The Municipal Opera of Ho Chi Minh City !

I have come to Asia quite recently in my life actually last trip was 2018, but before that were over 20 trips ! One of the most visited was Vietnam, and there Ho Chi Minh City. For an amateur lover of history and architecture this is a must for a different look even if history tells us that there are ramification of the world mobility all over for one reason or another vestiges of France are in VietnamLet me tell you about a place not been in it as no time to see all,  but did walk by and was inspired by something familiar! The Municipal Opera of Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam looks like the the Petit Palais of Paris!  Another wonderful experience of a vibrant, cosmopolitan city on the move, plenty of moves always busy and exciting day or night. Ho Chi Minh City , the former Saigon.

The theater of Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon Opera House was nice and another French inspired building.  Inspired by the architecture of Petit Palais de Paris, it was built in 1898-1900. During the Vietnam War, this theater was the seat of the parliament of the Republic of South Vietnam. Located on the main axis of the city center, the building is a cultural landmark of Lam Son Square and Dong Khoi Street or the former Catinat Street, between the famous Caravelle and Continental hotels. Exactly at No. 7, Lam Son Square, Ben Nghe, District 1.  With its white columns and elegant arcades, the Ho Chi Minh City City Theater makes one imagine for a moment that one is in a small romantic Paris, away from the busy downtown.


Saigon’s Opera House has its specific characteristics. Its architectural style is influenced by the flamboyant style of the Third French Republic. The facade is inspired by the Petit Palais built the same year in Paris. The interior is well equipped, with perfect acoustics and lighting. The building includes a parterre and two balconies, capable of offering up to 800 seats but the oval auditorium has 468 seats.  However, the facade decor has suffered some criticism. Following the Gothic style, the facade of the building was decorated with inscriptions and reliefs , which was worth describing as complicated. In 1943, some of this decoration was removed. In 1998, on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of Saigon, the city government reconstructed part of the decoration of the facade.


The Saigon Opera House is worth the detour for a high-end show that must satisfy contemporary and traditional art lovers; in addition to concerts and ballets, it offers a whole range of activities promoting the local culture by adopting innovative and original approaches.

The Vietnam tourist office on Ho Chi Minh City things to see, see video theater:

A good info Lune productions site on the theater:

There you go folks, another architecture and historical landmark in the former Saigon,now Ho Chi Minh City. For the opera/theater lovers is worth the detour. For me well just happy to see it and admire its French architecture in the Opera House of Ho Chi Minh City. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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