My transports stories from Mexico!

As I do ,there is always those public transports ups and down that I tend to laid aside but after a while they can be annoying so start ranting about them lol! This time there was a few, and here they are. This is an update on one of my glorious trips to Mexico lindo y querido! It was an 11 days trip and lots of things to tried especially driving and using public transports in Mexico city

My trip started at home driving to the Nantes Atlantique airport which is in Bouguenais but normally call the Nantes airport. This airport has been my base for the last 11 years , a smallish airport but very convenient and clean. I parked in covered parking as I bring my own car, and its easy in and out. The trip takes me about 1h30 from home on the N165, and usually no traffic unless come in at rush hour which I avoid. 

I have my usual Air France connection trip to Paris CDG or sometimes Amsterdam or Madrid !! , this time it was to be Amsterdam Schiphol airport but last minute flight was cancelled and they automatically rerouted me thru CDG.  This again is at Roissy-en-France dept 95 Val d’Oise ,but normally referred to as the Paris airport. The trip had hardly any time difference. At CDG landed at T2 F (the norm from Nantes) ,and transfer to my connection with Aeromexico airlines on T2 E satellite L .  

I am so used to CDG by now is like walking in the park, very used to it. The connection here was with Aeroméxico to Benito Juarez international airport in Mexico city (DF). This flight took almost 11 hrs on a business economy seat, the best was arriving Sunday went straight to my hotel.  The City Express Plus at Insurgentes Sur and Mercaderes streets.  In addition to been across the street from the wonderful Teatro Insurgentes,(see post)  this one has restaurants next to it and a nearby great supermarket LaComer (Comercial Mexicana) with great stuff to buy of great quality price ratio.


I moved into more business like areas and reach the Avenida Centenario, by delegation Alvaro Obregon home of Teatro Centenario Coyoacan and Arcos de Centenario a very nice residential area of friends.


The Avenida de los Insurgentes Sur (Roma). Between Avenida Chapultepec and Miguel Alemán Viaduct and it begins at the so-called Glorieta de Insurgentes , built by the works of Line 1 of the Metro and where the Insurgentes metro Station is located, this gazebo is characterized by being sunk with respect to the rolling area, having several tunnel accesses, such as the Zona Rosa.


I did had my usual business meeting in Polanco and by Santa Fé districts which ,also provide an opportunity to see these chic areas of Mexico City and with a driver lol!!


The Mexico city , metrobus network is vast and clean, nice to take almost everywhere in the city. I have used it for the thrill of it as always with a car or driven by as said. My experiences have been nice and easy along Insurgentes Sur to go to Manacar shopping mall or to Teatro Insurgentes or by the Calle Felix Cuevas. While at it saw the bike rental stand by Calle Santander. All on line 1. Metrobus webpage with lines:




As I had a nice weekend end of September to do something extra and know that I have family living in Merida, Yucatàn for several years now took the opportunity for a visit. Online got me a ticket on Interjet airlines of Mexico.  The flight took off from terminal 1 at Mexico airport to Merida international airport for an easy landing and getting out.


The flight was easy and comfortable and had my cousin waiting for me at the airport to take me to her house. I had the inmense pleasure of seeing cousins and aunt (she lived to 90 but has since passed away, my mom’s sister RIP) that had not seen in person for several years, and we all had a great time. I was able to finally go out into some shopping and restaurants as well as eating a real meal at a home away from home!


The trip back was on Interjet as well landing at Terminal 1 in Mexico city . Here was just a transfer to my international flight back to France on same terminal with Air France.  The return trip was less than 10 hours landing at CDG on T2E satellite L and moving easily with time to eat and spare to terminal 2 F to get my flight to Nantes from gate F41 on Air France as well. Landing at Nantes ,and then over to the covered parking for my car, waiting nicely !

The drive back as it was just after rush hour was easy with no major traffic , flawless on the N165 reaching home by 20h30! And another trip done and another trip to Mexico done! with the added bonus that this time was able to see my family!!!  And even thus this time did not drive, I was driven, by car well traffic is bad but you can still know the locals how to avoid it as much as possible and with flexible hours its ok. As it was, this was my last trip there before the covid and now hoping for a return eventually.

The Mexico City tourist office on how to get around:

The Mérida ,Yucatàn tourist office:

And there you folks, another wonderful visit of Mexico City and the added bonus of Mérida, Yucatàn to see family. Traveling on foot once on town or with locals is the best way to soak in on the architecture, and history of the places. Great memories of my visits of Mexico city and Mérida, Yucatàn of good friends and family. Hope they can become yours too,and enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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