Cape Coral of Florida!!

Ok here I am again in nostalgia lane, memories never to be forgotten and need to be in my blog of course. Hopefully, they will help others enjoy the wonderful Sunshine State of Florida as I.  I look at my many posts on Florida and lack one on a special town found me a couple pics ,and gave me the idea to do this post on Cape Coral, dear to me. I will bring it to life in my blog for memories’s sake. Hope you enjoy it as I.

To start off , let me tell you that many years ago my parents purchase two lots of land here in order to one build our houses, one for them and one for me! However, after many visits and the town not getting up to speed as it is a new town, really; our hopes dimmed. Then, it was the decision to move to France and that did it my parents sold their lots upon arriving in France, and the rest is history. Until a couple of cousins decided to moved to Cape Coral, and now live there, having visited them last in 2009.

The city of Cape Coral is in Lee County. The town contains one of the largest canal networks in the world (640 km) on the edge of which many houses are built which have direct access to these canals via a pontoon, Most of these canals are navigable and allow access to the Gulf of Mexico. Cape Coral is a large peninsula and is bordered by the Caloosahatchee River.  The town’s origins can be traced back to 1957 when developers Leonard and Jack Rosen purchased 270 square kilometers of land in Lee County. The development of the city began in 1958: canals were dug, streets cobbled, houses and businesses built. The first homes were completed in May 1958 on Riverside Drive and Flamingo Drive. 

cape coral intracoastal bridge crossing jun2002

I am doing the post as found couple pictures from the bridge crossing into the Cape Coral Gulf side, The Cape Coral Bridge spans the Caloosahatchee River connecting McGregor and Cape Coral. It is made up of two parallel fixed spans, each 3,400 feet (1,000 m) long. The original span opened for traffic on March 14, 1964, with one lane in each direction. The Cape Coral Bridge was the only link between Fort Myers and Cape Coral until 1997, when the Midpoint Memorial Bridge opened just north of the Cape Coral Bridge on the Caloosahatchee River now allows Colonial Boulevard to extend, connecting to Veterans Parkway on the other side of the river.

cape coral intracoastal bridge jun2002

You can reach it from the I-4 to the I-75 south or the Tamiami Trail I-75 all the way to Cape Coral  , When visiting we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express at the entrance to the city nice property, as well as the Casa Loma Motel  (see pic my dear late wife Martine) (now the Oyo hotel complex).  Shopping best is by the Coralwood Shopping Center or the Miromar Outlet mall other land side of the I-75 highway.

cape coral casa loma hotel MF boys c1997

The city of Cape Coral on things to do /see:

The Lee County gouv webpage on the Cape Coral bridge:

There you go folks, a short but very memorable post to have on Cape Coral in my blog for us. Hopefully, it will help your planning too visiting a wonderful part of my dear Florida. I lived 18 yrs in Central and South Florida before coming for good to France !!!  A lovely life only cut short for losses to dear mom and wife. Enjoy the post as I doing it for you , them, and me.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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