The Ducal Palace of Luxembourg !!

As I said, one of our favorite countries of Europe, small , pretty , quant, historical and nice Luxembourg. We have come so many times, and each time we leave wanting to come back. The Ducal Palace of Luxembourg even has a non European as Heads of State in Europe! Let me update this older post with fresh text and links. Hope you enjoy it as I.

The quant small but very nice Ducal Palace of Luxembourg. I have come here first back in 1991 , and then very often while living in Versailles, even for lunch runs lol! Now out west much less often , missed it.  I love it there, and who knows when back but will dare to say would try harder, it is worth the visit.  The Grand Ducal Palace is done in the renaissance style of the 16C and its the official residence of the Duke of Luxembourg ,chief of State since 1890. It is located not far from the Place Guillaume II.


A bit of history I like:

It was in 1572 that the governor of the Netherlands Spanish ordered the construction of the government building and it was done in 1573. By 1683 and 1684 this palatial building was damaged due to the bombings of the siege of Vauban. In 1713, Luxembourg becomes an Austrian possession, and work of repairs were done in 1728.  The building call the Balance was added in 1741 and it becomes the seat of the Three States. In 1795, Luxembourg is under French control and the building becomes the seat of the prefecture or regional government building of the department of the forest or Département des Forêts. By 1814, it had already become a Grand Duchy and was trusted to the king of the Netherlands, by 1817, the building becomes the government house where the governor of the king works. Thanks to the purchase of nearby houses  an annex is added to house the chamber of deputies in 1859. From 1890,the building serves as the Grand Ducal Palace.


Guided visits are carried out between July and early September every day except Wednesdays from 10h to 17h, it last about 45 minutes. Reservations  and information to be found at the tourist office of Luxembourg LCTO in the place Guillaume II.

The city of Luxembourg on the palace

The Luxembourg tourist office on the palace

And some info on the Grand Ducal family of Luxembourg.

The Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg constitutes the House of Luxembourg-Nassau, headed by the sovereign Grand Duke,  and in which the throne of the Grand Duchy is hereditary. It consists of heirs and descendants of the House of Nassau-Weilburg,  whose sovereign territories passed cognatically from the Nassau dynasty to a cadet branch of the House of Bourbon-Parma itself a branch of the Spanish Royal House which is agnatically a cadet branch of the House of Capet that originated in France. Since the grand ducal decree of 21 September 1995, dynasts who are the children of a Grand Duke or Hereditary Grand Duke hold the titles Prince/Princess of Luxembourg and Prince/Princess of Nassau with the style of Royal Highness.


Shortly after his accession to the throne in October 2000, Grand Duke Henri issued a grand ducal decree conferring upon his eldest son and heir, Prince Guillaume, the title of “Hereditary Grand Duke” and restoring to him the title “Prince of Bourbon-Parma”.  Male line descendants of Grand Duchess Charlotte who are not the children of a Grand Duke or Hereditary Grand Duke are Prince/Princess of Nassau with the style of His/Her Royal Highness. The Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg is the current Grand Duke of Luxembourg. He was born on April 16, 1955. He was married on February 14, 1981 to Maria Teresa Mestre (born in Havana , Cuba) and became Grand Duke when his father, Jean, abdicated on October 7, 2000. Their children are: Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Guillaume born in 1981 ,also Prince of Nassau, and Prince of Bourbon-Parma, married Countess Stephanie de Lannoy in 2012.  Prince Félix of Luxembourg Prince of Nassau born in 1984, and married in 2013 to Claire Margareta Lademacher of which they have a daughter/son (Amalia b 2014,and  Liam b 2016). Prince Louis de Luxembourg born in 1986 married 2006 to Tessy Antony, he renounced before marriage to succession and later divorced in 2017. Their sons was out of wedlock Prince Gabriel born in 2006 and Prince Noah in 2007 . Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg born in 1991 and Prince Sebastian of Luxembourg born in 1992.


The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg family

There you go folks, hope you enjoy the cinderella country dukedom ,Duchy of Luxembourg and its Grand Ducal Palace.  This is worth the detour indeed. And do check my other posts on all of Luxembourg in my blog. Thanks

And remember, happy travels, good health and many cheers to all !!!

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