Always Quiberon!!!

I have written plenty of posts on this beautiful peninsula and main city of Quiberon. I was just back there yesterday to see how things are going before the full summer season starts, Well, it was packed early,,,folks are enjoying their new freedom and coming out in mass, The Presqu’île de Quiberon peninsula in my beautfiul Morbihan dept 56 of the lovely region of Bretagne. Always a welcome opportunity to be here in heaven!

Once Summers hit the season the activities in Quiberon pops with a lovely beach and plenty of restos/bars along the coast. You go there from the expressway or voie express N165, and then continue on the D768. The time varies according to the season and the crowds but always about 45 minutes from home. It is our beach area town central since coming to live in this part of the world on May 30 , 2011 to start my new job on June 1st. Happily to tell you my last days on the job was February 28 2021, and into retirement, Sadly missing my other half, Memories forever at Quiberon !!!

Our routine has not change much over the years coming to Quiberon, We arrive at parking Varquez which is an extention of place Hoche (where the great Sat morning market is held) looking towards the Grande Plage or Big Beach! The parking is metered and we use it for convenience, however, a bit drive and a bit farther you can find free on street parking.

quiberon parking varquez to pl hoche apr22

We came for our favorite bar, L’ Esplanade Café but it was still closed, a bit late for the season ! So we decided to eat at a new resto in an old spot, Just by the end of Place Hoche before going to the beach ramp of the Grande Plage, there was La Cabana which we love, Sadly, it has closed for good, and in its place open Voglia, an Italian style resto, The place has a terrace on the Hoche square very nice, However, sadly our biggest disappointment yet , the service was uttely slow !! We waited 30 minutes without even ask for the meal ! By the time the waiter came, we needed to get back as no time to eat, We left without trying it and I don’t believe will ever go back there, They were unimpressed with us leaving as don’t care, As the competition here is strong, my feeling are if they do this on a regular basis they won’t last.

quiberon pl hoche by carrousel apr22


Of course, we could not leave without taking a peek of our favorite beach, the Grand Plage had activity already even if another favorite Fisher’s Club right on the sand was still closed, Normally the beach season starts on July 14 National Day but weather can be good from now on, Another favorite the Quai des Glaces for ice cream was closed as well as still not full Summer season and this is a beach town par excellence.

quiberon grande plage by fisher club apr22

The Grande Plage is always nice to see and be at, The Grande Plage ,900 meters of fine white sand! This beach, in the heart of the resort town of Quiberon, is accessible to all and has a parking for bicycles, a carpet and an armchair hipocampe for people with reduced mobility.

quiberon grande plage entrance apr22

Not to worry if crowded in Summer, the town of Quiberon has 11 beaches !!yes! and even on cool days like now it has plenty of family visitors with kids playing in the sands. These beaches are :Grande plage (the best),plage du Goviro, plage du Conguel, plage de la Jument, plage de l’Aérodrome, plage du Fort Neuf,  plage du Porigo, plage de Kermorvan, plage du Castéro, plage de la  Thalasso, and plage de Saint Julien.

quiberon grande plage on promenade apr22

The city of Quiberon on things to do/see :

My fav beach site, Plages TV on the beaches of Quiberon

The Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Quiberon :

There you go folks, another nice walk tour of my lovely Quiberon. Beach and town is a great combination here, especially in season but we come any time of the year and is great to walk it, Hope you enjoy the new post on marvelous Quiberon, and do see my many other posts on Quiberon. You can always let me know and have a drink lol !

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. This is a superb point of view ! I have visited Quiberon 20 years ago. Right now, I prepare a new visit to Bretagne. Have a nice evening ! Diana

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