The Royal Church of St. Mary of Schaerbeek !

So I am moving up again to my neighbor Belgium, many times there taken advantange of family near the Belgian border. I have several posts on one of my favorite cities, but feel obligated again to tell you a bit more of its most interesting monuments.I am updating rather redoing this older post where I had several monuments into one and splitting them to give them the credit they deserve in my blog. After all, these were memorable walks with the family which we love to do together when visiting anywhere.

What better way to do this then by showcasing the historical and architectural significance in the city of Schaerbeek.Therefore, let me tell you about the Royal Church of St Mary ! Hope you enjoy it as I.


The Royal Church of St. Mary is on the Boulevard de la Reine in Schaerbeek, a suburb of Brussels. Built in the 19C in the Romano-Byzantine style, the church is located on the Royal Route leading from the royal residence of Laeken to the royal palace in Brussels. Officially dedicated to Notre-Dame de l’Assomption ,she is popularly associated with Louise-Marie d’Orléans, the first queen of the Belgians, earning her the qualifier Royal.

Schaerbeek ch sainte marie schaerbeek dec12

Further along, with the Rue des Palais and the Rue de la Reine, a large royal route was created linking the royal residence of Laeken to the royal Palace of Brussels. On the planning, at the beginning of the Rue des Palais, a parcel of land is destined for the construction of a church. The work site opened 1846. There is a statue of Notre-Dame in the main façade and three bells,  Marie, Joseph and Salvator are installed in 1866. The Way of the Cross is placed during Lent 1868. The black granite baptistery takes its place in 1873. The definitive completion of the work is officially done in 1888. On October 14, 1902, On the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, the Church is solemnly consecrated.

From 1887 the stained glass windows are installed. In 1894, Confessionals are done. In 1899, a new bell which will be removed by the Nazis occupier in 1943. Throughout the 20C the Church will be embellished with suitable furniture, especially in secondary chapels. Thus the benches of Communion done in 1905, and the organs in 1907. The Way of the Cross is blessed in 1908. But above all, the Sanctuary is built from 1900. A carved copper altar in a Romano-Mosan style replaces the primitive altar.

The degradation is such that, in 1966, the Royal Church of St. Mary is closed to the public because it is considered too dangerous! The liturgical offices are celebrated in its Crypt. In 1982, the complete restoration work of the historic monument began. They’ll last 14 years. Facade, turrets, pinnacle, porch, cornices; everything is inspected and restored. All the stained glass windows and the bell tower covering its three bells as well. Inside large surfaces of ceilings and the stuccos that are restored. The Royal Church of St Mary is reopened to the public in 1996.

The city of Schaerbeek on the church

The Brussels tourist office on the Schaerbeek church

There you go folks,  a bit more just to give you a better overview of this magnificent  Royal Church of St Mary of Schaerbeek that are worth a visit while in near Brussels. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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