And I reach Carantec !!!

The town of Carantec is in the department of Finistère no 29 of my lovely region of Bretagne in my belle France. This is one of those first visit that on my local road warrior mode got me to come in. So many wonders in my Brittany alone. Let me tell you an introduction to Carantec, which is 156 km (about 97 mi) from my house.

Carantec mairie front jun22

Carantec is a seaside resort in the bay of Morlaix. The attractions of this town are also the activities offered such as the practice of water sports on a pleasant body of water, tennis thanks to the various grounds available to the town, football/soccer, but also golf. It is located on the northern coast of Brittany, bordering the English Channel, in the bay of Morlaix, at the end of a 2 km wide peninsula, bounded by the two rias of the Rivière de Morlaix and the Penzé, and along a beach which is exposed up to 2 km offshore during high tides. In addition to Callot Island, also has islets such as Ricard, Beclem, Île aux Dames; Île de Sable, Île Verte, ar C’hlas Kozh, and Vezoul, which are refuges for Atlantic Puffins, Herring Gulls, Common Terns or roseate shelducks, shelducks, oystercatchers and other little egrets. These seven islets have been classified as an ornithological reserve since 1962.  My oldest son walking in town !!!

Carantec pl de la Republique et NF jun22

The name Carantec derives from Saint Carantec who ruled a monastery in Wales and of whom Saint Tenenan is said to have been a disciple. It is the latter who, out of devotion to his former master, would have built a church in this place which he would have dedicated to him. Penzé and included Taulé and its truce of Callot, Carantec, Henvic and Penzé, Locquénolé, Saint-Martin-des-Champs and its truce of Sainte-Sève , The end of the 19C and the first decades of the 20C saw Carantec transform into a seaside resort. Beautiful residences are built, in particular overhanging the White Grève, just in front of Callot Island. The walk will allow you to admire the whole range of beaches offered by the resort: the Cosmeur, the Kélenn, the Grève de Pors-Pol, the Grève-Blanche, the beach of the Port or the Grande Grève. That of Clouët, to the right of the tip of Pen-al-Lann, is also very pleasant. It is at Kelenn beach that you will find the nautical center, the diving center as well as the beach club.

When we arrived it was market day, Thursday !! and we had a lot of fun walking around it as usual, one of the hightlights of visiting any town for us is the market. It is at Place de la Liberation square. My oldest son walking around !!

Carantec market day thurs jun22

Carantec market day thurs end et NF jun22

The Château du Taureau castle is an island-fortress that depends administratively on the town of Plouezoc’h. It was built by the bourgeois of Morlaix in 1542 to defend the entrance to the Rivière de Morlaix from English invasions. The Manoir du Rohou, built at the end of the 19C. Île Louët, an islet with its lighthouse, built in 1857 ,and its caretaker’s house, now rented as a tourist lodge. Callot Island, accessible by a causeway that the tides cover and uncover. The Saint-Carantec Church, in neo-Gothic style, dates from 1867. The Lande lighthouse. The maritime museum of Carantec began with the exhibition of objects recovered from the shipwrecked Alcide, a privateer ship from Saint-Malo which sank in 1747 in the bay of Morlaix. The museum deals with various themes of the region: oyster farming, privateering ; the Alcide corsair, a cannon of which is in the Jacobins museum in Morlaix, the flora and fauna of Morlaix, the collection of seaweed. The Carantec post office was built in 1903. Russian painter Alexej von Jawlensky spent the summer of 1905 in Carantec with Marianna Veriovkina (Marianne von Werefkin); he painted Breton nature there and sent six canvases representing the region to the Salon d’Automne, Charles de Gaulle and his family stayed several times before WWII in Carantec. Yvonne de Gaulle and her children, Philippe, Élisabeth and Anne, along with the General’s mother, Jeanne, managed to join him in London from Carantec in June 1940, passing through Brest and Falmouth.

And we had lunch of course. As usual by magic I found a good one again! The Créperie Ty Brizac is an institution in Carantec since the creperie, opened in 1919, (Ty Breizh) is briskly approaching its centenary. We arrived without reservation and were quickly sitted by a funny owner! Ty Brizec is a loaded créperie set in lush greenery, in the heart of Carantec, facing the church. Vast choice of pancakes (galettes), savory with 100% buckwheat or sweet, Carantec oysters, mussel specialties, these scallops à la Bretonne or even racy meats. All these products come from the region and from the best local producers. Ty Brizec, a must for its sea view terrace on the garden side to appreciate the sweetness of life in this preserved place. I had the scallops and leeks with a bottle of farm brew cider Henriot and the coffee and sweets plate. My Dad had the same and my boys loaded up as usual for under 20 euros per person, just right.  The official Créperie Ty Brizac

The RestaurantGuru reviews site on the Créperie Ty Brizac

Carantec creperie ty brizac arriv jun22

Carantec creperie ty brizac dining room jun22

Carantec creperie ty brizac galette noix st jacques et poireaux jun22

Carantec creperie ty brizac cidre fermier henriot jun22

The Bay of Morlaix tourist office on Carantec

The city of Carantec

There you go folks, a nice brief introduction to wonderful Carantec, a real find. One of the highlights of living in the peninsula of Brittany surrounded by water, the city is just about 2h10 min from my house ! Hope you enjoy the post as I and see the other posts on the best things to see in Carantec in my opinion !!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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