters and six arches of 10 meters opening for a length of 222 meters , a width of 8 meters with a maximum height of 28.5 meters.

Hennebont viaduc on ria passing underneath oct22

It was built for the arrival of the railway in the region in 1863, the viaduc was inaugurated on September 21, 1862.Built over the Blavet river to allow rail traffic between Savenay and Landerneau, The viaduc construction began in 1860 and ended in June 1862.

Hennebont viaduc pont and ria out oct22

.From Vannes or Lorient, take the train to Hennebont. Passing over the viaduc which overlooks the Blavet river , you cannot miss the port and the medieval ramparts ! Great views indeed.

The city of Hennebont on its heritage :

The local Lorient south Brittany tourist board on Hennebont :

There you go folks, a dandy town of Hennebont and its wonderful viaduc. A magical place and impressive walls intact, a must to see me think. See my other posts on nice Hennebont.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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