An old ,medieval abbey of Jouarre !!

And here I go again updating this wonderful post, that I think merits more disclosure in my blog. This is one of my favorite little old towns in S/M=Seine et Marne dept 77 east of Paris in the île de France region. Not too far from my dear late wife Martine native city of MeauxIn her effort to show me around her neighborhoods…she took me here to the town of Jouarre and was very nice from my favorite historical architecturally nice monuments.  Hope you enjoy the post as I, memories forever !!

We came along the A4 autoroute or the old N3 now D603 from Meaux coming into medieval Jouarre. This is as old as you can get while visiting the region or France for that matter. You have train transport here on rue de la Gare at La Ferte sous Joaurre the bit bigger town next to Jouarre, on the line Paris Gare de l’Est; the service is the Transilien of ile de France . However, will need a taxi to see the old buildings, or bus 34, 35,40, and 41 in town of La Ferte sous Joaurre (check out not taken) . Of course the car is always better in my opinion, especially in these historical old towns of my belle France.

Just popping into the tourist office in town set you back to 1440 as it is in the old Charreterie ( covered roof on four piliers open air as a gathering place or covered terrace)  of the Abbey Notre Dame de Jouarre.  You then can pass to see the Merovingians crypts, tour d’abbaye or abbey tower, and musée Briard museum. 


The crypts Saint Paul and Sainte Ebrégesile are in perfect condition of preservation and dates from the Merovingian era in France dating back to the year 600 !  They are visit with a guide from the tourist office ,visit last about 45 minutes .  The Musée Briard showcasing artifacts from the period including the tools ancient for the making of the cheese Brie of which this is the area !!!  last about 20 minutes. The religious order in the Abbey will let you tour a guided visit of the Tour Romane for a duration of 45 minutes.


You can,also, see the Church Saint Pierre et Saint Paul, built from 1440 to the 16C; it is in center town. It has five bells  Jeanne, Anna, Albertine, Louise, and other brought from another church now gone the Sept-Sort. See the Croix Monolithe in place St Paul, when the local authorities decided to move the cross in 1864 they realised that this was a single element cross done in the 13C  while at the same excavations in the site reveal that on the same spot in 660 there was a Basilica there; recent excavation has been able to find the foundation of this Basilica !!!.



The city of Jouarre and its heritage

The official Jouarre abbey :

There you go folks, a wonderful old ,medieval Jouarre, a nice off the beaten path trip that is worth the detour, And Jouarre is next to La Ferte sous Jouarre! Another nice town ok. All in Brie country, cheese that is. Again, hope you have enjoy the post and do come.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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