Back to Belize!

I like to bring back this wonderful experience in visiting delightful Belize, I have other posts in my blog on it but found pictures that should be as said my blog is my life’s history, It brings back many nice memories and good friends still around. For info, to get to Belize we flew from Mexico City to Chetumal (see posts),and then rent a car to go into Belize!!! My kind of road warrior trip criss crossing the small country of Belize, which is in Central America and the main language is English, Hope you enjoy the post as I.

We started at the top of the country on the road from Corozal, on the Corozal-Progresso road downward bypassing Belize City, then on the western road to Belmopan (the official Capital city), continuing to Dandriga, then Independance/Mango Creek, to Placencia. On the way back we did went into Belize City, and walking took a quant train for a pic!

belize petit train bus by market belize city jul14

We stayed at the Alan’s Paradise Resort ,wonderful accommodation, great hosts, funny people,and super views of the ocean not to mention the drinks at the bar and the Karaoke! This was real laid back living water all around you and boating, the kind of place good for visiting and should be great for retirement!

belize paradise resort back jul14

The official Alan’s Paradise Resort

One of the places we ate and now in my blog was the Calypso Beach Restaurant. This was in Belize City not stayed but wonderful fried fish whole from the catch of the day, and the local beer Belikin. Now part of the Wyndham group. The restaurant is in the back of the hotel by the small wharf.

belize calypso resto arriving jul14

The official Ramada Inn Hotel Calypso Beach Restaurant

The road warrior trip continue into other areas along the coast and the most was the company of friends , one has passed away RIP and the others are still in touch via social media. Memories forever I say! 

The Belize tourist office

The Belize tourist assoc on Placensia district:

A good private webpage on Belize:

There you go folks, a perfect little spot to enjoy in the Caribbean. A beautiful small country of Belize in Central America. Worth the trip to it!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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