Ciudad Obregon of Sonora !!

I had the opportunity to go north in Mexico for the first time. This was to Ciudad Obregon in the State of Sonora. I like to update this older post for you and me, Always nice to see new areas of our world. The trip was very much under security , but I did not notice anything as told in the news. Anyway it was an exciting visit to a place never before been, another dot in my world traveler’s globe! Hope you enjoy the post as I,

Ciudad Obregón, is the capital city of the municipality of Cajeme,and is the second largest city in the state of Sonora. It is located in the center of a large agricultural and industrial basin in the south of the state. It is the most important urban center of the Yaqui river valley. It is located 525 km (326 mi) south of the state’s northern border with the U.S. state of Arizona. This city was founded in 1927 by Alvaro Obregón and was established as a station where trains could make refill of water. The name of the station was Cajeme,  name of a chief of the Yaqui people. The first whites to arrive settled in the barrio called Plano Oriente when irrigation works by the Richardson company began in the early 20C.

In 1928, the name of Ciudad Obregón was adopted in recognition of General Álvaro Obregón, former president of the Mexican Republic (1920-1924) and originally from Huatabampo, Sonora. General Obregón initiated an agricultural revolution in the Yaqui river valley, introduced modern agricultural techniques and made this valley one of the most prosperous agricultural regions in the country as the story goes. The American agronomist Norman Borlaug, architect of the “Green Revolution”, worked here after improving the resistance of wheat. From then on, he won the Nobel Prize.

The way to move here best is to come by air landing at the Ciudad Obregon International Airport , located 15 km (about 9.3 miles) from the center of Ciudad Obregon. It has one terminal with three gates and two jetways. The airport is small but clean and nice. The SASA consort management of the Ciudad Obregon airport : 


I flew in from Mexico city on InterJet airline with good service and came back on AeroMexico, again good in flight service, While in town, I stayed at the nice Holiday Inn, with a nice room,and pool facilities, city center at Avenida Miguel Aleman.  The official Holiday Inn Ciudad Obregon :


In the area we moved by car with great company taking the Federal highway No.15 that is quite heavily use linking Ciudad Obregón in the north to Guaymas ; the main port of Sonora , Hermosillo ;the State capital, and Nogales ,the main crossing point with the United States. The highway no 15 links Ciudad Obregón to the south towards Navojoa , the State of Sinaloa and Central America, making it the axis of “Canamex”, industrial corridor which unites Canada, the United States and Mexico. This is as good a route planner by the Federal govt of Mexico

I visit a wine shop next door to the Holiday inn that was just a new concept in the area to let you stored your own bottles. Unfortunately I forgot the name and no photos !! I ate at Los Arbolitos de Cajeme resto, at the casa Matriz(main resto as it is a chain ) at corner of Tabasco and Guerrero streets. I had my mero fish with butter here. The official chain Los Arbolitos de Cajeme on Ciudad Obregon branch


Some things to see here are the Museum of the Yaqui: The museum offers a perspective of Yaqui culture having among its objectives rescuing, preserving, investigating and spreading the culture and way of life of the Yaquis. As well as stimulating in the state’s population the rediscovery of historical, linguistic and ethnic values of the Yaquis, The Yaqui people are settled in eight towns, Potam, Huirivis, Torim, Cocorit, Bacum, Vicam, Rahum and Belem. In about 7 km (4.3 miles) from the city is the first of the eight Yaqui towns that make the autonomous territory of these people known for their independent character, because it is one of the few American ethnic groups not dominated militarily by Spanish colonialists.

The State of Sonora tourist office on Ciudad Obregon

The Mexico tourist board on Ciudad Obregon

There you go folks, another dandy find by yours truly around the world, this time in Ciudad Obregon, State of Sonora, Mexico. Hope you like the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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