The Sanctuary of Divine Mercy of Rome!

And as usual lately, another gem taken from my vault of pictures not yet in my blog! This is eternal Roma and we were there! I like to bring this fabolous church sanctuary into my blog for the memories’s sake of our family visit to Rome. Therefore, here is my humble take on the Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy:of Rome!

The Church of Santo Spirito in Sassia is a 12C basilica, built on the site of the schola Saxorum, founded by King Ine of Wessex in the 8C. Today it is a sanctuary of Divine Mercy located at Via dei Penitenzieri, 12, Rome,

The king of the Saxons Ina built around 726/728 in this place the schola Sacorum, an institute welcoming Saxon pilgrims to Rome. In the 12C, a new church was built. This took the name Sassia dalla Schola. In 1475, by order of Pope Sixtus IV, the church was connected to the Santo Spirito Hospital. Again, the church that was rebuilt from 1538-1545, Since 1991, the church has been the seat of the cardinal diakonia of Santo Spirito in Sassia.

roma monastery santo spirito in saxia aug13

The facade was made in the period 1585-1590 on the instruction of Pope Sixtus V. The facade is two-tiered with columns with Corinthian capitals dividing the lower tier into five and the upper into three. A large circular window opens to the upper level. Above is the crest of Pope Sixtus V. The fresco decoration dates back to the 16-17C. The success of the work was such that Michelangelo, in already advanced age, was invited to see the work ,The interior consists of a simple central bay surrounded by ten chapels.

The decorations inside are mostly by Livio Agresti: Frescoes from the Cappella Gonzaga: the Crib, the Pietà, the Resurrection and the Biblical Scenes, completed in 1557. Frescoes in the Cappella della Trinità: Jesus Healing the Crippled, Jesus Healing the Blind in 1574. Frescoes and other biblical scenes in the vault ; Visitation, Annunciation, Coronation of Mary, Assumption, Altarpiece. Frescoes Nativity and Circumcision of Jesus and fresco of Pentecost,

The official Sanctuary of Divine Mercy

The Diocese of Rome on the church :

The Rome tourist office on the church

So nice to give credit when credit is due, another wonderful monument of eternal Rome! We enjoy our visit and always looking forward to be back, eventually. The Church Sanctuary of the Holy Spirit of Mercy is awesome! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers to all!!

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