My beginnings in France, Meaux forever !!!

I have said my blog is a tracing of my life’s history all is here since birth. My family enjoys it and my sons hopefully will carry it on for the family memories. I wrote a previous post on the family trace in France, racines Françaises!!! This time let me show in my personal blog some family pictures of old that my dear late wife Martine share with me.

In the continuing saga of family roots and places of yesteryear and today and tomorrow, etc. This is a personal post, as my blog is, just now sharing with the world this marvelous story of meeting a French girl in Paris, coming back to see her family and her again in 1990, she went to see my family in Ormond Beach Florida the same year and before getting there I asked to marry me and live there and she agreed ! A wonderful rollercoaster ride and 3 wonderful good boys later , she asked me to come to live in France and so I did in August 2003 ; they stay behind for the house closing sale and joined me in December 2003. However, not told you about her life before in France and the family , Therefore ,l tell you about the roots =racines of my family in France, and my mamie bleu…..

Below my Martine in her house garden home 36 rue Noefort. Meaux cabin in garden of gmere MF et PF sep90

Over the Marne river bridge my Martine, me and our boys early on visits!

Meaux marne river MF et boys c1994

Walking in Meaux with my Dad, Mom, my Martine and the boys



Above maternal grandmother Fourré, my Martine and our boys, left holding frame is my dear late mother Gladys

It all started in Meaux , in departément 77 of Seine-et-Marne in the region of Île-de-France. Many posts on the town and surroundings, This will be basically a pictorial post, more of the pictures less of the text,  I will cherish it forever, and hope you enjoy it to read, Thanks for reading my blog since November 26 2010, a way to unleash my thoughts and memories.

Below old pictures 1) maternal grandparents and Martine, 2) maternal grandfather Georges and Martine 3 maternal grandparents and Martine in garden

Meaux Martine and GP may18

My Martine very early on

Meaux Martine as a child

My young Martine in her bedroom of her house 36 rue Noefort, Meaux

Meaux martine in her room house of rue noefort meaux may1990

My beautiful Martine in her Catholic Communion dress

Meaux MF communion

Her parents Pierre and Yvette marriage picture!

meaux Pierre et Yvette parents of MF

As most would do by train, you can take a train at Gare de l’Est or Paris-Est in Paris and direct is 25 minutes or with stops 40 minutes according to the tourist office, You can, also, take the RER A direction Disneyland and terminus gare de Marne-la-Vallée Chessy, there take bus no 19 of the line Marne et Morin to the train station in Meaux, Or do as I did my very first time to Meaux ! Back in September 1990 from the airport CDG stop Aéroport CDG 1 (RER B) take the bus of the line Seine et Marne Express line no 20 to the train station in Meaux for only 2 euros !! And of course, by the road warrior way you can take it from Paris on the A4 direction Metz, Nancy Disneyland , in about 50 km, leave the A4 direction A140 direction Meaux Centre. You will see an impressive view of the Cathedral and Episcopal city !! Meaux is also , a 3 bikes city where the bicycle is used all over, You can use free bikes at the train station or city hall.

The  Meaux tourist office on the city information office :

The city of Meaux on its walks and heritage

There you go folks, a very sentimental city of Meaux for me and the foundation of my Frenchness that will last a lifetime thanks to my Mamie Bleu Martine forever !! This is one of those posts in my blog… Memories they said is to live again …To note, this is a very good inexpensive way to see Disneyland Paris only about 28 minutes by bus and 18 minutes by car! 

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. Such beautiful old photos ,beautiful stories, and beautiful memories to go with them.

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