My Lovely Auray !!!

I used to lived here when moved into the Morbihan breton dept 56 and later purchase my house in Pluvigner. However, the town has charm and we always come here and shop here too. I like to update this sentimental entry into the historical and architecturally stunning town of Auray. Hope you enjoy it as I

Auray is the historical town where Benjamin Franklin landed to asked help from king Louis XVI for the American independance war with England, and he got it. Marquis de Lafayette but also Marquis de la Roulie of Fougéres, and General Rochembau and Admiral Grace and his 29 French Caribbean flotilla to block Yorktown. And so on….Gen Pershing later said, Lafayette , we are here in WWI. And so on…

Let me tell you a bit more as have several posts on Auray in my blog but its always memorable to talk or write about it. On this occasion, took advantage as my oldest  passing his driving licence , and I came to pick him up. 

There is a nice small stadium here , the Loch. Stade du Loch, name after the river passing below in Saint Goustan.  It has Track and Field stadium in stabilized/ashen with 4 cloakrooms with showers and a 400-seating grandstand has a track of 400 meters. It includes 4 jump areas including 1 high jump, 1 long jump, 1 long jump and triple jump and 1 pole vault. Athletes will be able to find 3 pitches including 1 discus throw, 1 javelin throw and 1 hammer throw.   Football field in natural turf with lighting, 4 changing rooms with showers and a tribune of 400 seats.  Stabilized/ashen petanque/ball field with lighting. This sports equipment consists of 10 corridors (or runways, stations). And an asphalt basketball court.



You can go to the Place de la République where the city/town hall (see post) is located and go down on Rue du Château to Saint Goustan harbor as well. This is  a very steep hilly street so be prepared. Or as I do by car come around the parking Keriolet into the harbor or along the road D765 by the back side. There are quant medieval looking squares and streets around here, like Place aux Roues ,wonderful for a walk and even romantic at night time; we love it. Also, the nice rue de Belzic awesome walks. I can be dwelling here forever and nice places to drink and eat here too, that is in other posts.




ll a lovely small town nestled between the regional government powerhouses of Lorient and Vannes as well as down from my town of Pluvigner.

Enjoy it as I do, Auray in my beautiful Morbihan,lovely Bretagne and my belle France the very best combination in the world.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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