How about Pierrefitte-en-Auge !

This is out of my vault which kept preciously as it was one of my boys school trip when they were in high school (Lycée), As it is, this must be one of the smallest towns we have been with only 159 inhabitants ! The trip was love by them all and we were glad, As my blog is part of my life’s history, here is a bit on Pierrefitte en Auge ; hope you enjoy the post as I.

Pierrefitte-en-Auge is located in the Calvados department 14 of the Normandy region, It is very close to Pont l’Evêque and the beaches of Cabourg, Deauville, etc, (see posts), The town is about 362 km (about 224 Mi) from our house going pretty much the route as if going to Paris get past Caen on the A13 autoroute de Normandie to the Pont l’Evêque exit taking route D579 direction Lisieux ,but way before at the roundabout trafic circle take the road D280A right turn go over the La Touques river and just over get on road D48 just to cover this area as it is same road as the D280A until you get to Pierrefitte en Auge, The Domaine du Houvre is a bit further on same route.

However, my sons came for the visit and stayed in group at the Domaine du Houvre with visits to the Cabourg beach, The Domaine Du Houvre is located at La Cour de France, near the lake of Pont L’Evêque in the village of Pierrefitte En Auge.

Pierrefitte En Auge domaine du Houvre farm sheeps bel air trip apr11

Cabourg plage bel air trip RF apr11

The Domaine du Houvre since its creation in 1996, popularly known as the Ecodomaine du Houvre has evolved towards welcoming an ever-wider public but demanding on the authenticity and quality of the environment. With capacity of 120 beds divided into small living units, welcoming any project, whether family, association, professional or festive. Ideally located ten minutes from the Côte Fleurie -Deauville, Honfleur, and Cabourg, It has a nature trail of over 3 km, nautical leisure base, pedestrian and equestrian carriage and horse drawn carriage trails complete the offer in the proximity of La Touques and the Lac de Pont l’Evêque in an architectural setting of character and unspoiled nature. This is a conservatory farm for Norman farm breeds of 20 different breeds. webpage:

Pierrefitte En Auge domaine du Houvre chalet bel air trip apr11

Pierrefitte En Auge domaine du Houvre dog RF bel air trip apr11

Pierrefitte En Auge domaine du Houvre cart bel air trip apr11

One of the things to see here are the Church Saint-Denis from between 1643 and 1645, The vaults of the nave and a chapel, dated from the middle of the 17C, The choir dates from the 13C, The building was modified and restored: windows and buttresses were added in the 15C, Two chapels were erected in the 16C and provided with ogival windows, The chapels were located between the nave and the choir. The bell tower is located near the portal and is covered with slates, Another site private is the Castle from the 19C.

The village of Pierrefitte en Auge on its heritage

The Calvados dept 14 tourist office on Pierrefitte en Auge

There you go folks, a nice memorable trip that my sons really enjoyed it and we were glad for it. One more spot in our world travel map in pretty Calvados of historical grand Normandy. We will remember fondly Pierrefitte en Auge and the Domaine du Houvre. Hope you can enjoy the post and do visit the property on a group basis.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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