Curiosities of Saarburg!!

And continuing my memory lane tour of neighboring Germany from our base in Trier, we stop with the family in Saarburg.The Rhineland-Palatinate State, is very nice indeed and Saarburg is one of the gems. On my road warrior ways we went south on the crossroads to Luxembourg on the N2 and then in Germany you take the 407 or B51 all great routes. Saarburg is best known for its cascades of the river in city center or downtown. The moment you enter the town you notice its quant pretty architecture and lively city center, it was a nice welcome to a new town in our world map, Saarburg.

Beautiful Saarburg is close to the Luxembourg and French borders. Surrounded by vineyards and the river Saar, it is an idyllic small town to spend a relaxing weekend there.The view from the old castle, the pretty old town with the sparkling waterfall, the atmosphere along the Leukbach enchant all visitors. The city is truly a treasure for those who would like to discover beautiful places far from the tourist trail.


There are two mills in the waterfall. The Hackenberger Mühle is on the right-hand side. You can recognize them by the mill that runs along the wall. Although the mill no longer works, the water is still transported in the factory today and it drives the wheels. The former electoral mill is called Amüseum and is located on the other side of the stream. The building with the many windows now houses a mill museum.


Anyone who enters the Buttermarkt or butter market can already hear it , Saarburg’s main attraction, the 20 meter high waterfall in the middle of the city center is noticeable from afar with its noise.the mighty water masses of the Leukbach, which is just flowing so peacefully, rush down the steep rock cascades, foaming white. In the valley basin, the mill wheels of the Hackenberger Mühle are still being driven and then the Leukbach continues to murmur quietly until it flows into the Saar. We owe the waterfall to an urban planning masterpiece from the 11C or 12C. The town lords of the time managed to divert the Leukbach through the middle of the medieval town. The purpose was to have enough extinguishing water in case of fire. They also made use of the power of the water and used it to drive the mill wheels of the City mill (today Hackenberger Mühle) and those of the Electoral mill (today Amuseum).The view from the street “Auf dem Graben” to the pretty rows of houses and the small bridges over the Leukbach is affectionately called “Saarburg’s Little Venice”. But that’s not the only reason, the rows of houses directly on the stream also stand on oak pillars, as in the lagoon city. Saarburg’s old town on the banks of the Saar enchants with its narrow streets and colorful fishermen’s and boatmen’s houses. A number of old house brands with motifs such as fish, anchors, boat hooks and oars are references to the old trades.


The  area full of restos and shop circumvolving around the Leukbach river that passes thru the center of the city ,very quaint, romantic and nice for an evening walk or day. The municipal museum of Amuseum sits in an old windmill from the 1300’s with a special unique running canal next to the houses and above the river to slow down the water pressure. It shows the history of the city and temporary painting exhibits.


The official Amueseum of Saarburg :

The Saar Obermosel tourist office on Wasserfall iSaarburg:

There you go folks, Saarburg is a  lively town on the center and great river rides. A wonderful day trip with the family into off the beaten path of Germany. Hope you have enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. I do like those attractive German towns. I especially like the reflection pictures.

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