In rememberance of Villetta, Malta!

Looking at my vault of pictures, found one special. The title is in rememberance of Villetta, Malta. My dear late wife Martine visited (see pic) and we talked about it with so many choices I could never visited but have her picture as memorial of the visit and her. As I have said, my blog is my lifé’s history and that of my family , I will post this now. Hope you enjoy the post and do get to visit and if have tell me about it in comments. Thanks

Valletta is the tiny capital of Malta, an island nation in the Mediterranean Sea. The walled city was erected in the 1500s on a peninsula by the Knights of St. John, a Roman Catholic order. The city is known for its museums, palaces and imposing churches.

The Grand Master of the Order of Malta Jean de La Valette gave his name to the Maltese capital, If Laparelli is the author of the plan of the city, Cassar is in fact the main architect. The first building constructed by him was the Church of Notre-Dame-de-la-Victoire where the remains of Jean de Valette lay pending the construction of the conventual church of the Order. The peninsula is surrounded by two natural harbors with several bays: Marsamxett Harbor to the north, and Grand Harbor to the south. The point of the peninsula, to the east, is occupied by Fort Saint-Elmo and Valletta opens to the west by the City Gate on the Place des Tritons at Il-Furjana.

Some of the things to see there and discussed are :

The St. John’s Co-Cathedral.,baroque landmark, whose opulent interior houses Caravaggio’s masterpiece, the Decollation of St John the Baptist, The Palace of the Grand Masters, Upper Barrakka Gardens & Lower Barrakka Gardens, Republic Street and Merchant Street, Casa Rocca Piccola, Manoel Theater, the National Archaeological Museum, and the National Museum of Fine Arts. Unesco has listed 320 monuments in Valletta over an area of ​​55 hectares, an exceptional concentration in the world.

Malta Martine visiting Malta

Valletta is served by Malta International Airport, which is located eight km from the city, The official Malta airport :

The city of Valletta on its heritage/history :

The official Malta tourist office

There you go folks, in rememberance of Villetta, Malta. Perhaps my first post on places not been, but worth it. This is Sunday May 15, International Families Day; the bond that never goes away. Hope you enjoy the post as I writing it. Hopefully, one day I will walk the same paths in Villetta, Malta.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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4 Comments to “In rememberance of Villetta, Malta!”

  1. I hope you make it there some day – in her memory.

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  2. I visited Malta and it is true that the heritage of the Knights is very present. There is an incredible amount of beautiful stone architecture, carefully restored by the authorities. A delight for the eyes and a lot to photograph.

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