The Pont Anne de Bretagne of Nantes !!

Once again digging into my vault found a picture that brings me memories of crossing and walking this wonderful bridge of Nantes. I have been saying in my blog, the best way to see a city is by walking it ; we do go in by car but then is walk all over, Above ground you see more of the beautiful architecture and read up on the magnificent history, I have plenty of posts on Nantes in my blog, but left this out hidden in another post and should have one of its own, Therefore, here is my take on the Pont Anne de Bretagne bridge of Nantes !!! Hope you enjoy it as I.

And do walk across the Pont Anne de Bretagne a bridge with two piers spanning the arm of the Madeleine, and arm of the Loire separating the city center of Nantes from the island of Nantes. The Anne-de-Bretagne bridge has 4 lanes entirely dedicated to vehicles as well as two bike paths and two sidewalks. Pic from the bridge below.

nantes loire over pont anne de bretagne my13

The Pont Anne de Bretagne bridge connects Quai de la Fosse, on the right bank, to Boulevard Léon-Bureau on the island of Nantes. It is located on the site formerly occupied by the Nantes transporter bridge ,which was inaugurated in 1903. This bridge linked the Quai de la Fosse to the Prairie au Duc by spanning the Loire at the level of the current Anne de Bretagne bridge. A technical feat culminating at more than 75 meters high and with a central span of 35 meters, it was destroyed in 1958 because its usefulness was expire.

At the foot of the Pont Anne de Bretagne bridge, along the Quai de la Fosse, a new pontoon of about 50 meters has been installed to accommodate pleasure boats. Added to this new pontoon is the docking platform for the Nantes boat Belem, which previously docked downstream. Upstream, on its right bank, was inaugurated in 2012, the Memorial to the Abolition of Slavery. I am updating as found me an old photo of Belém in my vault and fit nicely on this post. This is happy to find it and glad to show it to all.

Nantes le Bélem at quai de la fosse c2009

The official Belem history and reservations

The official Memorial to the Abolition of Slavery

It is planned by 2026, the Anne de Bretagne bridge will support future tram lines 6 and 7. The beautiful scale of the Pont Anne-de-Bretagne bridge, 35 to 50 meters wide and 140 to 160 meters long, allows for ambitious ideas, such as a place to host public events, a green space linked to the banks and to its design with limited environmental impact, a passage for boats and a calm flow of traffic.

The Metro Nantes on the pont Anne de Bretagne

The Nantes tourist office on the island of Nantes district

There you go folks, another dandy spot for us and a must to visit, Nantes is wonderful. And now you know walking in Nantes is sublime, the bridge is worth the walk! Another beauty in old Brittany and gaining!  Again ,hope you enjoy the post and walk or drive on the Pont Anne de Bretagne when possible

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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